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Re: For moms who never gave their first child a bottle

DD1 is almost 4. DD2 is 15 months. Between my two girls, they've had maybe 4 oz of breastmilk from a bottle (and only when I was at a dr's appt). DD1 NEVER asked to feed baby. She knows milk comes from mama.


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Re: For moms who never gave their first child a bottle

Double post
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Re: For moms who never gave their first child a bottle

Neither of my DDs ever took bottles. We tried with our first but she was not having it at all. With my second we never even tried. Honestly trying to pump (I did pump a few times just to relieve engorgement after DD2 was born) was insane with a baby and toddler. The toddler would grab at the pump and the baby could smell the milk and wanted the real thing and it was 100x more work than just nursing DD2 and parenting DD1 from the couch.

Don't let those nay-sayers get you down. You don't need to have bottles for your second if you don't want to.
Jamie, SAHM to Rosemary 5/08 and Faye 9/10
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Mine was opposite. Both my older kids have a form of muscular dystrophy, my son just did not have the power to breastfeed (at thy point we didn't know about the MD but after spending a grand on domperidone, lactation consultants and hospital grade pump rental I gave up). I pumped every two hours for six months and then my milk dried up. So he had formula and bottles my daughter is 16 months younger then her brother and never had a bottle. She also has MD but was able to nurse and after what I went through with my son I was not going to give her a bottle. My son was hospitalized Several times (as was she) but my mom stayed at the Ronald Mc Donald house with her so I could run over and feed her when needed. We genetic tested the baby I am preggo with and she does Not have her siblings problems. I'm already worried about how her siblings hospitalizations will impact her feeding. I am hoping since she does not have MD she will be able to nurse and use a bottle
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Re: For moms who never gave their first child a bottle

Originally Posted by umphreysmommy View Post
Good to hear so many moms didn't need to with the second. I really am not interested in pumping or bottle feeding at all just seems like everyone is saying I will "need to" because of time and so DD can feed the baby and DH.
that's silly. and is actually a huge pet peeve of mine. ds had a lot of bottles, because i woh. so he didn't really have a choice from 3 months on. but, i only pumped out of necessity. it was soooo not less time/work than bf'ing, and i NEVER bothered trying when i was actually with him. but those 2 things were the big "reasons" my extended family was always using to try and get me to bottle feed. they would say things like "why don't you pump and then someone else can give him a bottle and give you a break?" umm....what? so i pump for 20 minutes, get about 1/2 of what ds needs for a feeding. let someone else feed him, and then take him to nurse him so he can finish his feeding? no, that isn't my definition of a break. and just because i pumped doesn't mean i can SKIP the next feeding. there's still milk there. and it needs to come out, one way or the other. i think i would have a much easier time chasing ds around while holding a nursing baby than i would if i was hooked up to a pump.

also, dh very much enjoyed when he got to feed ds a bottle, but he never felt like he NEEDED to. he never even really asked until the first time i had to leave ds alone with him. and if i was there, he never did. i asked him once if it ever bothered him and he was just like "why? you're the mom. you have the milk. i'll hold him when you're done". i don't think ds will care with this new baby either. it'll just be what he knows. mama feeds the baby. i wouldn't worry about it.
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Re: For moms who never gave their first child a bottle

My first did not take a bottle, even though I went back to work full-time. I nursed her at daycare. It was stressful at first because I thought that a baby in daycare would have to be able to take a bottle, but it all worked out fine without bottles.

When my second was born, we did want her to be able to take a bottle at daycare, just less worry that way, but I also knew that if she didn't it wouldn't be that big of a deal for me. It turned out that she did okay with a bottle. But she never had a bottle when I was at home (except for practice before she started daycare about 2-3x per week from daddy), just at daycare. It was not a problem for me at all to care for my toddler while nursing the baby. My older daughter was 3 years old when she was born, and never asked to feed the baby. She knew baby nursed. She did ask to hold the baby though, which was fine.
-Alicia, mommy to
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DS1 took a bottle very occasionally, so I don't know its my response counts. But he stopped being offered one very early on, and when he weaned at 11 months due to supply drop in pregnancy, he went straight to a sippy cup.

DS2 is 8mo. DS1 turned 2 last month. DS2 has never met a bottle, and it's worked out no problem (except for hubby, who misses date night!)

Any typos are probably a combination of my phone and poor proofreading!
Kelly "Ann" (25) .... wife to Michael (8/30/09) ... SAHM to Miles (1/20/2010) and Perrin (6/22/2011!)
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Re: For moms who never gave their first child a bottle

You can do it Mama. My first two were 19 months apart, and number 3 came 22 months after that, and they have all been exclusivley BF. Your DD can still snuggle close by while you feed the baby if you want, and my LO got a big kick out of "nursing" baby dolls. She did that a lot while I was BF the baby--it makes for the cutest pictures!
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I have never given a bottle to any of my 4. My DS and dd2 were 28 months apart and my DS was a TOTAL handful! I just did it. I nursed in the sling A LOT! Don't listen to anyone who tells you you HAVE to give a bottle. Do what feels right to you and don't feel pressured to do/not do anything.
I remember when I was pregnant with my 2nd I felt so guilty that I wouldn't be able to be as focused on my odd. What I realized was that I was actually giving her the most beautiful gift of a sibling. A life long friendship. They are now almost 14 and 11 and couldn't love each other more
Good luck!
~Elizabeth RN~
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Re: For moms who never gave their first child a bottle

I had similar concerns, my ages were similar. My son was 28 months when DD was born. She's just over 2 months old now.

I have really needy babies. Both of them. DD is definitely better than DS was. The first month was hardest emotionally on me because DS had to transition to doing some things with someone other than me. Truthfully? He was okay with it. I found it really hard to deal with, especially with all the nursing hormones going through me. But it got easier every day, every week, and we're beginning to really work out a routine.

As for the bottle bit. Personally I think bottle feeding would be WAY harder than nursing. But there are a couple things I've done this time around, and that I've learned over the last 2 months, that have helped.

Firstly - get yourself a maya ring sling. I was able to nurse in it, but couldn't figure out how to in anything else. Especially those first 6 weeks, which feel like one long growth spurt, it was a complete lifesaver. I borrowed one from a friend when I realized how helpful it would be and then bought one.

My babies don't really nap. She'll sleep on a surface other than me at night, but not during the day. So I bought a woven wrap on FSOT, and spent like a week watching youtube videos for different carries. Through the night nursing, I watched them, that kind of thing.

I use a soothie pacifier. I never used one with DS, but once I knew nursing was going great, and she was gaining weight really good (she's actually quite a little chub) I started trying to get her to use one. It's taken weeks, but now she'll ride in the wrap and use the paci. So I can go places, make dinner, take care of DS and she won't be screaming.

You can totally do it without bottles - I actually think it'd be easier, but that's just from my experience. I'm a total babywearing advocate though now. With DS I did - but mostly just because he had to sleep on me and would wake up if I moved or stood up... So he just trapped me underneath him. I babywore kinda by accident. But this time around? It's saved my life. I think more than anything else it's what make our days go smoothly, makes me feel like I'm still providing attachment to DD, and yet available for most of what DS needs.

However you do it, whatever you decide, you can totally do it. Just make sure you find support or encouragement for what YOU want to do if you can.
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