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Putting down a sleeping baby...

Any tricks for putting down a sleeping baby? My son has been held 24/7 since his birth 21 days ago. I even hold him in arms all.night.long. Side nursing isn't going that well as he tends to have trouble keeping his milk down when he's laying flat. Even when he's side nursing, he can't leave my boob or else he wakes. It's not that the nipple has to be in his mouth, just that my boob has to be touching his face! I do wear him in a wrap most of the day but there are times where I really need to put him down--to shower or go #2 for instance! Sometimes I just want to be free to move without him on me.
I read on these boards about BF babies sleeping 5-10 hours straight...why don't my kids sleep like that? I get maybe, maybe, 2 hours between nursings but each nursing session takes about an hour between switching sides and burping. So, basically I get an hour sleep about 3 times a night.

Any tricks that work??


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Re: Putting down a sleeping baby...

i don't know any tricks, but my kids sleep just like yours so i know how you feel. i remember trying to go potty WHILE bfing dd in the middle of the night- talk about a train wreck! good luck, hopefully someone will have some better advice for you.
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Re: Putting down a sleeping baby...

It probably depends a lot on the personality of the baby, but my daughter was also held for the first 3 weeks of her life....

Around 3 weeks is when all of our company and help left, and I started laying her out on her back and talking to her pretty close to her face, playing with her feet, etc. so she got used to being put down and she was still getting attention. We never had a swing, but the bouncy seat worked wonders at that point as well - at least long enough for me to take a shower :-) She also really liked being swaddled at night. We had her in the bassinet by the side of the bed mainly (my husband is a HEAVY sleeper, so we ended up not co-sleeping early on), and I think she would sleep for longer stretches at night there because she didn't have the temptation of the boob right in her face :-)

None of this would count as an amazing new trick, but I thought I'd at least share our experience. I hope you're able to get some more sleep soon!!
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I'm in the same boat. Ds does not like to be put down. He sleeps with me holding him. I tried three different swaddle sacks but, didn't work. Though I know he likes to be swaddled as he did at the hospital. Those nurses did a great job! I'm getting no sleep. Dh helps as much as he can but, he only has one more week off. So I know how you feel. Good luck!
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Ddc from Dec....
My Dh started putting a heating pad on low in the bassinet while I nursed. Then we pull it out as we lay him down. So he is staying warm not going from warm mommy to cold bed. It has seemed to work for us.
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Re: Putting down a sleeping baby...

I'm in the Dec group, but my son was like that so I was hoping to help a little. I was able to side nurse... but he'd only sleep if the boob was in his mouth. What we did which started to help - I think it was some time between 6 weeks and 3 months... I started nursing him sitting up, then always lifting him so that he'd sleep on my shoulder instead of on the boob. From that position I'd hold him for usually 45 minutes or so - as long as it took for his sleep to be really deep, then try to lie him down. Sometimes it only lasted 5 minutes, sometimes an hour, but he slowly got better from there. This helped also because once he got used to this, if nothing else, daddy could hold him downstairs on HIS shoulder for a couple hours so I could sleep.

I'd try the heating pad/hot water bottle idea too... I always meant to try that but never did. Good luck mama. Try to get some help to catch a bit of sleep while you work on it. I ended up getting really really sick at 6 weeks - I think cause I hadn't slept more than 45 minutes in so long. It was only that which finally made me ask for help.
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