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Re: Dilema with my OB :(

Originally Posted by tygr2410 View Post
I think you misunderstood..the nurse was saying that leaving it clamped would drain the baby of blood. THAT is a complete misconception. If the cord was cut and not clamped, yeah maybe, but not when it's still pumping blood from the placenta.

What your son had was polycythemia and hyperviscosity. There are a few causes, and delaying cord clamping can complicate it, but it's mostly seen in newborns that have a birth defect, babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes, or a genetic disorder (and some twin pregnancies). Was there a reason he was not treated with iv fluids, esp being jaundiced for weeks? Or an exchange infusion to lower his rbc count?
We avoided the infusion but had to do several bili counts even after discharge and photo-therapy. He had ZERO other risk factors. We had to stay (obviously) in the hospital much longer then expected and had many, many people in and out of our room looking over our son - it was like a circus. I was told he was the "reddest" baby our nurse had ever seen. When they let us go home we had another nurse come to our house for several days. I was specifically told (by the dr who took over his care) that the condition was caused because the MW delayed clamping the cord. I have no idea how long she delayed it but I do remember that it wasn't done right away. At the time I didn't know anything about it as it wasn't discussed with us I've learned about it after the fact. However just about every report I can find online talking about delayed cord clamping mentions jaundice as a side effect - it isn't something rare or unknown that, that happens to some kids - just our extreme outcome is more rare. For us it wasn't too huge of a deal - I've dealt with jaundice before and was comfortable with a hospital birth/longer stay/nurse at our home BUT I know many people on DS would HATE going through all that medical care if there was a way to avoid it. (ETA - I should also mention I am in Canada so the expense of all this didn't even factor in but that may be a HUGE concern to some people.) It is pretty much as far away from natural childbirth and babymooing as you can get. I don't think someone should blindly follow (my) some random person's advice on the internet to make decisions about their birth BUT I do hope my experience will cause others to talk to their DR/MW when making this decision and not just letting someone else decide for them. As I mentioned I had never even heard of delayed clamping before that decision was taken away from us.

Best of luck to the OP. I am going to bow out of the thread now since I don't want to hyjack - BUT any of you are more then welcome to PM me.


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