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Stash ? for after NB stage

Basic Details: I have 2 girls - 5yo & 2yo - and I'm expecting DS around March 10th (so about 6 weeks left).

Okay, I have the majority of my NB stash finished. I have 20ish fitteds, 1doz. infant PFs, a few AIOs, and a couple covers. I'm planning on adding another dozen infant PFs and a couple more Thirsties DUO size 1 covers as well as a pair of infant snappis as soon as tax return money comes in. So I'm not really concerned about the NB stage right now.

My problem is what to do about my OS stash. I have a YDD (2yo) who is not showing interest in PL'ing. ODD didn't PL until 3 - 3 1/2 yo and honestly I'm expecting about the same from YDD. She likes to go and sit on the potty and knows the routine (sit on potty, wipe, flush, wash hands) but does not actually go. I've tried working a schedule with her but honestly just don't have the energy when she's not responding at all beyond following the routine. She enjoys it but she really just does not get it at all. So here's my dilemma...I currently have about 30 BGOS/Alvas (the majority of which are BGOS) as well as 1.5 doz. Premium PFs, ~1doz. girly fitteds (M/L), 3 econobum PFs, 6 Flip stay dry inserts, 4 Econobum covers, 2-3 Flip covers, and a couple other sized covers (M). I know I'm going to need another pair of toddler snappis since the ones I have are really stretched out. I'm just not sure that this will be enough for both YDD & DS. I don't like washing every other day (hence having a larger stash) but may have to just because of the sheer number of diapers used daily by 2 in diapers.

Should I plan to buy more BGOS with some of our tax return money when I order the little bit I know I need to finish our NB stash? Or should I just make this amount work and wash every other day? Does anyone have any experience with a good number of OS diapers for 2 in cloth for a 5-6 month old and a toddler? Right now YDD really doesn't use many daily (maybe 4-6 daily including the night time diaper...she really doesn't pee a lot...) but I know DS will be using way more than that in a day. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have on this! I appreciate it!

ETA: Sorry, I fixed a couple of the typos to make it easier to understand. ODD is completely day/night PT'd and wears panties 24/7. YDD is still completely in diapers but only uses 4-6/day.


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Re: Stash ? for after NB stage

MY DD was a super peeing and pooping machine. We averaged about 24 diapers a day and she cried for every wet diaper (about the only time she cried). Up until about 3 months old we went through a lot. Now at 9 months it's probably 8-12 a day. It's hard to predict just how many you would need. I guess it's easier to err on the side of caution and have too many, and be able to do laundry more often if it's still needed.

For 9 months old we have 20 BG OS, and 16 other OS dipes. We easily do laundry every 3 days and have several unused ones. There's also a stash of fitteds and gdiapers that are there as a back up.

It sounds like you already have a lot of great diapers and a pretty good NB stash. They move past the NB stage really fast so I wouldn't focus too much on those. Our DD was 9lbs at birth and we were able to get into OS diapers in the first few weeks (quite bulky but she wasn't going anywhere so they stayed on). I figure any BGOSs you buy will get use and make things easier for you. They also resell very well and hold their value. If you need the money for something else then you can make due with what you've got, she may end up PL faster than you expect. If you want a more comfortable stash then I'd get a few more.
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Re: Stash ? for after NB stage

interesting dilemma.
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Re: Stash ? for after NB stage

I'm tired so forgive me, but I'm confused. You say your "ODD" uses 4-6 a day. Do you mean YDD? If your younger daughter only uses 4-6 diapers a day, I think you can make your stash work for two simply by adding some more prefolds. But maybe wait till you cross that bridge before buying anything. Can you set the money aside in case you need it for more diapers? Maybe your daughter will show interest in PL'ing by the time your DS is out of NB dipes. Or maybe there will be a great sale right when you need more diapers. To me it makes more sense to wash every other day if you have to until you figure out what you need and how much of it. GL to you and congratulations! My kids are opposite genders (two boys and a girl). It's so fun having both!
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Re: Stash ? for after NB stage

I agree with El's Mama - if I were facing your dilemma, I'd just set aside a portion of the money and wait just a couple of months from now. By the time your newborn is getting chunkier and you will definitely know by then what you should do.

Fwiw, mine always needed a night time diaper for at least a few months after being completely potty learned during the day.
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Re: Stash ? for after NB stage

I'm facing the same problem. I'm due in April and I have a 14 month old. My current plan is to wait until that time comes. I have probably 40ish one-sz diapers that I'm hoping they can share between the two of them once the newbie fits into them. I'm anticipating needing to buy probably another dozen, but I'm going to wait a bit.
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