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Eva Katelynn born 2/8/12 **Updated with Birth story & Pics**

I had an amnio yesterday to ensure her lungs are mature and my OB called this morning that she is indeed mature and ready.. so by this time tomorrow I should be holding my sweet baby girl. Will update with pictures in a couple of days.


On Monday Feb 6th, it was time to get an amniocentesis to see if Eva's lungs were mature enough for her to be born.. I was 36.6 weeks at that point and they did measurements of her that calculated she was 6lbs 10oz. I was surprised because I was thinking she was a good 7 and a half pounds from the pain I had been experiencing with her very movements. The amnio itself didn't go well as every time they'd get a good pocket of fluid, she'd move into that space and they'd have to pull it back out and start all over again. It took a total of 8 pokes, before she held still for them to get the 3 viles of fluid they needed. The cramping afterwards was bad, and the contractions that followed were concerning. I went home to rest and get off my feet and luckily the contractions calmed down. The next morning my OB called to let me know it showed her lungs were mature and ready so we set things up for the following morning.
Morning of Feb. 8th we got here about 9:30am. All the kids and Shawn were in the waiting room as they got me in my gown and got my IV started and asked me a list of what had to be a hundred questions. Before I knew it I had 7 people in my room, all from nurses, to students to anesthesiologists. The two nursing students were very sweet, and a bit nervous as this was their first c-section to observe. I thought to myself what an awesome place to be in their shoes! My skin was so dry from being hypothyroid and my sugars up for the past several weeks that three different people couldn't get a good vein for my IV.. Finally it took the anesthesiologist to get a good one on the fourth try. He was very nice and calmed my nerves about the impending surgery. I told him that my last experience with Andrew was very frightening and I feared I'd go through the same thing. He assured me that they will do all possible to avoid anything like that, and knock me out before letting me experience any pain. (I had an epidural with Andrew and felt them cutting into me, even though they heavily sedated me). Finally they all got done with their questions, and IV's, and placing all their bracelets on me.. and prepping my stomach etc and allowed Shawn, my mom and the kids in to sit with me until it was my turn to go to surgery. We had to wait a little past our surgery time as my OB was delivering another baby, but it went fairly quick.
They came in for me about noon I guess... I hugged each of the kids and my mom and got my stylin' hat on and followed the nurse to the operating room.. Shawn was directed somewhere else to get his hat and 'jumpsuit' on as they got me ready.
The anesthesiologists had me sit on the table facing forward and legs crossed in front of me indian style. I sorta laughed when they first proposed I do this, but it was actually much easier than I expected, not to mention comfortable! They asked me to relax and let my shoulders relax but it wasn't easy while feeling them put that cold betadine on my spine, I just automatcially had that reaction to arch my back! They talked me through it and eased my fears tremendously.. soon they said I'd feel the sting of the numbing stick, it wasn't so bad, I twitched just ever so slightly. Then came the spinal block part, just pressure, felt weird and tingling.. it wasn't terrible, but not anything I want to ever do again! He finally said he was done and for me to just remain sitting there a few moments.. they didn't want me to lay down too soon and have it numb me too far up my body. They passed that time chatting with me and we cut up a bit.. the older gentleman was a grandfatherly type and made me feel safe as he told me how many years he had been doing this (30+) and he was confident all was under control.. the younger one (ok he said he was 31 but I swear he looked maybe 21! Doogie Houser comes to mind! ha!) seemed as much in control and was learning under him, but I wasn't nervous at that point. As I sat there I began to feel my lower body go warm and tingly.. it was very welcomed as I was cold and now I was feeling very comfortable.. In a few minutes they helped me lay back and they began their work of cleaning and prepping my stomach as I was being hooked up to other monitors.
Ever so often they'd touch cold, wet gauze to my neck and then various parts of my stomach and ask if it felt the same or different. I got nervous the first few times as it felt pretty much the same.. They both assured me that was ok, it would take more time for the full numbing effect. I heard that before with Andrew so I began to feel a bit nervous this might be a repeat of the same thing.
Things began to go faster with uncountable people swamming in and around me.. My OB came in and chatted to me a bit, soon after Shawn came in and sat next to me.. I felt a little movement as the were taping my stomach so they could start.. they ask me several times if I could feel this or that, and I felt nothing by that point. I asked Shawn if they started cutting and he said yes and I immediately felt relieved that they did this 'right'... whew!
After a few minutes I still felt ok, but like a sensation of getting head rush, a bit dizzy, but ok. I just mostly kept staring up towards the ceiling praying that we both get through this safely. I began feeling itchy and heard the anesthesiologists discussing my face becoming red and they figured it was a reaction to the antibiotics so I think they adminstered something to combat that.
Out of the blue my OB asked me outloud if I had some kind of bladder surgery before.. Opps, yes, I did and forgot to mention that.. so he laughed and said he'd leave that part alone.. still not sure what that as all about but he seemed a little surprised at first. By this point the anesthesiologist asked if should take the camera to get some good shots.. I was so happy he offered to do that. I had asked them earlier if someone could help get some good shots since Shawn was supposed to stay up by my head.. I am tickled they did, I have never had shots like that before. Soon after that they told Shawn he could stand up to observe, if he wanted, and he did and he kept me informed as to what they were doing as they were going through the different layers. That was pretty awesome!
Finally he said he was to the uterus and cutting it.. Seems like seconds later and next thing I hear is our sweet baby girl cry, the most precious sound imaginable! I said, that right there is the reason I continue having babies, there is nothing else in the world like it! At 12:58pm Eva Katelynn Miller was born weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. (A whole pound more than was estimated just 2 days prior on ultrasound!) After they suctioned her and cut her cord they held her over the curtain for me to see and got her over to the warmer.. Shawn followed their invitation to watch as they cleaned her up, suctioned her out some more and checked her apgar scores and things (which were 9 and 9).. They brought her back to me to see another minute or so before taking her to the nursery to be bathed and get checked over better.
Shawn followed with the baby and I was laying there thinking, time was dragging to get me closed up. haha.. The OB was chatting with me as he had my uterus out of my stomach and was getting the placenta out and cleaning it all up.. I asked him if that old thing still looked any good and he surprisingly said it looked pretty darn great for having 5 c-sections.. He said it was getting a little thinner in the lower area, but could still have another couple c-sections easily.. muhaha. Yes, we all laughed at that. I didn't have my tubes tied, but am heavily considering doing so in the near future.
In the midst of me getting closed up, I was still itching like crazying and clawing my face and neck.. they were watching my blood pressure as it was going very low. I looked up and it was 86/38. I looked at him shocked and he looked at me shocked and he asked how I was feeling.. haha.. I said fine, I am alive aren't I? He began at this point to give injections of something in my IV to bring it up some.. epinephrine I *think* he said? So I kept watching it too as it took my pressure every minute and it began to crawl up a bit to 90/40 and 92/40.. He gave at least 4-5 different injections until it got up about 105/60ish.. My oxygen still hovered in the upper 80s to low 90s, even with the cannula so every few minutes he'd ask me to inhale deep to get my level to go up. None of this is unusual for me with surgeries; for whatever reason my pressure drops very low as well as my oxygen but I still keep on kicking through it all.
By this time Shawn came back in with the baby so I could look at her some more and just marvel at all her cuteness! She was all happy and warm bundled up in her little hat and blanket... Prettiest sight ever!
When it was time for me to be moved to recovery Shawn went back to nursery with the baby and they watched me for about an hour in recovery.. they still were watching my pressure and oxygen and my itching but all was stable and I felt rather good!
About 40 minutes later the nurse came to tell me about Eva having issues with her blood sugar falling very low, and her breathing took on being rapid and they didn't want to chance giving her anything by mouth that she might aspirate into her lungs, so they needed to start an IV to get her sugars up immediately. Shawn said first set was 38, then it was 20, then it didn't give a number at all so it was going down rather fast. This is likely due to mine being on the high side the past several weeks and she was used to that so once she was born her's bottomed out, this is a typical happening apparently to moms with with high blood sugars.
My heart fell. I knew this meant I wasn't going to get to hold her and nurse her for a while. By the next morning, I had expected things to be better.. which they were with her sugar levels and breathing, but they had issues with her spitting up and her tummy getting distended with the little bit of formula that I said they could try her on. They put a little tube down her nose into her tummy which released a lot of air and mucous. They wanted to do an xray to make sure she didn't have some sort of blockage going on. It came back clear, so it had been determined she has an intolerance to the formula. Since then they only had me nurse or give her soy formula and she's been doing much better and her tummy size went back to normal. Her white blood cell count did go up a little bit, so they kept her on antibiotics and went back down to normal within 48 hours. They think it very well could have been from some bacteria and/or her response to the amniocentesis two days previous to being born.
At 32 hours old, she was brought to my room and had been doing well since, with the exception of spitting up here and there. Hopefully when all she gets is mama milk, this will not be an issue.
All has been going well with me otherwise.. this was by far the best c-section I have ever had with such minimal pain it is astonishing. The nurses and doctors have told me multiple times that they have not seen another c-section mom get up and move like I do so soon, not even the vaginal delivery moms. I got up eight hours past the surgery to go see her in the nursery.. at that point I had only pressed the morphine drip once because the nurse advised I should do so in case I get bad pain kick in once I get to moving. I honestly didn't really need it. I think I pressed the button one time after that. They offered me percocets since that night which I occasionally will accept when asked. I don't know what this OB did different than the others, but I am impressed! My only complaint with the recovery is all the swelling, which is a normal response after a section, so it should go down shortly.
This was definitely an amazing birthing experience that I am happy to share and the perfect way to end my baby-making days. The OB, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, nurses and staff were A+ and I can't think of anything else to have made it more memorable. Thanks to everyone that shared it with me and said prayers and had positive thoughts for us. <3

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Re: My c-section is tomorrow.. :)

I look forward to your update! Hope the c-section goes smooth as silk
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Re: My c-section is tomorrow.. :)

Good Luck
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Re: My c-section is tomorrow.. :)

Good luck! Congrats!!!!!
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Re: My c-section is tomorrow.. :)

Good luck and can't wait to see baby pics!
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Re: My c-section is tomorrow.. :)

Praying for a perfect day for you tomorrow Can't wait to see pics!
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Re: My c-section is tomorrow.. :)

good luck! so excited for you
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Re: My c-section is tomorrow.. :)

GL angel hoping for a smooth surgery and easy recovery. Cant wait to see pics!
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Re: My c-section is tomorrow.. :)

So excited for you! good luck!
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Good luck and endless good vibes for you and baby

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