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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I did. My DD came 16 days early with just a 5 hour labor. There's hope! Educate yourself so you have no fear. I just let my body do its thing, it was great. Way easier than I thought it would be. :-)


~Grace~ SAH/WAHM to Elena 8, Sherman 5, and Norah 2, wife of Taylor since 2001.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

All three of mine were natural (Bradley Method). It is absolutely doable. The key is to be prepared!!
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My 1st birth I was induced at 40w2d. Had epi and episiotomy. Had I known any better I would've went natural. My 3rd was a natural waterbirth and it was the best experience.
Holly, mommy to 6 ~ 4 on earth 2 in Heaven
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I did! There is a natural birthing center in our hospital, so I got the best of both worlds. I went into labor nine days late while moving across town. My house was filled with people moving and unpacking, not ideal for labor :/ I went to the hospital around midnight after 4 hours of consistent and increasingly painful contractions ( I was only a fingertip dilated the day before) in triage I was only 2cm. I was super bummed but thankfully my OB admitted me anyway since I was 10 days late.. We walked into a beautiful serene dark hotel like room. Hubby was able to get to rest in bed with me. I did get a shot of morphine in my butt around 3am. No feral monitoring or IV etc. around 7 I asked to get in the tub. The nurse checked me and I was between a 4-5 so she let me get in. Nurse instructed hubby to start timing my contractions again. In the tub, contractions got even worse, and I started to have the urge to bear down. My water broke in the tub. The nurse heard me and asked if I was bearing down. Guiltily, I told her I was and she made me get out so she could check me and call my doc. I was only in the tub for 20-30 min, and I was between an 8-9. I was freezing so I was covered in warm blankets and they helped me change out of my wet shirt. As I was going into transition my doula and doctor arrived. I was pushing even with a lip so my doc finished stretching me. She was born after 20 minutes of pushing and 8lbs 10 oz. No rips or tears, Apgars 8 and 9. They immediately placed her on my chest for skin to skin and hubby cut the cord. It was absolutely perfect minus going into labor in the midst of moving ... Ha!
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I've since had another baby and I have to admit it was so much easier having some idea what was going on!

DD1 -Early labour on and off for 36hrs. I kept thinking things were getting going and then they'd stop again. At one point my midwife told me to go get some Tylenol or have a glass of wine and take a bath because I needed to relax. Anyway.. it was a weird non textbook birth but it all worked out in the end. Essentially I went from not in active labour to pushing in some absurd amount of time. Except I didn't realize I was pushing. Because I was at home and thought I wasnt' in labour yet... She was born 7 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.

dd2, thanks to 'better' (ha!) planning, was born 20 minutes after we arrived. At least I knew this time that my water breaking meant get in the car NOW.

So I suggest, pretending you aren't in labour and trying to ignore it all and go on about your day as long as possible.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

You can do it! I was really wondering if it was possible, and it turns out that it is! The key for me was to find a provider that I trusted 100% (low c-section rate and only a 1% episiotomy rate) and who was on board with no IV, etc. Ask your doctor or midwife questions to make sure they are on the same page! You'll have enough going on without arguing with someone who should be your ally. Also, educate yourself! We took Bradley classes, and they were invaluable.

Our baby was a full 2 weeks late. I was at 4 cm for about a week, but no real contractions. At 42 weeks, I went to hospital to be induced. I was having some regular contractions, but not painful at all. They broke my water, and she was out 6 hours a later. It was intense, but it wasn't as bad as I was afraid it would be! The pushing part was the part I was scared of - I always assumed that pushing a big old baby out would be the most painful part. In actuality, I liked that phase the best because I was more of an active participant instead of trying to just make it through the contractions. I slept between most of the contractions, which I didn't think was possible. Anyway, I'm glad we didn't have an epidural b/c the cord was around her neck and she was big. Her heart rate was dropping during pushing, but because I was able to push from the modified squatting position (opens pelvis up 10-20% more) and could actively work with the urge to push because no epidural, she was out before they needed to intervene. I needed one stitch, but I felt great immediately afterward. I just couldn't believe that she was finally in my arms and that she was so big (9 lb, 6 oz). However you have a baby, it is such an incredible experience, but if you want to have no interventions, make sure you know exactly how you want to accomplish it and make sure those around you are on board.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

YES. Baby was 10 days overdue, and labor began really suddenly a few hours after my midwife did a membrane sweep. Got an IV at the hospital because I kept vomiting with each contraction and it was making me dehydrated. A couple bags of saline+sugar, then a dose of Zofran, and I was much better and the contractions were okay. Labored for 11 hours, and didn't feel like the pain was overwhelming until hour 7 or 8. I did cry and beg my husband to "Please help me, I can't do this." But I never asked for pain meds, and he and everyone around me just kept telling me how strong I was and that they believed in me. Biggest pain reliever: The Hip Squeeze. My hubby squeezed my hips hard and lifted them up at every contraction for 10 hours straight. He was my pain relief and my hero.

Baby went into distress due to a pinched cord, and by the time I wanted to push they were prepping the OR for a c-section. I just kept pushing, and as the OB got antsy to cut me open the midwives coached me to lift my head, grab my knees and just push as hard as I could after every breath, without waiting for contractions. I was given only 10 minutes to birth my baby before they were going to wheel me across the hall for a c-section, and I got him out in 9 minutes! Had a moderate episiotomy on the last push in order to get baby out fast, and it has healed fine. The only thing I really hated was getting a catheter 20 minutes before baby was born. They did it to try to speed up the pushing stage and avoid a c-section, and as soon as they emptied my bladder they removed it, but it burned and really pissed me off (pardon the pun!). I know they were doing everything they could do help me push fast and hard, but for some reason that catheter stands out as the intervention that I most hated.

Best choices we made for our first baby:
1) Midwife group at our hospital
2) No drugs so I could push as hard as possible when baby was in distress
3) Be educated and confident, both you and your partner

It is so empowering to realize how strong you truly are!!! Good luck!

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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

natural first birth here--a homebirth. at 40wks and 5days I woke to some bloody show. I had very light and sporadic contraxs all that day. We went for a walk about 5pm and the contrax picked up. .. we came home and made dinner, but by the time it was ready I couldn't eat b/c I was having to stop and breath and focus through contraxs. That's when I knew it was really labor. Doula and MW came about 9pm. . .my son was born about 13 hours later the next morning after only 30min of pushing. I labored all night. It was totally doable though. Being in water helped me a TON, both the shower and the birth tub. Having a doula was key too.

Oh and he was 9lbs, but I didn't even tear!

GL! I'm sure you can do it mama!
Lucinda-- crunchy, BFing, homebirthin', SAH mama to my sweet guy, born 10.1.09 and my baby girl, born 1.19.12.
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I had a pain med free first labour - I gave birth at home. DD was 11 days late so we went into the hospital as an outpatient for induction and I got a dose of cervidil. I went home to bed, and woke up around 3am in labour. I laboured at home with my husband until around 9am when the midwife came. I went through transition mid afternoon, and started pushing around 3:30pm, DD was born at 5:30pm.

Overall I'm really happy with my birth experience. There were a few contractions as I was going through transition where I really thought I couldn't do it any more, but then it was time to push and it was a whole different feeling. Pushing didn't exactly feel good, but it feels way more productive, and pushing helps to distract me from the pain.

I'd like to try a water birth when we have our next baby, and I definitely want to give birth at home again. It was so nice to just hang out in my room and not have to go anywhere the first few days after DD was born (our midwives visited us at home for the first week).
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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

Originally Posted by moonlightblonde View Post
I did! It was great =)

Technically I didn't know I was in active labor - I just felt sick sick sick...sour stomach and period cramps..I called my doula and she was over within an hour (she had to dump her 4 kids)..she took a look at me and within 10 minutes she suggested we leave. Apparently I have a pretty high pain tolerance and was able to talk/walk & eat through contractions so I figured we had a long way to go. I wasn't hurting so much as I was uncomfortable.
This is very similar to my experience. I never felt distinct contractions, just constant discomfort and thought I had way longer to go. It was apparent to my partner, though, that it was time to go to the center. My body started purging and my headspace was very different that normal.

I gathered from the book, Birthing From Within, that your body produces its own chemicals and your consciousness is altered, and taking a pain med/epi will sorta "break the spell". The meds interfere with the ones your body is producing and your awareness shifts abruptly- from dreamy to sharp. I can't say from experience how meds affect you, but I certainly was in a sort of birthing trance state.

I chose a birthing center where pain meds were thankfully not an option. It never occurred to me during labor- I trusted my body, and roared like a lioness (I read keeping your jaw loose helps keep the bottom loose so I didn't hold back and I think it helped a lot). Happy healthy baby boy, two weeks early.
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