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Need help getting 9 month old to gain weight!

I just took LO who is 9 months old to the DR because he had mucus in his poop. We have to get samples to test but the reason for this post is he has lost a full pound since they weighted him in October. The DR wants us to supplement with formula and he goes back Friday afternoon to get reweighed. My husband and I really don't want him to have any formula at all, does anyone have any tips on getting him to gain some weight in a hurry?

Here is some background info. When I first went back to work full time when LO was 10 weeks old I pumped three times a day and was able to get around 5oz each session. He wasn't drinking that much so after a while I went down to pumping twice a day but was still getting about 6oz a session, which was still more than he was eating while I was gone. Then it got to where sometimes I was only pumping once a day for about 5oz and some days none. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and I pump twice a day at work but get between an oz and 1.5oz per session. So last week we started where my husband gave him baby food only while I was at work and he nursed while I was home and sometime had a little bit of baby food if he was still hungry. We currently have 36oz of frozen milk. I have started to try a few things to increase my supply, I try to pump at least once while I am at home after LO nurses, and I try to get him to nurse at least once an hour at each breast, even if only for a minute. He still nurses himself to sleep and wakes up to nurse at least three times during the night. I plan on making an appointment with a lactation consultant soon.

Thank you so much for any help!


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We have to work to get DS to gain weight too. He hasn't lost any, just won't gain fast enough for the doc.

If your LO is on table food you add a little butter/margarine or evoo/veggie oil to beef up fats. It sounds crazy, but that is seriously what my doc told me to do. Not a lot, mind you. It won't take much.
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Re: Need help getting 9 month old to gain weight!

You are pregnant. Your supply is going to crash. You will need to supplement your baby with something. If not your own breastmilk, then perhaps a donor?
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Hmm. Tough call as weight loss is a pretty big deal. I would be less worried if there was no gain but no loss. Mucus in the poop might mean an allergy. More solids or formula might make that worse (if allergic to dairy or soy). However, your pregnancy will probably prevent you from being able to significantly improve your supply. I lost my supply between 12-22 weeks of pregnancy but my nurslings were toddlers so I just helped them to gradually wean to table foods only.
Does your baby seem satisfied when nursing? How are the numbers of wet and poopy diapers? I know your pump output went down but sometimes that happens but the baby is still able to get plenty when nursing.
I also avoid formula, but if he continues to lose weight you might have to change your view on it. I wouldn't have a problem using it if it was medically necessary. I figure that is what it is intended for. You could also maybe consider donor breastmilk or goat's milk? I have never used/tried either but perhaps another mama will chime in.
I hope you get some answers with the poop problem and best of luck with your supply and your new pregnancy!

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Re: Need help getting 9 month old to gain weight!

Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
You are pregnant. Your supply is going to crash. You will need to supplement your baby with something. If not your own breastmilk, then perhaps a donor?
I agree baby needs more calories. Upping the calorie content of the table food he is getting is good but he still needs breastmilk or formula at least during the day while you are working. With you pregnant you may want to look into donor milk. My sister and I have an arrangement to provide milk For our little ones if god forbid something were to happen to the other. Is a friend breastfeeding who can donate milk for your little one?
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I am no expert, but I read an article a while ago on block feeding, since hind milk has more fat and calories than fore milk, you want baby to get as much of that hind milk as he/she can! It suggested feeding from one side only for "x" amount of hours before switching. Since you are pumping, maybe there is a way to seperate the hindmilk from the formilk? You may want to look further into it, or speak with a lactation consultant about it.

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Re: Need help getting 9 month old to gain weight!

I think it's a combo of "all of the above" here. Your supply will decrease and stop completely by probably no later then week 20 of your pregnancy or so. Mucus in the stool is a dead giveaway for a food intolerance. Dairy and soy seem to be the most common these days. Frankly, I'm not worried about the weight loss. My son was always behind on the growth charts and went long spans without gaining. And he was and is a huge eater. If your LO has a food intolerance it can block some calories and nutrients from everything he eats, so the weight issue could be missed calories that are slipping thru.
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