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Question Anyone else NOT circ-ing their boy?

So, after much research we've decided not to circ our boy! BUT I have some q's and anxiety about it. Please help me with suggestions or put them to rest.

I know you're not supposed to retract the foreskin (I've done it to other babies before I knew) BUT most people don't know that! My DH has an adult friend who's not circ'd and has struggled with infections/pain etc. most of his life. I would assume that's because foreskin was retracted before it was ready? What if someone else changes my son and pulls his foreskin back? Would this create a lifetime issue? Some of the ladies at church have a bit of a problem (they're trying to be helpful) with not following instructions RE diaper changes because they're older and "have been cloth diapering babes since before your mama was born!".

I'm afraid if that happened I would lose it. And not in a good way. IF someone were to "mistreat" his penis would I be able to tell?

Does pooh get in there?


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Re: Anyone else NOT circ-ing their boy?

I won't be circ my boy either
I honestly never had to change a boys diaper yet (my family seems to only pop out girls) but DP is not circ and never had a problem with infections or pains.. I guess it depends on the person?
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Re: Anyone else NOT circ-ing their boy?

DDC- poo doesn't get in there. It gets on there, but you just wipe it off like you would a finger. The care is really simple, much easier than caring for a circ'd penis. I'd make absolute sure that no one retracts your son. You have to be mama bear because even some docs will try. It can cause trauma and many people have the wrong idea for intact penis care. I'd make sure anyone who is changing your son respects your wishes. I believe that you can print something off at for your caregivers.
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If we have a boy, we aren't either. My DS is circ'd because we didn't know any better. So I'm new to the whole thing too! Thankfully, I never leave my babies with anyone so I won't have to worry about the retractions. My best friend has 3 boys, 1 circ'd & two not & she's a major advocate so I will go to her for any questions or concerns. I am sooooo thankful for this forum & the brave mamas who get the info out there about this issue! I am much more prepared now if I have a boy.
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Re: Anyone else NOT circ-ing their boy?

My DH and I did not circ our now 6 month old and we have had no problems thus far. His babysitter and grandmas understand not to retract and I am just so glad we didn't do it. When I first told my mother that we weren't, she was shocked, but now it is no big deal! Good for you, since it's not medically necessary at all!
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Re: Anyone else NOT circ-ing their boy?

Definitely NOT! DS1 circed, this one will be intact!!

Will come back to this thread after work and have more time for longer response.
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Re: Anyone else NOT circ-ing their boy?

This is one of the reasons I didn't find out what this kid mil was super annoying telling me I HAD to have it done when I was pg for dd despite my already deciding I wasn't going to.

It's not happening. My brother is intact and fine...if he can handle it it really can't be that difficult.
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DDC -- we didn't circ our son and it was a big decision that we fretted over. In the in - it's a non-decision. It's easier to take care of (look how many threads there are about circ and cloth dipes) and one less thing to worry about.

Wash it like it's a finger, be prepared at well baby visits to tell the Dr not to retract and that's it.
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Re: Anyone else NOT circ-ing their boy?

We are having a boy and not circumcising. I am so glad this is catching on in the US. There's just no reason to cause that kind of unnecessary pain to a baby. I don't really understand it.

As far as care goes - I have a sister in law who has 3 boys. Her first 2 are circ'd and her 3rd is actually NOT circ'd - just by chance though. Apparently when they went to take him back to do it... they discovered he was a bit on the smallish size so they didn't want to risk it and told her to come back in a month or so just to be sure. But by that time she had reconsidered and decided against it. But anyway she said she's had less problems with her uncircumcised boy than the first two as far as cleanliness and everything else goes. Maybe work on finding a pediatrician who has experience with this. It's sad that you'd have to tell a doctor not to retract the foreskin of an infant but I guess if they don't see it much. But it'd be a good thing to ask when interviewing.
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Re: Anyone else NOT circ-ing their boy?

Didn't think about being concerned about others retracting. DD has been left once at a church nursery because we haven't found a church we like. The first 6 months or so she stayed with me in church and there was a mothers room with a tv to watch the sermon if she got loud. We don't do daycares or things like that but if it's always the same person changing then you could talk with them about it. The problem with church nurseries is that they usually have the main person and then volunteers that change frequently - Those times would be of concern.

There's a letter here from a mother that had this done to her boy by the doctor, it has a long response about forced foreskins written by a doctor. The section titled "WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO LITTLE ETHAN?" will have some answers about short and long-term effects (about 3/4 of the way down the page).


Didn't realize that this is a serious issue.

BTW: IF we have a boy, LO will not be circ'd

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