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Dairy/grain/reflux? Please help! I cant take it anymore!!!

DS is 8 weeks. I've been trying to figure this out for about 4-5 weeks!

DS symptoms:
Projectile puking that is worse sometimes than others, mucousy puke when he's puking a lot, lots of crying & not much happy time, sounds stuffy sometimes but I attribute it to puking out his nose, mucousy yellow poop, green poop 3 times when his puking was the worst & screaming was bad.

What I've tried:
Eliminating dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc) went about 2 weeks and towards the end thought I had resolved it was an overactive letdown instead & it started getting better so I went back to dairy bc I thought it was the letdown. Then got worse so I went back to no dairy & started reading labels & being more strict with ingredients. It's been 2 weeks & yesterday I had cheese (on accident) I also found out yesterday that I probably had dairy bc I have had mcdonalds fries & my bun from mcdonalds as well as another restaurant probably had dairy in it. Also found out my bagels have caramel coloring & I should probably avoid that too & that beef has the same protein that is hard for babies to break down in dairy. So I feel like I'm back to day 1 but really the only true dairy I have had in 2 weeks has been the 1 pc of cheese yesterday.

What's going on:
The past 3 days have been really bad again. Is it really just from things that might have had dairy in them or is it something else completely? I've had more bread the past 4 days than normal could it be grains? Why does it have to take soooo long to see a change? Do I really have to torture DS for 2 more weeks to find out it might not even be dairy? This is awful! I feel like I should just go to sensitive tummy formula & be done with it!!!


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Re: Dairy/grain/reflux? Please help! I cant take it anymore!!!

Check your breads, they usually contain dairy. Some babies are more sensitive
than others and the smallest amount of dairy can completely blow your day!

The sensitive tummy formulas are usually made from milk or soy and generally contact corn syrup. All bad things for upset tummies!

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Re: Dairy/grain/reflux? Please help! I cant take it anymore!!!

Hang in there! It's tough sometimes figuring it out. In my experience, most baked goods have dairy in them. However, you may want to try going off of dairy & gluten. You may get faster results. I had to eliminate dairy, wheat, & eggs. Beef was not an issue, nor were nuts or soy. If you google common food allergies, you should come up w/a list of common offenders. It's sometimes faster to eliminate all of them (hard, but doable) until the symptoms are gone (2 to 4 wks); then try ONE at a time to find the specific items bothering your lo. When I quit dairy, I got pretty quick results. Improvement of certain symptoms w/in about 4 to 5 days, but not really back to normal for about 2 wks. With gluten & eggs, it took about 2 wks to see improvement in the other symptoms and about a month for them to completely go away. When you're bfing, there are 2 things going on, 1st it takes that long for all the proteins to clear out of your own body (so that you're not passing it on in your milk), & 2nd your lo has to have time to then get the proteins out of his body. It's time consuming, but I'm not aware of any easier way. And I avoided pretty much all formulas for the above stated reasons. I think you can get a special formula prescribed by a dr, but it'd be super expensive (heard about this from a friend of mine).
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