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Re: vbac mamas

When I had my last VBA2C baby, I arrived at the hospital in active labor, dilated to 6cm and still had them try to deny me a vaginal birth. I was there perhaps three hours before Marie was born, if that, and there was one doctor who spent that whole time trying to browbeat me into an ERCS, going so far as to not only outright lie about the risk of rupture (the actual risk for a woman with two c-sections is 0.9%; she claimed it is 2%) but to then turn to my husband and essentially say "the baby could turn out like you". Given that experience, there is no way I would willingly have dealt with it for the whole 15 hours I was in labor with her.


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Re: vbac mamas

Originally Posted by Sophia&Daria View Post
Aren't you nervous that you won't know if something goes wrong?
I know for myself, after having done extensive research on the risks of VBAC to Csection...I found myself more nervous about what if something went wrong during the section...that in itself carries more risks to you and baby than the VBAC does, (provided taht everything is "normal" and normal is relative...)

I had 2 sections prior to my first vbac...those sections were not unnecessary, they were to deliver 34 weekers that my body could no longer carry...but my last 2 children were VBA2C and were awesome births, and recoveries. The first one I went in asap like I was told. It was ridiculous. I go to a practice where there is at least 10 OBs adn they work wiht eachother so I am not guaranteed that my OB will be on. My OB was the only one at that time who was comfortable with my VBA2C decision. So the OB that was on when I got there found every excuse to have me put in bed. It was exhausting and I didn't have a labor stalled out, and it was just not pleasant. Now this child was concieved only 4 months after my last section was performed. Then fast forward 15 months from that birth, our 4th child was born. I stayed at home until I felt like it was time for me to go drop off our children. I dropped off my children and planned on going to the hospital to walk around. That way I was close, BUT not registered and having to submit to hospital rules and regulations. But I went from every 10 min. contrax to no break in between. We raced to the hospital, which was a few minutes from where we were and then 9 minutes later she was born. It was quick and awesome.

I am also considered a high risk pregnancy. I am diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes almost as soon as I have a positive pregnancy test. The last 3 pregnancies for me, I was on insulin by 8 weeks...and yet my OBGYN still believes that it is safer for me to deliver naturally than it is for me to have a surgical procedure.

Research the HECK out of csection risks. Go to ICAN's website. Go to a local chapter mtg if you can. Look into a doula, she will be an awesome resource for you to have to keep your brain from being tricked into falling for scare tactics. If a doula is out of your price range, find out if there is a local organization that provides doulas at an affordable cost. I know in my area, we have doulas who will volunteer so many births a year, and then others that work on sliding fees.

My biggest piece of advice though is this...

DO NOT let FEAR rule your decision. Allow the research, facts and info work out for you. The risk of something happening to you on the drive to the hospital (car accident or whatever) is probably higher than the risk of rupture during a VBAC..
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Ladies, thank you! You are amazing.
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Re: vbac mamas

Originally Posted by Sophia&Daria View Post
Ladies, thank you! You are amazing.
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Labor at home as long as possible! Do no allow pitocin at all. I read Ina May's guide to natural childbirth and a ton of other resources that most people who had problems were on pit. Pit makes contractions stronger and can increase chance of rupture. Be knowledgable of signs of rupture like a burning feeling even in btwn contractions, a hard bulge in that area, etc. Just be well prepared and go for it. The more natural it is, the higher your chance of success! Also the more freedom you have to move around and feel emotionally comfortable, the better. Another safety precaution is to get an ultrasound close to the due date to check that there are no knots in the cord, around baby's neck, placenta is attached away from surgical scar of last c section, placenta is attached above baby- not placenta previa. I've read of some women having the scar ultrasounded to make sure the area wasn't too thinned out. This way no surprises will hit you really and if you happen to deliver at home, you know all is safe.
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