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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

it is very rare for your child to have a serious reaction to a vaccination. does your pedi provide you with a hand-out of any kind with info and stats? ours does and it's very reassuring to have accurate information to reference. i have 4 fully vaccinated kids and none had reactions any more severe than crankiness or fever.


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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

Both of my kiddos (1 and 3) are FULLY vaccinated on the reccomended CDC and APA schedule. The only modification I made was that my oldests 4 month shots were delayed 3 weeks because he was sick at his appointment. My youngest was also part of a clinical trial for Menvo (menengitis vaccine), so he got his menvo shot at 13 months. I did a ton of research on the subject and I think there is a lot of fear-mongering that goes on with vaccines. I did a research project on childhood vaccines, so if you would like a bunch of high quality information you can PM me and I'll get it to you.

We are huge supporters of childhood vaccination. Our kids are healthy and happy. Oh, we also do flu shots every year now. We didn't get them one year, and we got Influenza type A, and my youngest (4 months at the time) had to be hospitalized. Lesson learned.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

Well, my older two are fully vaxed and have never had any issues, are very healthy, etc, though my oldest does have ADHD (highly doubt it's caused by the vaccines, though, as people on both sides of the family have it, including myself). My youngest, though, is not vaxed and is just as healthy as the others. They have each had one ear infection, none of them have had chicken pox, or any of the other illnesses that are out there.

Just make sure you do your research. There are some vaccines that I don't think are necessary -- not that they are dangerous (though maybe they are?). I would suggest looking to see what vaccines are needed for travel and start there.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

Didn't read the pps. My boys are vaccinated-fully. I delayed some. I only did one injection every other month. However, that injection could have more than one med in it. My yds is profoundly autistic but we were so far behind on his shots when he turned 1 that I have no doubts that vaccines had nothing to do with his issues. My ods did just fine with his shots. They were both caught up by kindergarten.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

My twins are 21 months old and have are up to date on all their vaccinations. They were 5 weeks preemie and never had major issues. With the rotavirus, one did get a fever after each one but it's been curable with infant Advil.

It's comforting to me to know our boys are protected against some pretty horrible things.

ETA: I had every vaccine offered and then some exotics due to being stationed in different places around the world. I consider myself averagely healthy. The only vaccines that seemed to have issues was when DH got some of the anthrax series- made his eczema flare up a little.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

My 8yo was fully vax'd until 18months old. She is/was very smart and hit milestones early. I stopped vax'ing then because i was lazy. I thought she was a very healthy child...then i had the next 3...

Now my next 3 children are NOT vax and they are healthy. Chloie my 8yo has been on way more antibotics and has had way more ear infections than the other 3 combined. I nursed her until 1 as well. So i guess if you think going to the doc every few months is healthy, then ok. But that is not ok w/ us. We for the younger 3 have not went for any reason besides newborn visits. IMHO they are much healthier than thier sister. Also they dont have the toxin buildup, which may not effect a kid now, but 40yrs down the dont. know.

I am proud of you doing your research, please dont feel like i am bashing/pressuring or whatever. Just stating what i have noticed umong my kids.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

The story is that there is no story.

While you will hear lots of stories about vaccine reactions, the vast majority of those reactions cannot be positively linked (other than by timing) to vaccination. On the other hand, serious outcomes from VPD are easily linked to those diseases. These outcomes have been reduced and in some cases entirely eliminated by vaccination. While you will hear from some people that they do not believe that vaccination has a significant part in the reduction in disease, the scientific data shows that it has.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

We have 3 kids ages 9, 7, and 11 months. The 9 and 7 year old have had every vaccine offered and are 100% fine and above average in school. No issues.

11 month old we have been a bit selective with. No issues here either.

I know it's a hotly debated topic, but we are on the fence every time we go to the doc.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

My 22 month old is on a delayed schedule. We used a modified Sears schedule and he has never had a reaction. He will be completely caught up on all his vaccines by 27 months. I always did his appointments in the afternoon so I could be with him after the vaccine. I nursed him during the vaccines until he weaned at 18 months. He would often nap on the car ride home and then was fine.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

How would you feel if your child died or had unfortunate complications from a TOTALLY PREVENTABLE child hood disease? Honestly, everyone is entitled to their opinion (yes, even me) but the ridiculousness of people's misinformed, fear based decision not to vaccinate their children burns my butt. Everyone's an expert these days
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