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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

Mine was fine, too. Induced for high (and rising BP) before it got to be scary high (1it was 190/90. . .).

I was 3-4 cm, started with breaking my water and labor did not start on its own. Began pitocin and had pretty intense labor but not horrible, I had her the same day, 7 hours of labor...only the last 3 were intense. I much preferred my 2nd naturally-beginning labor but was OK with how it ended. Did not end with an epi. I did just fine and was able to walk but be monitored every hour, move around the room, sit on the birthing ball, etc.


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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

I haven't been induced(my babies decide to come early), but my sister was just induced with her 1 mth old. She was 41w on the dot. Everything went smoothly and 10 hours after they started pit, my niece was here. All 9lbs of her! My sister pushed for exactly 10 minutes. Good luck!
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

With my LO, I had to be induced at 38w 4d due to kidney issues (with me) and IUGR.

I was SO anti-intervention and convinced that my labor would be long and hard.

I was given gel twice and was not dialated at all when we started. Then my water broke a few hours after the second application and 6 hours later my girl was born Being induced was much more of a positive experience for me than I could of guessed!
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

Oh, wanted to add I just had a friend last week be induced. Second baby, not dialated, suspected large based on previous baby. Used cervadil overnight, pitocen around 8am and baby was born at meds, no epi. Mama was very pleased with the experience
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

I had a good induction! you can read my birth story here:
first birth was a natural, med free, homebirth. 14 hours long. second birth induced at 39wk4days. 8 hours long. I was 1cm and 70% effaced at the start of pitocin. I did have an epidural, but still the birth was a lot like my first just shorter.
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

I guess mine was good with the end result being minimal interventions (no episiotomy, forceps, csection etc) but I did have an epidural though I didn't want to because I couldn't handle the contractions that were coming one on top of the other with the pitocin.

I went in in the afternoon and DS was born at 12:10 or something am, so not too long but it was really freaking painful. I wasn't dilated at all and he hadn't dropped at 8 days overdue, it was also required for me because of pain I was having otherwise I would have kept going! he was 9lb 3oz

oh, ETA: I did have low blood pressure issues after the epi and DS had decals. and I kept having to flip but that may have partially have been b/c he was actually right there, about to come out and they didn't know it, which can sometimes cause decelerations
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

both of my boys were induced and the whole labor lasted 1 hour each time(from the start of pit to when the baby was born) i have was totally happy with both deliveries. easy,fast and totally painless
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

I had 2 horrible inductions but 1 wonderful one with my DD. I went in the night before for cervadil because I wasn't dilated or effaced and she was large and past due. Then in the morning they started pitocin. I got an epi at about 5 cm and she was born quickly after that. I went to a 10 in just a couple of hours and pushed 3 times. It was so smooth and easy!

The other two were nightmares, so I'll spare you. If this one ends up needing an induction, I'm requesting to go in the night before for cervadil again. The two nightmare inductions were just pitocin in the morning and having them break my water right away. It went downhill from there both times.
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

I would describe my induction with DD1 as Great I had PreE and was on bedrest (in and out of hospital) for 3 weeks before being induced at 37 weeks. I was a FTM and my cervix was 1.5 cm and not effaced (so, not extremely favorable... I was nervous!). We had taken birth classes that advocated natural birth and Lamazze methods, which had a whole hour on the dangers of induction... so I immediately thought induction=emergency C-section. In the end, it wasn't my original birth plan but it was a perfect birth experience and I wouldn't change a thing (besides the bedrest and scary PreE stuff)!

I went into the hospital the night before at 8 pm, got cervadil and a sleep aid. I woke up at 5 am with an achy back and light, period type cramping. When they took out the cervadil at 8 am I was 3 cm and 40% effaced. At 10:30 am I was 4 cm and I got an epidural (my BP was spiking with the (still little more than period cramp) pain and the epidural immediately brought it down and saved me from getting systemic magnesium!) They started Pitocin (the lowest dose they can give, 2) by 11 am, and I took a glorious nap. I woke up at 1 pm, when the OB came to break my water.... I was 9.5 cm I felt the baby turn fully OA about 10 minutes later and holy rectal pressure. I started pushing at 1:30 and DD was born at 1:51 pm So, 12 hours of cervadil while I slept, 3 hours of pitocin, 20 minutes of pushing, no pain, my DD had a perfectly round head... who could pray for a gentler birth experience.

I hope for a perfectly normal, healthy pregnancy with no medical need for induction this time, but I won't be afraid if I have a reason to be induced again. DH seems to think it was "so easy and convenient" and likes to tell me we should plan an elective iduction... I told him he can when he grows a baby in his uterus.
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

Labor is not an experience that I enjoy or would call "good" or "great" in anyway, so take that for what it's worth.

I was induced with my youngest and I had no problems. It was a pit induction. It was very "controlled" in that we were trying to keep me from giving birth until my mom arrived back home from her vacation because we wanted my oldest to be in the room and that required another adult to be responsible for her, someone not my DH. So, they started my pit VERY slowly, my first "pit" contractions didn't really start until about an hour or two after they started the drip, on VERY low. Every couple of hours, they came in and turned it up a smidge. I was actually already contracting on my own, had been for two weeks, but they were very unproductive contractions, I was only dialated to .5cm when I went in for the induction.

I arrived at the hospital at 9am, I wasn't hooked up to the IVs until like 10:30, but my contractions didn't get intense until probably 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I had no epidural or other pain meds, and while I couldn't use the labor tub they had for pain relief, due to having to be monitored all the time because it was a pit induction, I was certainly able to walk around, move as needed. I just had to bring the IV pole with me ( I was also GBS+, so at some point there were antibiotics going too.)

At around 7:30, I had hit that "wall" they talk about. I was tired, I was hungry, I was at a point where there was very little relief between contractions. However, I knew from my previous experiences that when I get to that point, things move FAST. They checked me and I was at about 7cm. DH mentioned to me that if I changed my mind on the epidural, that now was the time. However, I had told my OB that I didn't really want one (prior to the induction of course) and that I knew that once I hit about 7 or 8cm, things move FAST. She checked me again and sure enough I was at 10, that fast. She told me that there was no time and they began scrambling to get stuff ready, because as predicted, things started flying and she was moving fast. I managed to push her out in just 2 pushes. I could have done it in one push, but it happened SO fast that I wasn't prepared mentally. Once I feel the urge to push, it kinda happens on it's own though. I had to force it to stop so that I could take a breath and collect myself. She was born just after 8pm. When they checked me at 7:30, I had sat down on the end of the bed, they broke the bottom down for me and pulled the top end up so that it ended up being a kind of a chair. When I hit 10 cm it simply wasn't possible for me to move so I ended up giving birth sitting pretty much straight up on the hospital bed. The doc raised it, with me sitting in it, so that everything was right at her level, but that's the only "change in position" that was really required.

All told, from the time I arrived at 9am until the time she was born just after 8, was 11 hrs (ish) and that was my shortest labor.

From a standpoint of not having gotten a C-section, of not getting an epidural, of giving birth how I "wanted," I suppose you could say it was a "great" or "successful" labor. I was glad I avoided a c-section, but even with a pit induction, I don't know that I was at any real greater risk of a c-section-baby was small (reason for the induction was suspected IUGR and low water that wasn't improving) and because I already had two prior vaginal deliveries under my belt.

ETA: I did want to mention, they asked me around 6 if I wanted them to break my water. I said no, but she was checking me when she asked and as she asked it broke. I don't believe she did it on purpose.
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