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Oh please! You don't need to see a nutritionist if you don't want to. That's silly! You're not gaining too much weight for twins, really. It makes me so sad when moms get upset or stress over weight gain in pregnancy. It doesn't matter what weight I am when I've gotten pregnant the last 4 times, I've ended up at 215-220 every time. Starting at 145 that was awful, starting at 174 and183 it wasn't so bad ya know? With my twins I went from 130-191 in 12wkd and as I said, 20lbs in 2wks when I was hospitalized. My dr said "Wow" and was more worried about PreE and edema more than "my" weight gain. And with #3 she said "hey, you're the one who has to push the baby out and lose the weight after" when I gained alot and explained high weight gain can cause bigger babies. That baby was my biggest at 9lb2oz but for gestation my 5th was the biggest at 8lb10oz at 37wks and I probably gained the least weight during that pregnancy or this one with another baby the same weight at 38wks but started 10lbs heavier and gained about 5lbs more.
Personally, I would rather gain more weight and try for bigger babies than less and have low birth weight babies. A lady I shared a bathroom with in the hosp only gained 30lbs and had 4lb babies at 36wks. A friend had 3 & 4lb babies at 37wks and she had really bad HG and didn't gain more than 25lbs.
(((hugs))) it's hard to just let go of control of your life, weight, etc but it's for a great reason! Those 2 babies need to be healthy!!


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I'd try not to worry too much, Katrina. I think you're conscious of your choices in food and eat healthily plus you are carrying twins. I'm no expert of course but you have to eat to sustain yourself and TWO babies and it sounds like you are doing just that with healthy food selection.
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Re: Gaining too much weight, starving!

My first pregnancy was twins. I read the book Having Twins, but did not eat enough or really integrate proper eating into my diet, w/ enough calories. The OB's I saw were useless w/ nutrition, especially in a twin pregnancy. My babies were born at 35 weeks. I had gained 42lbs and they weighed albs 14oz and 5lbs 5oz. I wish I had gained more, I know it would have made a difference, especially carrying them to term. I have since worked to eat better in pregnancy and not in pregnancy as well and learned much about nutrition, changing as I learn more and do better. I have had 9 more pregnancies, some gaining only 11lbs and my last gaining 47lbs. I personally feel your gain is just right for your body. I'd advise more protein and more fat, yes more fat. Fat and protein keep you full and your body needs it. Walk as you can to get exercise an eat, listen to your body. It is your best guide to what you and your babies need, not the midwife, OB, or a nutritionist.
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Originally Posted by KatrinaLoves
I drink toooons of water. It's pretty ridiculous.
I'm also getting about 100 grams of protein a day (at least). Earlier in the pregnancy I was aiming for 176, but it was too much for me to accomplish without suffering mentally and feeling sick, lol.

I've given up, and have decided to gain whatever my body is going to gain.
Neither my midwife nor my OB are experts in twin pregnancies (though I'm sure the OB would try to make a case for why he thinks he is :eyeroll. They put a referral in for me to see a nutritionist, but as I doubt they are well trained in multiple pregnancies, so I don't plan on going. They're only going to a.) Insult my intelligence with no-brainer nutrition advice that I probably already adhere to, or b.) tell me my protein intake is too high and/or give me other advice I disagree with. lol

I go in for my GD test in about 2 weeks, so hopefully that comes back good. Not a single person in my entire extended family has ever had any form of diabetes, even though many of them are morbidly obese. I was only about 10lbs overweight pp, so other than carrying twins I have no risk factors. I guess we'll see!
Good for you! Sounds like your doing exactly the right thing
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