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For me, it really depends. I have never bought used, cotton PFs b/c they aren't any cheaper used. I'd rather prep than disinfect someone else's used diapers. Same with flats. I also generally buy new covers b/c I'm most concerned about the PUL and the covers aren't discounted by much when you buy new (I'd rather spend $3-4 more and know it's good and guaranteed and shipping is almost always free since I shop at Nicki's Diapers, Cottonbabies or Amazon). I have held out for sales and not paid full price for any of my BG 4.0s or Swaddlebees. I have bought almost all of our Flip organics used though, as they were about half price this way. I guess for me, it is all about the risk versus reward ;-)


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Re: Anyone else give up on used diapers???

I don't understand the pricing either. I get that the invisible hand of economics sets prices and all of that, so if I'm not willing to pay the going rate, I just miss out. But for example, I wanted to get some Lil Joeys for my NB stash, and I found them for $19.50/2 pack on clearance, so $9.75 per diaper. Plus I was able to use rewards points and get free shipping and my cost was below $8.50 per diaper. And all I did was google "Lil Joey clearance" to find the sale. Then I see them going on here for $10-$12 used and think, um, OK? I really don't get it when I see someone asking like $13 for a used diaper that's $13.95 new. What is the thinking there? Someone will be happy to save $0.95 to buy a used diaper with no warranty or ability to work with the manufacturer if there's a problem? And we're talking about diapers, which get pooped on. I feel like the knowledge that the item has been pooped on regularly should make the resale value even lower than, say, a piece of furniture or children's clothing.

We just sold our single strollers (a BOB and a Mutsy) to get a new single/double convertible (Mountain Buggy) for baby #2. At first I thought I could get more for the strollers based on how people priced their comparable strollers on CL, but then I noticed that those strollers weren't selling (like who would pay $600 for a $900 stroller that's 5 years old?), and I asked myself what I would be willing to pay for the stroller used. I set the price as such and they sold pretty quickly, even the Mutsy which is kind of an obscure brand. Maybe I could have made $20 or $50 more by waiting but I just wanted those strollers out of my house and to have the cash to help pay the CC bill for the Mountain Buggy. Plus I think that if you overprice, you reduce your pool of potential buyers. Some people may still approach you to negotiate but others will just think, $600, yeah right. I think that's the case when you see women bumping their listings here day after day. If you have to keep bumping it and no one is biting, you didn't price it right.

I guess what I'm getting at is that it doesn't matter what you paid for the items in the first place, or what their suggested retail price is. What matters is what a savvy consumer could get them for new, and how much of a discount they'd require to buy that item used instead.

Diamond jewelry is another hobby of mine, and sometimes I check out the jewelry listings on CL just to amuse myself. You always see people selling things with the explanation that it was appraised for such and such amount. Appraisals are generally about double what you can get a certified diamond for online if you know what you're doing. Even somebody who walks into a mall jewelry store isn't paying the appraised value. So then they make up a figure based on the appraisal and are like, what, no one wants to pay me as much as it would cost for you to get a new one?

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Re: Anyone else give up on used diapers???

Most of my stash was purchased used, either here on FSOT or spots. I've only had a few minor issues, and they were eventually resolved. Probably 95% of my transactions have been positive.
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Re: Anyone else give up on used diapers???

I'm new to FSOT, Both selling and buying...I have 5 Charlie Bananas for sale and I'm asking 80.00 for the lot - I have taken very good care of them, and they are in GREAT condition if not immaculate! In the 4 months I used them, he'd maybe wear them 2-3 days out of the week, because I prefer AC's! Am I asking to much?

As for buying, I haven't yet because I'm worried I'm going to end up disappointed with the product I receive..
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Re: Anyone else give up on used diapers???

I've noticed the brands I buy the most (Kawaii and Sunbaby) are usually MORE expensive on FSOT than they are buying bulk with free shipping.

What saves money? Making your own inserts, doublers, and wipes, out of hemp, flannel, and terry. Just serge the edges and you are good to go.
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Re: Anyone else give up on used diapers???

I've had good luck buying on FSOT, I've gotten items in as good or better condition than how they were listed at reasonable prices. I have also purchased a bunch of used items and lots from an online retailer and had good luck there too, some of the deals were better, but I have also become a more savvy shopper. I definitely worry about how difficult it will be to sell when it's time to do that.
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Re: Anyone else give up on used diapers???

I've only made one purchase on diaper swappers and they were new diapers, not used. I would be a little nervous to buy without lots of pics. Everyone's view of "good condition" is different. And especially with the deals you can find for new diapers that are on sale or clearance, you really need to be careful...


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Re: Anyone else give up on used diapers???

I recently bought some prefolds and stalked FSOT here & on another board for a while before buying. I saw someone with GMD prefolds in the size I need, supposedly in EUC, and she wanted more than retail. For prefolds that you can still easily obtain! I've seen that sort of thing a couple of other times. I don't know that half of retail is necessarily reasonable from the seller's standpoint, but as a buyer I am not going to pay near, at, or above retail for something I can easily buy new, especially when postage would eat up any discount. I think my expectation is no more than 75% of retail, because yeah, it's used. It's been pooped on.
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While my one actual purchase from fsot was excellent, I have given up on it. It was my original intention to fish the fsot waters over the course of my pregnancy to build most of my stash used. I've since realized it's not worth the time or money.

Most of my PMs go ignored. In fact, my one purchase is the only PM that has ever been answered. Yes, I do make sure the post was made or bumped within the last 3 days. And, as everyone else has said, the prices are rarely worth it. $1-2 less than brand new isn't good enough for me to take the risk buying used.

I made the official decision to stop perusing the fsot when I found multiple listings for used prefolds asking MORE than they would cost me brand new, shipping and all.

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Originally Posted by Sarai*
I've noticed the brands I buy the most (Kawaii and Sunbaby) are usually MORE expensive on FSOT than they are buying bulk with free shipping.
I know, right? I saw a Kawaii on FSOT for $12 or something a year or so ago with an obvious stain on it. She had it listed as EUC of course. I called her out and got a PM from a mod. I think stuff like that is completely dishonest and just icky. I get there are suckers out there, but it is so wrong to obviously take advantage of them like that. Between that and the woman who refused to give me her pp info after I asked three times and then got mad when I asked her why she sold it out from under me, I don't do FSOT anymore. I will shell out for new and resell them later.
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