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Re: Please share your HBAC story

You can do it!! I know you can! I've had two hospital vbacs and with both I kept wondering why on earth I wasn't at home with my sweet newborn and my big kids. If we have another, I'm doing it at home. No reason not to.


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Re: Please share your HBAC story

My first two were wonderful homebirths, one of which was a frank breech with no complications, then my third baby was supposed to be a homebirth again, but he was transverse and would not turn for anything! So I had to have a c-section. My fourth baby was born at home at 42 weeks. 10.4! No problems at all. I labored for a few hours, it took me about 15 minutes to push her out. It was a great birth. I am planning my 4th homebirth, 2nd vbac in december You can do it, mama! Give yourself some time to heal, though, and don't be afraid. Your next experience is bound to be better, because at the very least, you will be more informed and prepared for anything!
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Re: Please share your HBAC story

Here's mine!
And I'm looking at another HVAC in early July!

BTW, you should find an ICAN chapter in your area if there is one. That was a wonderfully healing experience for me. Really helped me deal with my baggage from the C/S. And mine was necessary as well
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Re: Please share your HBAC story

Here's my story

the actual birthstory is on the 4th page.

Also, your body is not broken! I thought the same thing for a long time!

Also, in regards to your low or no fluid level...did they try to get you to drink lots of water, because this reason has become very popular for inducing and c-sections recently. But your fluid levels fluctuate and having done just a little research on the subject, it seems to be a common but sadly not always a valid reason that doctors give that scares their patients into unnecessary inductions and c-sections. I guess what I'm trying to say is once again you are not broken. You are more than capable of having the birth you've always wanted! Sadly, as I know from my own experience, sometimes doctors and their attempts to "help" prevent that beautiful birth from happening. But it doesn't mean you can't have that beautiful birth with the next child!

I just thought I'd come back and post these studies/articles on Low Fluid Levels...hope this gives you courage that more than likely even with your first birth your body wasn't broken or incapable of delivering your baby.

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Re: Please share your HBAC story

Thanks for posting this. I had a beautiful labor at home with my first this pas April. When my body started pushing two little feet came out, then my midwives arrives, then we took an ambulance ride off to the hospital for a CS under general. I'm still grieving for the loss of those first moments with my son and husband. I'm glad to read of great HBACs. Thanks mamas!
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Re: Please share your HBAC story

I hope to have a HBAC story to share at the end of this year.
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Re: Please share your HBAC story

I had a home birth after 2 c/s this July. This was our seventh baby, so I thought I pretty much had a decent idea what to expect. Prior to the baby's birth, I'd always had hospital births, fairly heavily managed. Had one c/s that was probably necessary, the repeat following that one defiantly was not. I so wish I had stuck to my guns on that one. Anyway, I hired a midwife for co care independently of the OB (we were traveling over an hour from home to see a supportive OB). Best thing I ever did! Ended up having a home birth at 40 weeks, 2 days to a nine pound six ounce baby. I would be glad to answer any questions
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Re: Please share your HBAC story

My first had a crooked head as well (asynclitic) and ended in a c-section. I have had two HBAC's since then, and the second also had a crooked head! The midwife just reached up and tilted it back a bit, and he was born 7 minutes later! AND he was 10lbs 2oz, when the c-section baby was only 7lbs 13oz! My other VBAC was 9lbs! First labor was over 40 hours before the c-section but my VBAC's were 9 hours the first time and 10 hours the second, and that was with 4 hours of me almost completely dilated but avoiding pushing because I hate that part, lol. You can do it.
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I had my first by CS for maternal exhaustion after few hours of pushing. My DS was 10lbs 12oz, posterior and had his head tilted (acynclitic presentation). That was 2008.

In 2011 I had my hbac. Baby girl was 9lb 15oz, and was in a great position thanks to weekly chiropractic care through pregnancy, regular exercise, and maintaining upright and "all fours" positions during labor and pushing. She did have her hand by her face (which was rough) and I tore a bit, but not bad.

If/when we have baby #3 I'm seriously considering a hospital vbac. It will depend greatly on several variables. My delivery with my hbac was literally textbook perfect. :-). But my postpartum recovery was difficult and I think I would have really liked to have more hands-on postpartum observation and care. I think I may have some risk of cardiomyopathy, based on having intense chest pain and high bp after my first two deliveries. My cpm had no idea what was wrong with me. I've read that cardiomyopathy gets worse with each delivery. So IF I can find the right provider (which should be easy, Portland is the Mecca of natural birth) I would like a hospital delivery.

I do feel really torn though. :-). I loved my homebirth. :-)

ETA: by "few hours of pushing" I meant FIVE. Lol. Autocorrect fail.

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