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Pumping at Work

I'm slated to return to work in 2 weeks. At this point I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 3 month old and have never had to pump at work before. I am a medical provider in a medical office so while I stay very busy all day, I do have a little more flexibility in my schedule than if I worked, say, in a hospital.
I'm wondering:
Has anyone tried the technique of using ponytail holders to support your pumping shields instead of a pumping bra? My OB said that's what she did and she felt it really saved her time. Because I'll probably have about roughly 15 minutes blocked at a time to pump, a few minutes' difference could mean pumping or not pumping. I'm curious to know if anyone has an opinion or recommendation on this?
Also, I know it's important for baby to get the hind milk from feeding/pumping. However, if I don't have enough time to fully pump at one time, am I better off to have 2 short pumping sessions (AM and PM) with lunch in between, where I just pump a few mins at a time, or should I block a little longer time to do one full pumping instead of 2 shorter ones? Obviously it will come down to what works, but just wondered if anyone had an opinion on that?
Best wishes to everyone balancing work and home!


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I used the pony tail holders and it was super quick to just loop that onto the clip of my bra (make sure you have the plastic clips and not the metal hook type on your bra cups)

As far as how long. I pumped only during my 30 minutes lunch.
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Re: Pumping at Work

I found I produced more milk overall when I was able to pump more often during the day. I would do two short sessions (morning and afternoon) and then a full 20-25 during lunch. I also was able to not use a pumping bra or supports by just undoing one clasp/cup on my nursing bra to allow for more flexibility, and then the cups themselves held up the flanges. It may not work for you, but as long as I wasn't doing anything too strenuous it worked well. The biggest time saver was putting the whole contraption into the fridge, rather than disassembling after each use, and then at the end of the day I would take it all a part and clean it; The microwavable sterilization bags are great too for keeping with your pump.
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Re: Pumping at Work

How many hours will you be away from baby? At first, I like to pump every three hours. Later on, I would just pump at lunch. Do you have a private office? I pump while writing notes.
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Re: Pumping at Work

Definitely the more often you can pump the better. It's the amount of times that will keep your milk supply up. I'm not sure how I feel about the hindmilk foremilk debate. The way I see it, if the fatty milk is at the end of the feed and you stop earlier. . . Does it go away? Or is it what you get first next time?
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Re: Pumping at Work

I will be away for about 10 hours daily 7:30 am to 5:30 pm). I plan to pump once in AM, over lunch, and once in PM to start. It's just that seeing patients can stay rather hectic and there may be times where I just have to say hey, it's going to be a little while! Thanks for the input everyone. I have once of those Simple Wishes pumping bra covers which I've used at home and seems really good quality. I may try the ponytail holders to see if they save any time; if so I'll review my experience!
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Re: Pumping at Work

How many hours will you be away from your baby? I have a private office and I like to pump every five hours.
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Re: Pumping at Work

Never tried the ponytail holder trick, but I found it plenty fast to just throw on a hands free pumping bra over my nursing bra. I would second the recommendation to pump more frequently for shorter periods of time, I did 3 sessions during an 8-9 hour day until 10 months, then tapered off over 3-4 months.
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Everyone's pumping experience is different. I know some women who can pump 8-10 ounces in 10 minutes or 3ounces in 30 minutes(like me☹️). I actually made a sports bra that I cut slits in to slide the flanges into. Made everything hands free so I could still type while pumping. When I was done I just slipped nursing pads into my bra. Good luck.

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Re: Pumping at Work

I did not use the ponytail holder trick, I used the simple wishes hands free bra and found it to be really comfortable.
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