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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I did! All natural at a birthing center. DS was 2 days late according to an early unltrsound and 2 day early according to my LMP I had an upper respiratory infection when I went into labor so that made things more difficult. I was in labor 24 hrs, most of it was difficult because I just wasn't progressing well. MW said it was probably because I was sick. I spent the majority of the time in the birthing pool (amazing!) and got out to have him on the bed. I had a doula, which I HIGHLY recommend.

I would really look into the hopitals policies, see if you can get any info from someone who had a baby there. My friend did an all natural at the hospital but the doctors were difficult about some things. They said they would do all natural and the way she wanted but immediately took the baby (no skin to skin), immediately cut the cord (she wanted them to wait, and she spent a lot of time in bed on moniters... :/


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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I had my first induced with pitocin because he was very overdue but I had no pain medication.

My second and my third were completely natural and I barely got to the hospital for DS2.

I slept through DS2's labor, woke up, felt crampy, called the doctor and went in. Then I walked up the stairs and through the maternity ward (having no clue how close I was). I laid down and my water went every where and his head came out. OPPS! He was delivered by the nurses.

My second I had 5 hours of labor, a couple pushes and it was done. Her birth was a blur because it was so quick. I have a very high pain tolerance so the only labor I knew I was having was those 5 hours I was awake.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

Originally Posted by moonlightblonde View Post
my doula suggested that she thought I was in transition and they check me..I was so I was fine.
i actually think this is a really important thing to remember if you're having a natural birth, especially in a hospital. the point when you feel like it's over and you can't do it anymore, don't give in! you're probably in transition and almost done! that's totally how it happened with me too. i had my first in a birth center, we were trying a bunch of natural stuff to try and get things moving, but no pitocin or anything. my water broke and contractions started spontaneously (if you don't count the "natural stuff" i was doing i guess). my labor was only about 7 hours long. we went to the birth center about 3 hours in, because i was having a weird contraction pattern (so i would have 3 in a row without a break, and then i would have 5-6 minutes or so before another one) it freaked us out that i was farther along than we thought, so we went in. i got in the tub right away and stayed there, it felt fantastic, i have every intention of doing another waterbirth this time around (at home though, no birth centers where i'm at now ) it hurt and all, but i just tried to concentrate and breath through it. the worst part was like the pp said in the part i quoted. i got to a point where it was all of a sudden unbearable, and i felt like it had been going on forever and i thought for sure i wasn't anywhere NEAR finished and i started thinking "i am not going to make it! we have got to get to a hospital so i can get an epi RIGHT NOW!" and like 2 minutes later i felt an overwhelming urge to push. i yelled for the midwife, and she checked, and sure enough, i was complete and ds was on his way out! she'd done occasional cervix checks, but at that point, i'd been too uncomfortable and had been refusing them for the last couple of hours, so i had no idea i was so close and neither did she! although i think she suspected when i started losing my composure that i was in transition. apparently it's a common reaction and for me anyways, once i started pushing, the pain really didn't bother me anymore. i'm guess it hurt, but it just didn't matter. and then 20 minutes later, ds was born! we got cleaned up, checked out, and 4 hours later we were home and sound asleep.

i loved my natural labor, it was really great. i mean, like i said, it hurt. labor does. but i wouldn't have done it any other way. ds came out totally alert and looking around, he didn't even cry (although i think that had more to do with the water than anything else), he was very healthy, he nursed almost immediately, and i walked myself out to the car carrying him when we left a few hours later. i also recovered very very quickly. i wouldn't do it any other way, hospital or not. i think the hardest thing with your first is just knowing that you CAN do it and you don't NEED all that other stuff.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?


All in all, my experience was wonderful. Yes, it was more painful than I even have words to describe (24 hours of labor), but it was also beautiful. It brought DH and I so close to one another knowing that he helped coach me through something so intense. It was beautiful to know that I was so vulnerable, depending on his words so much to cope, and he NEVER wavered (heartfelt teardrop :-). Our son was born so alert and curious that he didnt even nurse for the first hour...he was too busy looking around at all of his new surroundings to be interested in eating . My hubby and I have already decided that we would want nothing less than natural births for all of our children to come :-)
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I did!

Hospital birth with a midwife- no meds, episiotomy or anything like that...labored in a nice jacuzzi bathtub which helped a TON, it was a 9.5 hour labor....she was 3 days before her due date and I woke up in labor having what I thought were achy crampy feelings in my lower tummy area and back but they kept getting stronger and closer together. :-)
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

Wow! I'm loving these stories! Thanks everyone for sharing!

I'm also looking into a birthing center, but the closest is 45 minutes away and the hospital we've been going to is about 15 minutes away. I may still switch after learning more about hospital policies at my appointment on Monday.

Thanks for the other comments and advice... it's really helpful.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I have an absolutely wonderful first birth at home, no meds or interventions. I was 36 weeks when my midwife did my home visit, I was already 3cm dilated, 80% effaced and at +3 station so I knew it was going to happen soon! 2 days later I felt a little crampy all day and was loosing my mucous plug, so I called my midwife. She check me - 3cm dilated, 100% effaced and at the same station, and my show turned from a brownish discharge to bright red. I was going into labor! I was about 4 in the afternoon, and she told me I'd be going into active labor probably early the next morning. At 8pm that night, labor hit in FULL. It literally went from super mild cramps to full out labor. I had trouble coping for a little while, but my mom finally made it and I sat on the tiolet and felt so much better. I let my contractions take hold instead of fighting them, and things took off. At the time when I was struggling, I was at a 4. I went from a 4 to a 10 within probably 2 hours! It's amazing what your body can do when you stop fighting the pain. I was at about a 9 1/2 and my water still hadn't broken, so my midwife popped it, and I was at a 10. I pushed for about 10-15 minutes, and it was definitely the easiest part of my labor. There was a lot of pressure, but the contractions were totally bearable and I never felt any burning or stinging. When just his head was out he was already crying and had color! He was amazingly beautiful. I had the tiniest bit of skid mark tearing up by my clitoris, it healed in a week and never really hurt. I was a little sore down there, but not bad. Mostly I was just dizzy for a few days and had to move and get up slowly. I had a great recovery! It was amazing. I would not have traded my natural birth for anything.

ETA: DS was 6lbs, 8oz and I was in labor for a total of 10 hours. He was born early at 36 w, 2 days had jaundice and trouble nursing but was otherwise just fine! He got 9's and 10's on his apgars.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

Originally Posted by waitingforbaby View Post
I'm wanting to hear some stories about first births, especially natural ones. I'm pregnant with my first child and really wanting to have a natural hospital birth--no pitocin, no amniotomy, no episiotomy, no pain meds...

If you had your first naturally, can you tell me about it? Was he/she late? Did you know it when you were in active labor? If you had a hospital birth, how was your experience? How was recovery?

By the way, both baby and I are looking perfectly healthy so far. Also, I'm planning on laboring at home as long as possible to avoid the hospital rushing me.
I had a natural hospital labor with my first.
He was one week early.
Went into labor while shopping.
5 days before "real" labor, I had pre (I think its called prodormal? labor), contractions were about 4mins apart but they stalled out and nothing happened till my "real" labor.
So bc of the "false" start, I waited a long time before going to the hospital when the big day finally there at 6 and half cms dilated. Was monitored and had a bag of fluids for about 20-30mins, got in bath tub for maybe 45mins, felt pressure on my bottom (transition), got out and in bed, waited on doc for a few mins, doc came, pushed ~20mins, baby out! Did need stitches (ds was 8lbs 10oz), no issues with placenta, did bleed a lot after but was up peeing within 15mins of doc finishing stitches. My girl parts took a while to feel "normal" but the rest of me recovered fine.

Staying home for as long as possible worked for me. We took bradley, it really helped prepare me and especially dh.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I had a fast natural first birth. I thought for sure that it would be at least 12 hours since I was a first timer, but after talking myself out of labor for 3 hours of mild contractions, I hit transition and started pushing at my house. We live 8 minutes from the hospital; she was born 15-20 minutes after we got there. No time for IVs, monitoring, anything. It was great. Because the first labor was less than 5 hours, we're doing this one at home!
I labored in my shower and tub. I personally didn't feel the need for a lot of support during labor, and was happy being alone (my husband was asleep). After all, all of the books that I had open on the couch said that I was in "early" labor. lol.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

Originally Posted by KB'sMama1031 View Post
I did! My DS was due Nov 10, 2010 I had a healthy pregnancy and no reason for concern. We have a home about 5 minutes from the hospital. The week before my delivery I called and went in to my OBs office to be checked for possible signs of labor. I has having intense irregular stomach cramping every 10 minutes or less, I told the OB it was 8 out of 10 pain wise. I was having hot flashes and felt like i needed to have BM since I had not been able to go for the past week (sorry TMI). I was checked, and told that I was still 2 cm and maybe 60 or 70 percent effaced.. like I had been for a week or so... I was sent home, after being told "trust me, when youre really in labor youll Know it!" and that my cramping was probably actually gas pains.
So I went home, grumpy, yet relieved, and feeling like a wuss. I was pretty scared of how much labor was going to hurt but also tired of being big and uncomfortable.
A few days later I had my last evening at work; after work my DH and I met my in-laws at Maggiano's a local italian restaurant whos' eggplant parmesan is rumored to send pregnant full-term women into labor within 48 hours of being consumed. I was still 10 days before my due date and Maggiano's eggplant parmesan did not work for my SIL, so while it was delicious, I did not expect much. I ate half of it and took the rest home, at 11 PM or so I finished it at home.
DH ran a bath and we DTD. It was late but we put on a movie, I was pretty sure I ate too much, my stomach hurt, DH fell asleep he jokingly said "wake me up if youre in labor".
I had cramping, I really thought I needed to have a BM, it was in the early morning of October 31, 2010 (Halloween!)... still 10 days before my due date
I remember crying at one point fearing that labor would be "so much worse" than what I was feeling and that I would feel the way that I did for the next ten days!
I was tossing and turning in bed, and up and down to the bathroom and back, I was having pain on and off every 5 or 7 or 3 or maybe 10 minutes as well as hot sweats... I felt the same as I had a few days before when the OB called me a wuss and sent me home
(*I should have woken up DH and made him time my stomach pains )
But, I was not going to wake up DH and my doc and numerous nurses to go in to the hospital in the middle of the night just to be treated as a whiny pregnant lady who didnt know what her body was doing, all over again, and be sent home
So I waited, finally one of the times in the bathroom I heard a "pop".. I think, then I peed, I was so tired at this point I didnt know if I was peeing or not, I didnt even know how long it had been
I got up, to go back to the bed, again and I was definitely leaking something a little bit, I figured maybe my water had broken indicating the START of labor (wishful thinking!) It was not a huge gush though.. so I probably wasnt in labor yet, but something was happening that wasnt "exaggerated gas pains" I was excited, they would have to believe me now!
So I woke DH, we called my OB who said we could come in, they called the hospital to let them know we were coming, then called us back as said we could leave the house
I tried to get my pillow, I couldnt. I had to tell DH what to grab and throw in the already mostly packed hospital bags, and we got in the car. I cursed every bump and pot hole the whole way to the hospital, Im sure they werent very big, but they felt that way then.
We pulled up to the L&D entrance, the lights were off, no one was outside.

DH said "uh.. should we park in the parking deck??" I said "yeah I guess" I had expected someone to be outside, with a wheelchair, the dashboard clock said 5:45 am.
So DH drove up to the 3rd floor, as he drove I remember saying "I hope when we get inside, I can get an epidural and take a nap, I still havent gone to sleep tonight!" DH said "Well dont get ahead of yourself, we dont even know if youre in labor yet" I replied "will you pick a parking spot already!?"
So he parked, we got out, I was hit by a sudden wave of nausea, I threw up next to the truck.
We took the elevator down to the ground level, DH was carrying our bags and pillows and was pulling my waddling self along by the hand as he quickly rushed toward the locked doors. It was still dark and 40 degrees on that October Georgia night.
I stopped walking. "I can feel his head coming out" I said, DH pulling my arm replied "Yeah I bet thats what its supposed to feel like come on"
I said that I couldnt walk any further, then a lot of things happened at once, I couldnt NOT push, so I did, and his head was out! somewhere in there DH appeared with a wheelchair behind me. I was half sitting, my PJ pants were by my knees and my underwear had stretched to cradle babys' head nicely, I moved them to the side and felt his body rotate to the side, there was a feeling of relief when his shoulders became parallel to the ground, I had to push again, so I did, he was out to his elbows, DH supported his head and helped guide him out, then put him on my chest. I yelled "ouch!" the umbilical cord is NOT a stretchy as it looked, it could barely reach to my chest.

At this point we were still outside, on the sidewalk, in the dark, alone. The L&D lights flicked on, and the doors flew open, 2 or 3 nurses ran out with a wheelchair and one of those emergency delivery kits. They looked at us like we each had 3 heads.
DH covered little DS up with his jacket and we were rushed inside. They asked us what time he had been born, we said 5:55 am, he had no Apgar test. I had managed not to moon the empty dark parking lot thanks to my awesome stretchy undies classy!
Once inside, DH cut the cord, and a random Dr from my practice helped me deliver the placenta and gave me 3 stitches for my "busted" labia. They sent DH downstairs to check us in, covered in blood and baby goo he said people kept staring at him
The baby was perfect, his head was a little bruised from being born so quickly, but he was pink and crying and we were very very lucky that nothing went wrong. I was able to nurse him and continue bonding.
We got moved very quickly up to a nice room with a great view, even though they were "out of rooms" that morning we were visited by a number of important hospital personnel, someone may have lost their job...
we called my in laws and my SIL who was at work in oncology in the same hospital, they all came to see the baby
I called my parents who live 4 hours away, they piled in the car to come see us too
Only 6 hours after he was born, a nurse said it was time for his bath. They left with the baby, I fell asleep, a few hours later I woke up and asked the nurse where he was she said she would find out, I was finally put in touch with a nurse who said his oxygen was low so he was taken to the NICU for monitoring
Still very out of it, I sent DH with the nurse to go figure out what was going on
I was brought food and my parents arrived, the baby was still not back, I called the NICU directly and yelled at someone, they said he was fine, but that they were running some tests, I said NO and to bring my baby back NOW
They did, It had been 6 hours that he was gone, he was 12 hours old and had been away from me for half of his life. He had not had a bath and was not hungry to nurse, I suspected they had given him formula
My parents finally got to meet him (they had to wait 2 hours in the hospital room for them to bring the baby back, after driving 4 to get to us!) then they had to leave, my mom promised to come back and stay with me after we were released from the hospital
we were in the hospital 2.5 days, I finally found out that they had taken him to the NICU to cover their a$$es since he was born outside (their fault, not mine!), he had x-rays, MRIs, lots of blood drawn and a battery of testing, who knows what else?
We had our baby and we were happy, if something had gone wrong during the delivery, that would probably change.
Unfortunately, homebirth with a CNM is not legal in Ga, only unassisted birth is :/
So the next baby will probably be a hossie baby too (hopefully not a sidewalk baby though)
I guess its cool that DH got to deliver his son?
If you read all that then this is for you:

I read it all! WOW thats amazing! You're both awesome!
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