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moms of skinny babies



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Re: moms of skinny babies

If she's walking we found that to be normal and were told that the slowdown is normal. I wouldn't worry too much but I'd watch it. You might want to increase the 4 oz bottles to 6 oz. We kept on healthy foods and did as much as wanted even though we got advice to go on a heavy fat diet (I didn't want to start the habits that young or at least till 2-3). To me, you are doing everything "right" so don't worry about it. If you are doing cereals put formula or breast milk vs. water as that has the extra nutrition. All of the sudden a little after two, my son is packing on the pounds so she may catch up but a little later (but he's very very active).
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Re: moms of skinny babies

Just checked my spreadsheet. My twins were 16lbs10oz & 16lbs15oz at 9 months. They each gained 1.5lbs between their 6 month and 9 month check up. They were both EBF (and very limited amount of solids). Our peditrician never was concerned about their weights as long as they stayed on their curve. My DD 'fell off her curve' between her 12month and 15 month check up but was back on it at 18months. Some babies are just smaller!
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Re: moms of skinny babies

DD has always been low. She never went over 25% on the chart for her weight. Fell off around 15 months. She has been pretty consistent with her weight. I never worried about it. Her doc wanted us to work on gaining weight around 15 months and we tried- it didn't work. Since I was always small we just let it go. Her current doc isn't concerned with her low weight or bmi because its nothing new.
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Re: moms of skinny babies

Look at your genetics. ODD was barely 19 lbs at a year. She was in the 95th percentile for height. Formula fed, and solids. Ate a lot. She gained 3 lbs between 6-12 months. That's it. 3 lbs.

When my husband and I got married, he was 140 lbs at over 6 ft tall. ODD is built just like him.
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Re: moms of skinny babies

DD was 90% for height but 20% weight at her 15mos appt the other day. That put her at not quite 10% overall (she was 5% overall at 12mos) Dr not worried and said nothing wrong with tall and skinny! She was 19lbs at 12mois and 21.5 at 15mos. sorry NAK
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Re: moms of skinny babies

DS was 95% at birth and is now 15-20%. As long as they are healthy and active and eating there really is no cause for concern. . . Sounds like your pedi is being overly cautious.
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Re: moms of skinny babies

My girls are on the bottom of the charts. My youngest was about that weight at 9 months and 18 pounds at a year. Their pediatrician isn't worried because he knows that dh and I were small as kids and I am really skinny. They are just following genetics. They were never 95% but they did go down in percentiles from birth but they always gained in both height and weight. It common for breastfed babies to fall on the charts since they were based on formula fed babies and the growth patterns are a little different.
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My doctor was fine with the fact that my daughter weighed 16lbs at 12 months and that she hadn't doubled her 9lb birth weight; yep my daughter only gained 7lbs in her first year and then she gained only 5lb in her second year.
As long as she is getting good nutrition and is meeting milestones I wouldn't worry too much. My daughter is now 6.5 and just hit 40lbs; she is smaller than her 4.5 year old brother but she is strong and healthy. My doctor used to say "not everyone can be above the 50% tile nor do we always want them to be"
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DS is 8months and 17.5lbs...First I get flamed for not substituting with formula and cereal, then it became an issue when he sprouted his first teeth at 7months (too late they say) and a family member always has to comment on his weight. The pedi hasn't mentioned anything so I'm not worried. Babys just aren't all the same...
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