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Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

I'm looking for info on pros/cons to delaying kinder for a child who barely misses the cutoff and may 'test in' or just younger kinder vs older kinders.

What's out there? I'm being lazy while nursing and am having a side discussion with a friend. Thanks!


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Re: Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

When's the cut off and what's barely missed?

I would send my ds, who is 17 days shy of the cut off, but the will not test in. It's Georgia law here :< (cut off sept 1st, he's sept 18th...we moved from VA, whose cut off was Oct 1st I believe, so he'd go if we hadn't moved). But he's ready for school. Knows some site words, knows all the regular pre-k stuff, and plays well with others
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Re: Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

We decided to "redshirt" our older DD and even though she's only in preschool I am so glad we did it. She will start kinder as a 6 year old but with her personality it was the best decision. She is a close cut off - 08/16 - so is always going to be the oldest but it was better for her than to be the youngest. I read a lot about it online - different studies done, especially in Europe where they start school older - and from what I read then we decided to do it. There are always people who feel it is a bad thing and then there's the other side (like us) that love it. It's really up to your family with taking personalities into consideration. Good luck, I know it's a hard call :-)
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Re: Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

our cut off is september 1. dd was born august 11. her private school actually started august 7(ish) and they suggested the kids be 5 by then, but we started her anyways. she is doing great in school, not so good in dance. but she has been reading for a bit anyways and i think she is just intimidated by the bigger kids in dance(everyone is sitting n school lol) so i would say it depends on you child.
my niece was born september 11 so she is the oldest in her class and is sooooooo far ahead the teacher gets 2nd grade work for her(last year the teacher got first grade work for her) she reads at a 5th grade level or higher and can do 4th grade math. i kind of wish she had started school early so she wouldnt be bored all the time...
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Re: Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

My son is only 3, but his birthday is in July, so I've already been thinking about this. I'm leaning toward waiting until he is 6 because that means he'll be home a year longer & I'm not in a hurry to have him gone to school or eventually off to college. He is already big for his age, though, so I hope he doesn't end up being way bigger than the rest of the kids in his class. I do have some friends who waited with their daughter who was born in August, and the school ended up skipping her to second grade the next year.
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Re: Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

I kept mine out, and it seemed to work pretty well. Although, in high school, she had issues with the kids in her own grade. She's loving college now, so I do often wonder if she would have had an easier time socially in the grade ahead, or better off where she was.

In grade school, and junior high, it was perfect. She was never big, or emotionally mature enough to be in the grade above her. I think she would have been eaten alive in grade school if i'd put her in early.

The cutoff was sept 1st, and her birthday is sept 24th.
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Re: Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

First of all, we did not "red shirt" any of our kids. My oldest and youngest are April birthdays and my middle is an end of June birthday.

That being said, it is fairly common in our area to wait with late summer birthdays to send them when they are 6, particularly with boys. One thing to consider is that at 4,5 and 6 kids are all developing physically, mentally and emotionally at different rates. Some kids are way ahead in one or more area and others are behind. By the time they hit the later grade school ages the differences become more obvious because the majority of the kids who were early readers have settled into their level and the other kids have caught up. Being the youngest in the class (sometimes by more than an entire year) can be a disadvantage at that point.

There are lots of threads on DS about the pros and cons of waiting. I personally am an advocate of waiting. If you have a decent school, they should be able to challenge the child who is ahead and they tend to grow into leaders in the class.
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Re: Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

I have two DDs with August birthdays. My oldest started Kindergarten this year right after she turned 5. She was more than ready, and I could never imagine keeping her out another year. She is doing wonderfully academically and socially despite being one of the younger kids in her class. My youngest can go to Kindergarten next year after just turning 5, but I am not sure if I will send her. She is bright academically but has trouble socially and we are considering keeping her in Pre-K for another year. It just goes to show it really depends on the child!
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Re: Kindergarten: go ahead or delay?

I think it just depends on your child and you know them best.
I think mine would have still struggled especially after confirming his adhd dx.
He was retained for kinder and is still more than a year behind.
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My ds made the cutoff by just days. He turned 5 like a week before school started. While he is emotionally more sensitive than many in his class, he was academically more than ready. We chose to send him, cuz he was bored in pre-k the yr before plus he wanted to be in school with the kids he went to pre-k with. He is now quite happy in his class and is growin up emotionally very nicely.
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