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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name: Amanda

Age: 32

Children: DS Parker 2 yo and one angel baby 5/2011

Occupation: mostly sahm with a BSN currently per diem only working 2-3 shifts a month to keep current and bring in a small income

Favorite color: earthy tones mostly brown green and white

Favorite food: my husbands cooking and Mexican

Hobbies: crochet, sewing, gardening, volleyball and relaxing

Number of month TTc: technically not trying not protecting staring jan 1st and conceived Jan 12 th such a shock considering it took 1 yr + and clonus to concierge my DS

How many children do we want: 2

Birth plan: natural and fast lol. Hopefully.


Sahm to P (1/10) and wifey to P since 2008...we are a , , selective vax'ing, AP'ing, regretful circer now non circing, non-CIO, , babywearing, going green kinda family, baby GIRL born 10-13-2012!!!
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Bridgette

Age?: 27

Children?: 1 girl, nicknamed Sly

Occupation?: SAHM

Favorite color?: Earth tones

Favorite food?: Ah food. Yes. *laughs* Seriously, I love so many kinds of foods. My big thing is I want "real" food. I cook almost everything from scratch.

Hobbies?: I sew, sing, play guitar (but not in front of anyone...) and read.

Number of months TTC?: Yeah. About that. DH had a vasectomy in Nov 2010. This pregnancy was beyond a surprise.

How many babies do you want?: I want three. DH is not buying it though LOL. This will be my last pregnancy. Half-heartedly hoping for twins.

Type of birth planned?: I want a homebirth a lot, but it's just not very financially possible for my family. A natural hospital birth is what I'm going for.

Anything else you want to share?: I'm Pagan. I don't get offended by other's faith and I don't try to offend others with my beliefs. Sometimes my faith comes out in what I say though, but I think most people who have a strong faith tend to have that happen. I'm an Army wife. We're looking at a deployment shortly after this Bean's birth, so I'm a bit stressed about that.

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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Jenni

Age?: 31

Children?: This is our first!!!

Occupation?: I work as a Personal Chef for one of my DH's co-workers.

Favorite color?: PINK!!!

Favorite food?: Sushi and Sonny's BBQ Turkey and Sweet Potatoes!!

Hobbies?: I love to sew although my machine has been in the garage since we moved into our new place in October Guess I have a great excuse to go uncover its whereabouts finally... lol. My DH and I also refinish furniture when we can find time... are in the middle of refinishing a bakers rack and a rocking chair (we were going to sell it when we were done but now it is going in the office which will become the nursery)

Number of months TTC?: Actually we have be together since we were 17 years old and never got pregnant until Nov of 2011 (weren't trying and weren't not trying)... Just nine days after confirming pregnancy I had a miscarriage. We were heart broken and decided to actively start trying but my OB wasn't optimistic because I had Cervical surgery when I was 18 and it left alot of scar tissue. So we agreed that we would start saving up money and start fertility treatments in December. Guess someone had a different idea

How many babies do you want?: If this is a GIRL then we may only have the one... we will see how the pregnancy goes etc... If we have a BOY then we will try one more time for girl... But two is the limit for sure

Type of birth planned?: My OB isn't optimistic (I am really just starting to think he isn't optimistic about anything though lol) about my ability to deliver vaginally because of the scaring but I am hoping to prove him wrong. Either way it will be a hospital birth though because of the risk to both me and the baby.

Blog/website?: My husband doesn't believe in Social Networking So I don't have Facebook or any of that lol

Anything else you want to share?: We are fully in agreement about cloth diapering our little one but I am still fighting the breastfeeding battle (he says it is just plain creepy ) Also I am a full-time student working towards a Master Degree in Religious Studies and an Associates Degree in Computer Information Technology (already have a technical degree in Culinary Arts). I have a 4.0 GPA with Honors Distinction and take it very seriously (as in tears if I get less then 90% on any one assignment) my DH thinks I am nuts. Which is why he would laugh if he knew that I am supposed to be taking a test online in my Religion Class right now and I am on here instead so I better get back to school work

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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name: Amy

Age: 30

Children: DS 9, DS 7, DD 1

Occupation: Mainly a SAHM but I do have an Etsy store that I do on the side.

Favorite color: pinks and teals

Favorite food: Hubby is a chef so I have lots of

Hobbies: sewing, reading, soccer, learning to crochet

Number of month TTC: We got pregnant the very first try this time. We weren't really trying but weren't not trying. We were surprised because it took 6 months of hard core trying to get our last baby. Pleasantly surprised though

How many children do we want: 6

Birth plan: I'm a go with the flow person. I've had one epidural birth and it was amazing but my babies tend to be too fast for that so not holding my breath this time
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name: Britney

Age: 21

Children: DS 7 months

Occupation: Very happy SAHM!

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Chocolate, anything with chocolate, followed closely by guacamole and chips.

Hobbies: Sewing, knitting, reading, horses,

Number of months TTC: Not really "trying" but not really trying to stop it either. My first lo is only seven months old, so we were fine with waiting however long God decided. But, here we go again!

How many babies do you want: As many as God wants to give us.

Type of birth planned: Same as last time, a homebirth in Tennessee since our lawmakers in Alabama don't seem to excited about licensing CPMs anytime soon.

Anything else you want to share: Don't think so, just very excited to be here! Can't wait to cloth diaper a newbie!
Married Jay, the love of my life, on 10-24-10. Had our little blessing Isaac on 7-29-11. Aliya arrived on 10-31-12. Number 3 coming September 2014!
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Joni

Age?: 27

Children?: 2 - KayLeigh is 8 & Kaleb is 6

Occupation?: SAHM

Favorite color?: Green

Favorite food?: Homemade Mac n Cheese, Spaghetti, broccoli, and pretty much any alfredo dish at Olive Garden.. lol Im not hard to please!!

Hobbies?: Is it bad that I dont really have any hobbies?! Yeah, I know it is. Actually, I like couponing and alway try to get everything for a great deal. I try to never pay full price for something, but it doesnt always happen.

Number of months TTC?: A LONG TIME... 2 yrs and 6 months to be exact.

How many babies do you want?: I wanted 3 but since we found out this pregnancy is twins, 4 is my final #. No more babies for me!

Type of birth planned?: We were really hoping for a homebirth this time, but that wont be possible, b/c I have to go see a high risk Dr b/c of the twins. So, hospital birth again.

Blog/website?: I'm boring and only have FB and Pinterest:

Anything else you want to share?: I have PCOS & Hyperemesis, but for some reason this pregnancy has been TOTALLY different than my first two! Im so VERY happy about that b/c Im not nearly as sick as I was the other times. I was sick from about 5-6 weeks up until 15-16 weeks. And when I say sick, I mean SICK AS A DOG!! I lost 20lbs with each previous pregnancy and was practically hospital bound for 2-3 months. IT WAS BAD.
My dr (not the same dr who delivered my other two) says that its so weird that Im not sick like I was before b/c he says usually with two babies, it means you are twice as sick (I could never imagine being twice as sick as I was.. I would probably die). I still get sick but I feel like this must be a normal pregnancy.. lol I have no idea what a normal pregnancy is like though.
Joni, SAHM and wife to Wonderful husband Phillip
Proud Mommy to Princess KayLeigh (11-19-03)
Superhero Kaleb (11-04-05) & identical twin boys, Easton & Quinton (8-24-13)
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Elizabeth

Age?: 25

Children?: this is #1

Occupation?: I work in the radiology front office of a hospital

Favorite food?: fruit, cheese

Hobbies?: crocheting, and reading, but I don't have much time for either

Number of months TTC?: NTNP since the marriage, 7-10-10

How many babies do you want?: 3-4 but whatever we get

Type of birth planned?: I live in Nebraska, so we really aren't allowed planned home births. I would love a mid-wife or a Douala, but both are too far away. So a hospital birth with an GYN.

I am more of a hippie than my husband. He wants to do disposable. If I was allowed, I would like a birth center or home birth. I believe that women have been giving birth since the 'birth of time' and my perfect birth would be the doctor just catching it and nothing else.
I have two dogs, Lilly (a 3 yr old small mix) and Paco (a 12 yr old Chihuahua)
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name: Kristin

Age: 26

Children: Liam-3 1/2, Megan-15 months

Occupation: SAHM

Favorite Color: it depends on the day

Favorite Food: pizza--real, NY pizza

Hobbies: Sewing, knitting, reading, horses,

Number of months TTC: about 1-2 months of not preventing

How many babies do you want: this will probably be our last

Type of birth planned: I'm planning for a relaxed, joyful experience

Anything else you want to share: I'm late to the party, but I'm happy to be here. This will be our first in cloth from birth, so I'm excited for little newborn dipes
Kristin: Mommy to Liam (8/2008), Megan (12/2010), Baby #3 (due 10/2012)
Wife to Chris (USAF stationed in Hawaii)
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Rebekah

Age?: 28

Children?: 3 (Mia 5 1/2, Claire 3 1/2, Ava 21 months)

Occupation?: SAHM

Favorite food?: depends on the day but I most consistently love cereal

Hobbies?: reading, crafting, dreaming up plans to re-do our house

Number of months TTC?: none...had 1 cycle since the birth of my last daughter and ended up pregnant even though we avoided...I say this baby is almost like an immaculate conception

How many babies do you want?: a mix between how ever many God gives us and how far my sanity will stretch

Type of birth planned?: most likely a hospital birth with the midwife who delivered my last one, I think I am too chicken for a home birth

I love God, and love taking care of my family. I dream of a day when I have time for sewing and growing a garden, but that hasn't happened yet! We are in the process of trying to sell our home and buy a foreclosed one a couple blocks away that is closer to the school, and has much more space for our growing family. That pretty much means everything is on hold until we sell. I would love to be in the new home before this baby arrives but we will see what God has planned for us.
Married to my super hero best friend and high school sweetheart
SAHM to 4 beautiful girls Amelia 7/06 Claire 7/08
Ava 6/10 and Ella 10/12
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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Age: 31

Children: Four furry children

Occupation: University administrator

Favorite color: Teal, lavender

Favorite food: Since getting pregnant, mac & favourite childhood meal! Pretty much anything with cheese anyway, though.

Hobbies: Ice skating, swimming, yoga, garage sales, reading, traveling internationally, foreign languages.

Number of month TTC: Had a bit of trouble naturally - I have endo - and got pregnant on our first round of mini IVF.

How many children do we want: No more than 2...but let's get started on this one first!

Birth plan: Nothing specific, just a healthy one. I absolutely adore my OB/GYN and plan to give birth at the local private hospital.

I'm excited to try my hand at CD! A friend suggested it, so we'll see. My latest OCD prep planning has been to purchase a full stash of used small FBs for this LO, in the hopes that he/she likes them and based on friend recommendations. If not, we'll resell them! They are so darn cute.

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