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has refuses bottles and sippy cups for almost 3 months

my dd is almost 9 months. she has refused all bottles and sippy cups for about 3 months now. she just wants to chew on them. at first, i thought, "oh, no big deal. she's teething." and she was. so she's had a tooth since the middle of january and a month change. she still refuses bottles and sippy cups. just wants to chew on them.

in the meantime, she will nurse to sleep, throught the night and first thing in the morning. none through the day. so i pump *grit my teeth* while at my full-time job. and we mix 1/4 cup bm into whole grain barley cereal or oatmeal and make it kind of runny ( i found that if i make it thicker she gets constipated = probably because she won't actually drink anything through the day + iron fortified organic earth's best cereal)

along with the 1/4 cup of bm and cereal she gets about 1/2 cup of baby food.
she gets both every 3-4 hours. her stools are formed and she usually is wet every 4-5 hours and needs changed.

my milk supply is dropping drastically. i used to pump 6 ounces easy every 3 hours. now i'm struggling to make 3 every 6 hours.

she refuses to drink anything unless it is her one grandma who can sometimes get her to drink juice or fresh bm from a cup. but only about 1 ounce or so. and it's not consistent because she only babysits on tuesdays and thursdays. i have tried several types of juice, water, bm. i have spent around 70$ on sippy cups and different bottles. i'm at a loss.

has anyone else had this happen? i keep scouring the posts and not finding this particular problem. i keep thinking she's self-weening, but she won't drink.

any suggestions would be really appreciated. i've asked my np and fellow nurses who bf and everyone keeps telling me to stop over analyzing. she's happy. she's pooping, she's peeing. keep doing it until she's not happy anymore. i haven't had her measured or weighed since december, so i'm not sure where she's scoring on the growth charts, but i feel her weight is good. she is wearing mostly 9 and 12 months now.


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I would keep offering the cup. I've found my DS to be the same way, we offered him a prince lionheart sippy cup and he took to it for a little bit but mostly because it was "new" to him and quickly started to chew it. I then tried him with a shot glass of water and now he wouldn't have it any other way, it wasn't all that tough either. He'll fight to hold it himself and spill which isn't as convenient as a sippy but its expected. I still offer the sippy when we're in public but he mostly chews on it.
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I don't have any advice, but my son is similar. Not trying to hijack, just want you to know you aren't alone. Getting him to nurse during the day is almost impossible. But he nurses to sleep and through the night, about every two hours. I was sooooo worried. BUT, at his 9 month check last week he had jumped from the 10 th percentile (at his 6 month) to the 18th! And my ped still uses tge CDC chart! So, I'm gonna stop worrying. Seems like the night nursing is sufficient. I do hope that we can get back to nursing during the day. I want to nurse him till at least 2 yrs, but he just doesn't seem as interested as other people's babies.

Can you go get a weight check?
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Re: has refuses bottles and sippy cups for almost 3 months

My daughter started refusing bottles at daycare around 4 months old. Fortunately I worked 2 minutes away and would nurse her at lunchtime, but that meant that she was going 4 hours without anything for a while. It would have been more of a problem if I wasn't nursing her at lunch, I'm sure. I actually stopped pumping at work because the milk wasn't getting used, and I had a bunch to donate. She never did take a bottle after that, and I just went straight to a cup at 6 months. Despite the long spaces between meals, she grew like crazy... like off the chart crazy. I'm assuming that she nursed more at night; I generally slept through that, lol!
I would keep trying the cup- can you get her interested in using a straw? Some way to make it more fun for her?
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Re: has refuses bottles and sippy cups for almost 3 months

i have one sippy with a straw but she doesn't seem to understand what to do with it and just chews on it. it is the kind with the crinkle cut straw really more for older children. i may have to buy the kind that is actually made for toddlers and see how that works.

on the other hand, i think before i sink more $ into it, i will try the shot glass thing. i'm sure i have one somewhere in my cabinets. maybe she would be into it because she can actually hold it. of course, i'm sure it will be messy

i appreciate your input ladies, i was going bonkers. i'm glad other babies are just as particular as mine but still growing! if i could just get her to eat the baby foods with meat in
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Ours too never took to a sippy but used a shot glass. We also gave lots of fruit apple sauce etc that is high in water content. You could try using ground brown rice as cereal if you are worried about the fortified baby cereals. My first son also refused anything on a spoon until he learned to use one on his own (maybe 9 months). So his first foods were all chewables except fruit smoothies in his little Tupperware shot glass.
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