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Re: Rear vs forward facing

Yeah, I'm the aberration here...IRL I'm the "crazy carseat lady" since DD is RFing past 1 & I actually care about installation, know that seats expire, & I don't buy them at garage sales (no lie, that's the norm here), but I'm woefully dangerous here, since I'll planfully flip DD before she outgrows the seat. There are a few of us that I would call "educated mainstream", but ERF is the norm.


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Re: Rear vs forward facing

It's akin to wandering into the breastfeeding forum and asking how many people in there breastfeed past 6 months. If you're interested in it enough to frequent the forum, you're probably into it enough to exceed what many would consider the standard norms. You don't frequent a forum like these ones without having strong feelings on the subject. Visit yes, frequent no.

That said, I turned my daughter forward facing just shy of her third birthday at 36lbs, as she'd exceeded the RF weight limit of her seat.
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Re: Rear vs forward facing

For the record, the federal government's recommendation is to rear-face through age three (in other words, up until age four), unless the child outgrows the rear-facing limits of his or her convertible seat before that point.

The AAP, which is just a trade organization for pediatricians, recommends rear-facing up to age two. Safe Kids USA recommends a "best practice" of rear-facing to a minimum of two years old. Again, in both of these cases there's the caveat that a child should turn to forward facing once the rear-facing limits of the convertible seat have been outgrown.

I intend to follow NHTSA's guidelines unless I have a compelling reason not to. And I would move heaven and earth (if necessary) to rear-face to at least two. As a Child Passenger Safety Technician, I always recommend that parents select a car seat that their child is projected to fit within the rear-facing limits until at least two years old.
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Re: Rear vs forward facing

My youngest daughter is almost 44 months old and she just turned around last week. We turned her when she reached the rear-facing limits of her seat. (35 pounds.) I wish we could have waited longer, but we're unable to purchase a seat with a higher RFing limit at this time. Of course, now that she's turned around... I'm pretty sure she (and her daddy) wouldn't appreciate it if we went back to rear-facing, anyway. Oh well. Now my next goal is to keep her harnessed as long as possible.
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Re: Rear vs forward facing

DS1 will be 3 in a month, and I would be comfortable flipping him FF then. I won't until he asks to, though - we're not short on space, and it's not really inconvenient for him to get in.

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Re: Rear vs forward facing

My oldest was RFing until 3 and half. My youngest is under 1 so she's of course still RFing, but she's in a Radian XTSL so I plan to keep her that way as long as possible. My SD was turned at 11 mos, and I had no control over that because I wasn't caring for her then.
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My DD was rf until 2.5 years when she reached the limit of her seat. I just bought my DS1 a new seat so he can rf longer. I hope to keep him rfing until at least 3 years. Since my kiddos are always 90-95th percentile, it's hard to rf for as long as I would like to.
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Re: Rear vs forward facing

Mine RF to the limits of their seats. My oldest just turned FF at 5.5yo.
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Re: Rear vs forward facing

I'm planning on rfing DS until he outgrows his seat. Unfortunately, that will likely be well before 3.

Originally Posted by allhiskids View Post
Isaac turned 4.5 yesterday, 30 pounds, 37 inches. ERF. And will be for about another 2 inches at last measure
Wow, I wish I could RF that long! My DS is about the same size as yours - 30 lbs and is 38" and only has about an inch of torso room left before he's outgrown his seat by height. But he's not even 2 yet.

Here, ff a 19lbs baby is illegal. The limit is 22lbs and the new recommendations are to rf until 2. DS and I walk everywhere, so I never actually see other moms with their kids in cars, so I don't know whether that's the norm or not.
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My daughter just turned 4 and my son will be 3 in April. They're both RFing with no anticipation of turning them anytime soon because it just works for us. They don't fuss about it, it can't hurt, and doesn't bother us.

And not a bad question at all! Please, feel welcome here!
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