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Re: I've Had It! Need weaning advice :(

Katie one thing which i have found really useful is to do the countdown. When I was trying to wean Lulu (who was 3!) I would say she could only have 5 sucks if she asked me, and then count them for her, and that would be enough.


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Re: I've Had It! Need weaning advice :(

I ended up weaning my last 2 b/c they only wanted to nurse at night and were up 5X a night for it.

I honestly don't even know what I did. They were younger, 15 months and 17 months, but I just held and rocked them.

It can be very hard, but I think you should stick with what you decide. It may seem like it is goin to be forever, but it won't. I would tell her no more nursies (or whatever word you use) at night, she can have them in the morning. Tell her you understand she is uspset about it, but night time is for sleeping now and she can have them in the morning. It will probably be a lot of talking, holding, and consoling.
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My twins just turned two, and I weaned them a few weeks before their second birthday because I am pregnant and nursing was becoming painful for me. I did have my dh step in at times when I knew they really liked to nurse, but if he wasn't around, I did a lot of distracting them with other things and otherwise breaking with normal routine. For example, usually they would sit on the couch and nurse right before bed, and I changed their routine so that they had a book and some quiet music instead. I was lucky that I think they we pretty much ready to wean anyway.

Good luck. It is hard.
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Re: I've Had It! Need weaning advice :(

I recommend night weaning first. Worry about how to put down for naps and bedtime later. Just cut the middle of the night stuff. I've been there, but my husband was the reason it went so well for me. He had to take over the night stuff because there is no reasoning with a 16 month old in the middle of the night! (I was 6 months pregnant as well.)

I don't know how much he understood, but I explained to my son that I would nurse him to sleep, but once we were all asleep, Nurse-Milk went to sleep, too. (That's what he called breast milk to distinguish from cow's milk.) We could nurse to sleep and then we would nurse when the sun woke up for the day.

Of course, he still woke up to nurse, but that's when dad stepped in to comfort him. It took several nights (it felt like it at the time but it really wasn't terribly long) and my boy was finally sleeping through the night!

I decided to keep nursing him during the day. When I didn't want to nurse, I'd distract him with a snack or a sippy cup or a fun game. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. The older he got, the more I was able to be firm and say, "No, mommy doesn't want to right now." I heart breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding, but beyond a year old it's a two way street and mom gets a say.

I really thought he would wean himself during my pregnancy, but other than stopping for a brief few weeks when my milk changed to colostrum (he did NOT like that!), he kept going. I did not expect to nurse two but the closer I got to the end of my pregnancy, I had to decide where I stood on it.

For me, as long as I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to nurse my toddler (as well as my baby) and as long as he didn't nurse every two hours, I was okay with it. He got down to about 4-6 times a day at 3.5 years old before I finally pulled the plug on BOTH the boys, at the same time (the youngest just turned 2.)
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