View Poll Results: Did you use a doula for your 2nd+ birth?
Yes, and highly recommend it. 9 42.86%
Yes, but didn't find it necessary 4 19.05%
No but I wish I had 1 4.76%
No and I'm glad I didn't 5 23.81%
Other (please explain!) 2 9.52%
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I haven't had one with any of my babies I had my mom is a wonderful birth coach/helper if I ever had. a baby without my mom around I would probably hire a doula for the support I have done all my births pain med free partly due to my mom who is very encouraging during labor


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Re: Doulas for 2nd+ babies?

i had a doula for a second time and i don't think she was totally indispensible.
it was more of an icing on the cake thing- like she gave me some massages during labor, helped me when i took a shower during contractions, & went to get my hubby and i food after the baby was born. but since i had been through it before (with a doula), i knew i could have a natural birth (and i did, for the second time). i was pretty much inconsolable for a period of time at the end and nobody was helping me with anything. all i can say is good luck to you! and good luck with your decision about having a doula- is there any way to find a doula in training that would be cheaper? they are a plus in any labor i think, but you for sure could do it without one if necessary.
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Re: Doulas for 2nd+ babies?

I'm planning to use a doula for my 2nd, but this is a planned vbac, so I really have no idea what I'm in for. DH wanted to be my only labor support, but I didn't want that bc he's sorta a nervous personality and in most other situations I'm the calm one. So while I love him and want him there, I think it will be beneficial to have someone there who knows what they are doing.
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I had a student doula with #1.... Free
Same doula paid for with #2... $700
Same doula under the doulacare program at my OB/midwife for #3... Free

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Re: Doulas for 2nd+ babies?

My midwife has had various assistance for the past 10 years that I have been under her care and this last time her assistant was also a doula. While she was mostly there as a second set of hands for helping with the delivery I really felt like her presence as a doula was not needed. She was kind and not the least bit pushy but I sort of felt bad that she didn't really get to "do her thing." It was my 5th baby and my husband is very involved so we kind of know what works and just do it. If your husband isn't hands on and helpful I would think a doula would be nice to have at any birth.
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Didn't for my first. It was at home, with baby's dad (who was by then just a friend). I guess on paper I should have had more support but I FELT adequately supported and confident.
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Re: Doulas for 2nd+ babies?

Can't say I've BTDT, as we only have LO#1. But here's my two cents anyway.

Given labor of a day and a half, even though DH was great support and relatively informed (he did birthing classes with me along with reading "how to be a birth partner" books), I was really glad for an additional set of knowledgeable hands who was always in the room and there for us rather than the hospital staff's in/out. If we end up with a LO#2, hiring a doula will again be very high on my list.
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As a doula, I can just say, it's so very subjective. I've been with first-time moms who would have been fine without me, and second-time moms who said they'd never have been able to give birth vaginally if I hadn't been there. It's really about the level at which you feel most comfortable. Most of my work has been with first- and second-time moms, but I once worked with a woman who was giving birth to her 7th child and swore there was no way she could have gotten through it unmedicated without me there.

Just think about what you would have the doula do if she were there. If it's a role your DH could play and you'd enjoy that, the go for it that way. If not, consider just interviewing a few doulas to see if it feels right.
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Re: Doulas for 2nd+ babies?

I planned to have a doula with my first birth, but she didn't make it in time. She did somehow realize over the phone that I was in labor and help me make it to the hospital in time, though! So, I didn't really need a doula, and I'm not planning on having one this time. There is a friend that I'm planning on calling, but she's not experienced with birth, good or bad (she hasn't ever had a child herself). She asked to come because she's never been to a birth. So I won't be expecting doula work from her!
So I guess it depends on how you're feeling. If you really appreciated your doula the first time and thought she was helpful, it is probably worth it to hire another one. If you are feeling like you could do without a doula because you know more and might not need the support...that's fine too I'm a doula, and I didn't need a doula, so I guess that makes me hypocritical? lol.
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Re: Doulas for 2nd+ babies?

I've had a doula for 3 out of my 4 births...

#1 - met doula at hospital, she was most helpful with preparing beforehand and then taking photos and such. I'm glad I had her.

#2 - totally didn't need a doula, fast labor, barely made it to hospital

#3 - didn't hire a doula, didn't need one. Another short labor

#4 - hired a doula at the (relatively) last minute for hospital assistance because my 5.5 y.o. DD wanted to be there for the birth and my MW practice said I needed another adult besides my DH there in case my DD needed to leave, I wouldn't be left alone. So, hired a doula. I had a stop/start labor while we were evacuated from our home during a hurricane. I was routed to 2 different hospitals, checked out, and back in again. I was basically in labor off and on for 2 days. I had to fight off interventions like I'd never done before (because it wasn't the fast labor I was used to) I COULD.NOT.HAVE.MADE.IT without my doula! I needed a doula more with #4 than I did with all the others combined.

Every labor is different. Trust your gut!
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