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I took my 3 yr old DD to the dr last week for her yearly checkup. And I was told that she is overweight :-/ She weighs about 34 lbs and is 37 in tall. She's always been in the 95th% for height and weight until recently. I told my mom what she said and it pissed her off! She said not to let it bother me because she is built a lot like I was as a child and I have never been overweight, and I'm still not after 2 kids. It's hard for me to not think of it though. She is very active and doesnt eat junk, she's very picky but we don't give her junk food or sweets very often.

What do you think? Think she's overweight or still too young to even be worried about it?


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Re: Overweight?

I think if you are feeding her healthy food and she is actively playing everyday then at 3 she sounds just fine. What did the doctor recommend doing?

Also, I would not limit healthy fats (milk, nuts, avocado etc) because I believe they are important for brain devlopment.
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Re: Overweight?

My son was heavier and about that same height last year. I was worried, and when I went to the pedi I expressed that concern. He said no worries. He was just a hefty built kid. I wasn't feeding him junk and he is healthy. I personally wouldn't worry about it. With as rampant as being overweight is in the US I think your pedi may have just jumped a level to high on this one. Because that sounds no where near obesse for a child that size.
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I think childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate and MOST parents describe their child's eating habits as 'the eat healthy, hardly any junk' lol. Sooooo, I would sit down and really evaluate what she eats (and DRINKS!!!) 6 juice boxes a day? Or 3 cups of chocolate milk add up.

I doubt your child is overweight to the point of needing to put her on any kind of eating program, but just remember weight is a sensitive thing to all of us. A very obese woman left the doctor crying because he told her to lose weight, she was too heavy.. Was she too heavy? Yes. Was her pride wounded? Yes.

Take a good look at everything that goes into ur daughters mouth and you decide. If she really is, eating a quality diet than I would no worry.

This is when doctors should be letting patents know about weight rises that are not on the normal curve for a child. Children don't become obese overnight. And while your child is probably not a risk for that, many ARE. The doctor has no way of knowing good luck!!
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I call BS on your doc. DS is 35" and 35 lbs, and he's solid, but not even close to overweight. :/
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Re: Overweight?

What did your doctor recommend? Interested to hear what his suggestions were.
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Re: Overweight?

I don't have a 3 yo, but 34lbs at 3 sounds ok to me maybe a little on the heavier side, but not much.
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Re: Overweight?

That sounds a bit off though. My almost 3yo is 33lbs but she is thin! She has no chubby thighs, no belly, she is built like a big kid. I better not get crap for that either, because I already have to deal with the rest of my kids being "small"
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Re: Overweight?

I just went and weighed daycare girl. She's going to be three in March, and she weighs 34.2 lbs.

I don't know her height. But, I do know she's overweight. She has a family history, and her older sister is very obese. So, they are watching her closely. She's very active, but I don't know much about her diet... when she's here, she eats like a normal kid. Nothing unusual at all, she's not a picky eater. Her sister (who is obese) is a very picky eater, and we assume that's why she's so heavy.

I weighed the other boy who will be three at the end of March, and he's the same height as the girl, but weighs only 26.8lbs.
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Re: Overweight?

That doesn't sound right. My getting ready to turn 5 yr old (as in, in 2 weeks) weighs maybe 40 lbs, so only 6 lbs more. That would mean your daughter would gain 3 lbs a year to be the same weight and that sounds totally reasonable to me.

I would definitely maybe keep a close watch on her diet for a little while just to make sure you are getting a good balance of nutrients, but I wouldn't stress about it. It's difficult sometimes to know if you've really got it balanced and when they are picky, it's even harder. I actually have that problem for myself, as I'm actually the pickiest eater in my house.
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