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Re: Help me tell my parents they can NOT smoke around my DD *sigh*

I had the same situation. Well kind of. I decided when DS was a baby that I wouldn't bring him there if MIL smoked in the house while we visited. She had no problem. I still hated it though because everything still stunk and I had to wash everything. The smoke and garbage from the cigarrettes are in/on everything in the house. Fast Forward almost 4 years.

DDs get a really bad respiratory infection. Almost a month of Nebulizers and many, many doctors appointments. DH and I decide that no more going to ILs house since we don't need their illness aggravated. Two months later DD2 gets an official asthma diagnosis. Her's isn't caused by allergies but by having so many respiratory infections at a very young age but they stressed to us that smoke was the worst irriatant around. So to shorted up my rambling we haven't stepped foot into the ILs house since the end of November and have no plans to do so. We have also asked MIL not to smoke before coming to visit, she needs reminders on that one though.

Sorry to ramble it's just really a subject close to my heart.


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Re: Updated***Help me tell my parents they can NOT smoke around my DD *sigh*

I'm glad your parents were so receptive. I'm sure that relieved a lot of your stress.
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Re: Help me tell my parents they can NOT smoke around my DD *sigh*

Originally Posted by Tiffer23 View Post
I'm glad that they are going to stop smoking around her. But the bad news is that even if they (and your husband) are smoking outside and coming inside, they are still causing just as much of a problem. Smoke is in their clothes, hair, skin, etc. If any of the hold her, she's inhaling the smoke and it will cause her issues.
Absolutely!! I too have grown up with asthma (hospitalized/diagnosed @ 18 mos.) and with a father & grandmother who smoked during my childhood. Triggers for asthma can definetely be cigarette smoke and it doesn't discriminate whether that cigarette was smoked indoors or out. In the same way that pollen gets on clothing and can be tracked indoors, cigarette smoke is also transferred from the outside in.

Just an FYI, out of four girls, two of my younger sisters have outgrown their "childhood asthma". My next youngest sister and myself both still deal with asthma. I am on daily med's (just finished a nebulizer treatment myself actually). THe biggest difference (according to my mother) that may be responsible is the fact that we grew up with a father who smoked. He had quit by the time my youngest sisters were born. Knowing that he may be a factor in improving your daughter's health may convince your hubbie (and parents) to try to quit......or at the very least change clothing after smoking and before coming inside to paly with the baby. Good luck!!! (I, too, have children w/ asthma and multiple med's besides..I definetly know how frustrating it can be...from both sides of the issue. )
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Re: Updated***Help me tell my parents they can NOT smoke around my DD *sigh*

I'm only going to take this one step at a time. I know that the smoke comes in with them, I tell DH all the time that he smells like an ash tray . However I did tell DH that either he quits smoking or he will have to change his clothes, wash, and brush b4 coming near Addyson. And if he does not comply with this then I will go on strike.. As for my parents I'm going to continue to deal with the isssues of them smoking. I will ask that they wash and change and then see how they take that. They were more then glad to not smoke around her and I only hope that I will get the same responce when I ask them to do these things. I will also be asking them to keep the smoking outside all the time. I'm going to print out facts on indoor smoking and second hand smoking and see if I can get them to read it. Kinda devilish of me, but at this point I just want to be able to go over there and not have to worrie about my presious little girl. She can't speek for her self, so I have to do it.

BTW I would love it if you all could say a prayer for her. I have been praying to God that my LO does not have to deal with asthma like I did. It's a hard thing for a child to have. I get so sad thinking that she may have a long hard road of it ahead of her. It breaks my heart. Tjank you ladies !!!

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