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Re: Pack your bags!

my own overnight shower/hair stuff
makeup.. because your picture WILL be taken, lol
nursing bras
nursing nightgown
breast pads
ALL of my preggy underwear
my early pregnancy clothes
my diary
A phone list (who to call)
picture of my family, I miss them so much while in the hospital
ETA- snacks! i could suddenly eat and there was too long between meals, I would get sick with hunger. So I had DH bring me snacky foods.

For Baby-
Several outfits, you never know what will fit
baby book
diapers, if you don't like the brand the hospital has


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Re: Pack your bags!

Hey, due date buddy -- you believe we're 37 weeks? I am NOT packing much unless I have to have a c/s, in which case, I'll send DH home to get more. I'm already wearing nursing bras, since they are all that will fit me now, so I don't plan on packing an extra; I'll just be sure to go to the hospital wearing a clean one, which they'll make me take off once I put on a gown.. Nursing pads usually aren't needed until the milk comes in, usually 4-5 days.

I plan on taking CD's and wetbag, one outfit for travel home for me, and one for baby, toothbrush and paste, slippers, and purse with insurance, palm pilot (which has family pics and phone lists), cellphone, etc. I will bring some food, because we keep kosher, and they don't have kosher snacks on the labor floor. DH is responsible for bringing and using camera, and for getting carseat in the car for the trip home. I've learned from experience not to bring books or other entertainment; I'm either not in the mood, or busy with the stuff they provide there, or nursing, or sleeping.

Last time, I was only in the hospital for 25 hours postpartum, and I am praying it will be that way again. Since I don't mind the hospital gown, I see no reason to lug a ton of stuff; I'd rather just travel light and have less unpacking to do at the other end.
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Re: Pack your bags!

Things I SHOULD have packed, but didn't.....

Daddy stuff!
PJ's, Change of clothes, Socks... We were in the hospital from Friday morning till Saturday

Camera, Duh!

Big Bath robe for Labouring in. The one I brought didn't quite fit over the belly ...maybe borrow Dh's

Sweats to go home in. I tried to go home in the pants I came in and they didn't fit! All of the sudden I had a huge butt!

A Bra! Don't ask how I ended up without one
We have our surprise due in late November, 2012
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Re: Pack your bags!

Did you go on a hospital tour? My hospital had kitchens and snacks for us in those - crackers. cereals, juices, soda, peanut butter, etc were available all the time. I brought hard candies to suck on, and mints.
They also provided us with slipper socks and pp underwear. I brought grannies but didn't use them. I used their pp pads until I got home.

I did bring my own jammies for afterwards. I was strep b positive so they requested I stay the full 2 days after birth. I just brought old jammies I could bleach if need be. I didn't need to.
I brought my own pillow - but I take that EVERYWHERE.

I brought a comfy, sweats type outfit and nursing bra to wear home and a couple outfits for ds - to see how big he was. Good thing I brought two - first one was enormous on him.

I had my insurance card and everything but didn't need it as we had preregistered - we just walked in and were shown to our birthing suite.

I got my pump at the hospital when I was leaving. My insurance covered it so I let them.

Camera, camcorder, phone list. I cant remember anything else right now. That's about all we needed.
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Re: Pack your bags!

For bailey I over packed...this time I brought
2 outfits (one in case he turned out a girl too!) for baby
Going home outfit
flip flops
slipper socks
cell phone

That's it! I get in, have the baby and am always out of there in less than 24 hours
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Re: Pack your bags!

A baby care book, like What to Expect the First Year (if you want to lug it and think you'll have a chance to look at it)
A baby book for recording everything (ditto)
Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash
Hairbrush and comb
All your essential toiletry items (don't forget moisturizer)
Extra absorbent maxi-pads (the hospital will provide some, but you might want to use the brand you're most comfortable with)
Snacks for after delivery don't count on the hospital or birthing center to provide them in the middle of the night
Champagne or sparkling cider to celebrate with
Shower gel, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, and whatever else it takes to make you feel human again after delivery

Extra pairs of underwear suitable for wearing with maxi-pads (no thongs, in other words) and a nursing bra
Nightgown or pj's, socks, and slippers
Comfortable outfit to head home in (remember you'll still look six months pregnant, so plan accordingly)
Going-home outfit for baby (don't forget socks or booties and a receiving blanket, plus extra layers if it's cold). Bring along a few diapers, although the hospital will probably provide them.

Found this on another site, hope there is some on there that can help ya!
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Re: Pack your bags!

the baby book is such a good idea!! Man, mamas! I would have NEVER thought of that!!

We have taken the tour.. and each suite has it's own fridge... but they come "stocked"... so bringing my own snacks is a great idea too.

And "Daddy" things... DH will be staying with me in the suite... the last thing I need is a stinky husband!

What great ideas!! YOu all are such a huge help!
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Re: Pack your bags!

With DJ, I went to the hospital to "get checked out" but I thought there was no way I was actually in labor so I didn't take ANYTHING. Honestly, I even left my purse in the car! When they told me I had to stay, I sent DH to get me some Sprite (lemon/lime Shasta just wasn't doing it for me!) and my own pillow. Once DJ was born and I found out we were going to be staying for a few days, I sent dh to get a couple of outfits for DJ (he was preemie and the clothes the hospital put on him were those flannel blankets are just icky!), my hairbrush, scruchy and toothbrush, and an outfit for me to wear home. That was really all I needed. The hospital had toiletries, I just wanted my own hairbrush and toothbrush. I wore their disposable panties, pads, gown, etc. I was so swollen when DJ was born that the only shoes I could fit in were a pair of birks so I just wore those around the hospital. My MIL did bring a "going-home" outfit for DJ and everybody who came brought snacks and cameras. Even though we wound up having an extended stay, I didn't really have much spare time for reading or anything like that...when we didn't have visitors I was sleeping!

This time I'm delivering at a hospital further from home so it won't be quite as convenient to send dh out to get me things. I've tried to pack a bag but I'm hard pressed to come up with much to pack! I know I'll take my pillow with me, and probably my sewing (just in case), and some clothes/blankets for the baby, but mostly it will be thrown together at the last minute because for me, I'm only taking the things that I really need every day. Good luck!
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Re: Pack your bags!

As for the daddy things I would literally ask him to pack his own little bag (like in a tote or plastic bag and then transfer it to yours) of whatever he will DEFINITELY want when he's there. Mine went home to shower, etc. but he wanted Mt. Dew, LOL. The hospital we delivered at only had fountain coke (although I made quite a few trips at 3 in the morning to go get it, LOL) but he didn't have anything to drink! In the least ask him what he wants to take and then go through it and par it down to stuff you think he'll really use, LOL. Mine packed too much!
Oh, did they say they want you to bring your pump? I'm taking mine, but mostly in case there's a reason for one to go to the NICU for awhile or anything. Depends on stuff - although they didn't seem to think twice about it when I didn't bring one for my singleton birth.
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Re: Pack your bags!

I way overpacked with the 1st..and packed way too early...with #2, I was in labor, but in denial..and didn't pack hardly anything so we had to get mil to bring stuff. Mine were both "easy" vaginal deliveries and with #1 I elected to stay the extra day so we were there for approx 48 hrs. With #2, I would've left as soon as he was born, but we were discharged just a little after he was 24hrs old.

1) Change of clothes x you & dh
2) Coming Home Outfit - with #1, i had 2 coming home outfits, with #2 i knew how clothes would fit newborn, so i only took 1 (preemie, but he was fit wonderfully)
3) soaps/shampoos
4) undies - i took plenty of underwear in case of leakage..i did NOT like their underwear as i have a huge rear and they didn't want to stay soon as i could get up, they didn't have a problem with me changing clothes and getting into my own underwear.
5) snacks - i'd go light on this though...depending on situation i & fil brought plenty every time they visited
6) things for entertainment if you think you need it

I didn't take anything for entertainment with #2, because I realized with #1...I didn't need it. They have a tv in room I kind of watched in between contractions...but otherwise i was tired and just laid their with my eyes closed. Or talked to whoever was in the room. After babies were born, you don't think too much about entertainment, because they're it I wanted to sleep, nurse, & stare at the baby...and that was pretty much it!
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