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Holy Moly, my 3rd set of twins!

Sorry this got super long. The first paragraph is the bottom line if you just want to read it.

Hi Ladies! I'm a stay at home mom to 5 kids who are 6 and under. This week, after much debate, we just found out we are pregnant with our 3rd set of twins! They are due Oct 15th, but we will expect them sometime in Mid-Sept.

Here is how it happened (no pressure to read this whole thing, but for inquiring minds, here it is. ): We are infertile. I giggle because how many people can say they are infertile and they have 7 kids, but that is going to be me in 7 months. All of our children were conceived through one fresh cycle of IVF and 5 frozen cycles. Before we started our IVF journey, we committed to God, to our future children, and ourselves that we would transfer all the embryos conceived to me. We never in our wildest dreams imagined it would end up being this many children. When we ended up with 10 frozen embryos, knowing the odds, we thought maybe 3 or 4 at most. But, clearly, God had other plans. We always transferred 2 and here is how our cycles went:

IVF #1 - resulted in a our oldest son, now 6
FET (Frozen embryo transfer) #1 - resulted in an m/c at 5.5wks,
FET #2 - Twins, boy/girl, now 4
FET #3 - Twins, boy/boy, now 23 months in a few days
FET #4 - resulted in a BFN cycle
FET #5 - TWINS number 3!!

Amazingly enough, we have beaten all the odds including the rate of successful thawing. Most have about a 70-80% survival rate of thaw. We had 100% surviving being frozen and thawed.

Thus far, this pregnancy has been a bit of a roller coaster. At first, my progesterone was dropping dangerously low even though I was on the same progesterone supplements as in the past. One night after finding out it was lower than 5 (because it had been 5 when tested on Friday and it was Monday when we got the results!), my husband had to drive 1.5hrs each way to get progesterone in shots instead of my prometrium. But, with it so low and continuing to drop, we really thought I was losing the pregnancy. I've been through this 3 times prior and never had this problem. Even my IVF nurse who I've known the entire journey, said, "Your body is proven. It knows what to do with a viable pregnancy." I agreed. I really thought it was over and felt like the shots were pointless. Much to our surprise, my betas keep rising and rising fast. The shots did the trick and it's been fine ever since. I will be having a shot in my bottom every night until April 6th when I'm 12.5wks.

That doesn't end the roller coaster though. Then came the question, how many? My first OB appt was last Tues. The u/s machine at the OB's is old and has low resolution. So, we clearly see one baby with a heartbeat. In the same sac, I see a shadow and say, "what's that?" My MW tried to tell us it was the yolk sac. Nope, not buying it. As she angled the wand, it started to look a little like a baby, but we could not find a heartbeat. Her comment was, "I could talk myself into that being a second baby, but I'm really not sure since I can't find a heartbeat." She ordered a high resolution u/s to find out what was going on. We left thinking it was probably only one even if it had been two.

The next day, I had the high resolution u/s. The u/s tech was VERY tight lipped. She didn't even say, "here is the baby and here is the heartbeat." I definitely only saw one sac. But she kept angling the wand back and forth over these two spots. I couldn't tell if it was one baby at 2 different angles or 2 babies, but I honestly thought it was 2. I asked her once during the u/s, "is there only one?" She said yes. I asked her again as I was leaving, "So, only one, right?" Her response was strange, "I only see one, but sometimes the radiologist sees something I don't. He will watch the video and you'll have the official report in 48hrs." It was like she was purposely giving me doubts, but I left thinking it was probably only 1.

Through all this, I just could not shake the feeling that it was 2 babies. I've always known in the past. I have a strong intuition. I just know. I was starting to think I was foolish or crazy for not being able to let go of it being 2 babies.

Well, sure enough just 24hrs later, the OB's office calls and says, "It's twins! One is hard to see." So, they want me back 2wks later to try to get a better look. But, the radiologist confirms, I'm not crazy, there are two!!!

One major difference in this set of twins and my 2 previous...these are identical! I don't have any dr. confirmation on that, but I've had 2 sets and I've researched a ton. I know that one sac with 2 babies are identical twins.

I'm actually still in complete shock. I can't believe I'm actually going to have a 3rd set of twins. I can't believe that only one embryo was viable, but it split! What are the odds of that?? It is so crazy! Even though I did know this was technically a possibility, I NEVER thought I would have it happen to me. We are so amazingly blessed and I am so thankful that we have stuck to our original plan of transferring every single one of our embryos. I can't wait to meet these last two babies to enter our family.


Heather SAHM to 6 who are 7 and under, including 2 sets of twins and our last little miracle, a surviving identical twin, born Oct 2012!

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Re: Holy Moly, my 3rd set of twins!

That is so amazing!!!
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That is sb amazing story! I'm so happy for you! And just in shock over three sets of twins!
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Re: Holy Moly, my 3rd set of twins!

too cool! congratulations you are one blessed mama!
Laura SAHM to DS 10/31/10, expecting someone new April 2014
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Ddc, congratulations. I think it's awesome that you made the commitment to transfer them all inn the beginning and stuck with it. you are so blessed!

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Re: Holy Moly, my 3rd set of twins!

DDC, Congrats Heather! That's so exciting!
Jennifer, homeschooling mom to 7
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Re: Holy Moly, my 3rd set of twins!

I am just so happy for you Heather
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Re: Holy Moly, my 3rd set of twins!

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Re: Holy Moly, my 3rd set of twins!

DDC So incredibly happy for you all! Congratulations!
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Re: Holy Moly, my 3rd set of twins!

DDC - Congrats!!! When your kids are all old and grown you should write a parenting book on twins...heck you should start it now.
Amanda hopelessly in love with my US Marine and three little men 12, 7.5 and 4 years<--what! When did that happen?
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