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Not impressed with doc... (kind of long)

I had my betas done yesterday and they came back wonderful at 1586. I have no idea how many DPO I am but the betas from 5 days before that were 103 so they're doubling every 30 hours or so. One of the nurses from my OB practice called and said that the doctor was "concerned" about the fact that they are rising so rapidly. I asked her what the concern was and she wouldn't elaborate.

This isn't my normal OB but someone I have never seen before.

She wanted me to come for an ultrasound and an appointment today. I knew that if they did an ultrasound they wouldn't see anything and I told her that but she insisted.

So, I go in to be violated by the dildo cam today and the tech couldn't see anything. There was a little dot in my uterus that "could" be a pregnancy ..or a cyst. He also said there was another spot that might develop into a pregnancy. I knew that was going to happen so I was fine with it. With my oldest they did an u/s with levels 10 times higher than they are now and they couldn't see anything either.

Then I go to my appointment. I waited for an hour and a half total to see this doc. Apparently they are switching to a new computer system and it took forever. She comes in and starts talking about how she's worried that this is a left over from the previous miscarriage. That's not likely, is it? My levels were almost negative at 5 and all of a sudden a cell decided to nuts and start excreting hCG like it's supposed to? Then she goes on about a possible ectopic. I tell her that I thought that slow rising hCg levels are a sign of ectopic and she goes, "Well, yes. They rise slowly. They don't double." Ohhkay? So I ask her why she's worried about an ectopic if my levels are rising rapidly. She asks me what my betas were. "26 on the 25th, 103 on the 27th and 1586 on the 1st" She writes them down and does the math. "Oh they are going up fast!"

She says, "Then we are worried about twins or a molar pregnancy, not so much ectopic" She wants me to repeat the ultrasound on Monday. I say no way. If you didn't see anything today, you won't see anything on Monday. I say two weeks. She says end of next week. Okay. (Luckily I have good insurance!) And she wants another appointment to talk about the results. I bring up what happened with my oldest (betas really high, they couldn't see anything, they told me they should be able to see anything with levels this high, doc insists it's a blighted ovum and wants to schedule a D&C, I say you're not doing anything until I get another u/s and BOOM there's a hearbeat). She says she's conservative with D&Cs and methotraxate. I say, "Good. Me, too."

She goes to get the paperwork and tries to hand it to me from the door. I ask, "so just to clarify, you're worried about either multiples or molar at this point?" She says, "yes, and ectopic." I thought you just said you were not worried about that?

I was ready to pull my hair out. What a freaking waste of a day. I'll go for the ultrasound but I'm not meeting with her again. I was really not impressed. I feel like she didn't look over my chart, she didn't know my betas, didn't even know why I was there. I need to see my regular OB!

If you've made it this far, kudos to you. I just had to get it out!


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Re: Not impressed with doc... (kind of long)

Ugh. I hate that! Dr.s who dish out cookie cutter care without even bothering to stop for a second and see if it makes sense! Grr.
And your betas are high, but they aren't molar pregnancy high! And maybe you have twins... so friggin what! Why would they need to know that RIGHT NOW??

((hugs)) mama. I would be frustrated too.

PS. You have TWO little dots?? You are totally having twins :P
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Re: Not impressed with doc... (kind of long)

I'm sorry, but the whole part about her saying, "yes, and ectopic" at the end just made me laugh. But I'm just laughing as in "WHAT THE HECK"!? I'm so sorry it was SUCH a waste. And I agree. If she doesn't know WHY you are there, OR your betas, she's not going to know you from Adam in the delivery room. Move on. ANd I'm shocked about how the OB wanted to do a DNC for your first!!!! Thank goodness for your discernment. Oh my!
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Re: Not impressed with doc... (kind of long)

yeesh! You just can't catch a break can you? That doctor is a moron and needs to take a refresher in betas. I'm sorry you had to deal with that :/
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Re: Not impressed with doc... (kind of long)

This just makes me think she's totally distracted and not just thinking of you.. Like she can't concentrate on YOUR specifics, but is lumping what's going on with you with some other possible patient scenarios. It just sounds like she's distracted. I wouldn't be a fan either.
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Re: Not impressed with doc... (kind of long)

That sounds a little scary!
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Re: Not impressed with doc... (kind of long)

I can't believe that. I am sorry but I would have started to use a highly colorful vocabulary with them. I don't think that you are going to see much on and U/S this early imo. I would wait at least 2-3 weeks.

People these days seem so fast to call a false pregnancy anymore. Just get rid of it type attitude. I was told in december that I wasn't pregnant after I thought I was (we had been ttcing) and I informed the doctor of this. Then she proceeded to tell me to call monday and schedule an appointment with her so I could get started on a birthcontrol.


I don't know medical facilities are starting to urk my nerves.


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