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Re: S/O Words on boys clothes

I am not overly thrilled about them. DFS doesn't have any like that. He has one that is a wind up robot that says "I'm wound up," which is funny since he is a sensory kid. But overall, I don't prefer shirts that have that kind of stuff on them.


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Re: S/O Words on boys clothes

I don't like that kind of stuff and my son doesn't wear it.
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I am not big into them, but we have a couple I think are cute, my favorite being "dude, your girlfriend keeps checking me out". And they do have a "hunk" towel...didnt really consider it being sexual, but I guess I could see why it could seem weird. Funny that i never thought about that.That said, I'd never do "juicy", "hot", "sexy" etc. As they very clearly say sexual to me.
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I can't say I see a ton of wordy shirts anymore now that we're well past onesies. Maybe I don't pay attention lol. We have a lot of dinosaur, dogs, construction trucks, star wars, etc. I wouldn't give much thought to it if I saw another kid in them unless it was something really off the wall weird.
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Re: S/O Words on boys clothes

I never liked word shirts much, My mother sent Dd one that says Mommy's little helper and it was nice applique each letter a different fabric so that one we did use, but most look tacky, especially the ones that sexualize little ones.
Ds had a Christmas one with my Dad is cool and snow flakes, but only wore it a couple times.
I love the Mini boden boys tees over all the others I've seen, cute applique pictures my all time favorites and no advertizing. Like these
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Ds doesn't wear anything that insinuates that he is hot, sexy, or ready to be in a relationship( like lock up your daughters or chicks dig me.) He did have one romper that said handsome...that was ok for some reason...doesnt seem as sexual? He has had some cute tees like Lynyrd Skynyrd (loves that one), Batman, and one with Captain America & all those characters. Oh and a Karate Kid one. Kind of vintagey baby tee shirts. He has also had some baseball shirts that say hero or homerun hero on them...dh loves baseball.
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I think some things are cute like "mommys boy" or something. I dont like the ones that say im hot etc. I have no issue with liitle boy tank tops and shorts though
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Re: S/O Words on boys clothes

We prefer no words whatsoever. I hated when they were smaller and it seemed like Carters (or whoever) couldn't manager to make a sleeper without adding a stupid little appliqué word. I can only think of a single shirt my son has right now with any words. On the front it has a small chest emblem of a skull and says rock out. On the back it a boombox.

That brings up another thing that came up recently. We do skulls here and actually I totally love them.

We also avoid sports stuff.
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My boys don't wear those types of shirts. I don't think its cute or appropriate.

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Re: S/O Words on boys clothes

So in light of the bikini discussion I wanted to get opinions about boys clothes.

How you do feel about shirts that say "Ladies Man", "Most Elligible Bachelor" or "Heartbreaker"? "

I preffer more classy one that does not say words, or say words more kid friendly. I have one that said "drink more chocolate milk." or something like that, which I found silly and funny. My MIL bought that one for my son.

My son is 6 years old. I do not want him wearing "ladies man," "Most elligible bachelor," or "heartbreaker." that's just silly. lol But I probablly would let my baby wear them if someone gifted. I am blessed to have a MIL who buys clothe for the kids, so I usually do not do clothe shopping for my children. If my MIL picked those for the baby, I'd put them on the baby esp. around the house esp. if he made stain on the clothe often and is in need of new ones.
Baby being ladies man, to me, equals baby is very cute looking and gets "Awwww." from ladies often. "heartbreaker" for the baby boy is same to me; baby is so cute and touches one's heart. But my baby is most definintely not "most elligiable bachelor" though. lol not sure how I feel about that one, but I'd put one on the baby if I'm running out of baby clothe due to stains. lol but avoid taking my baby out public in it.

I think also, to me, baby clothe is more of a functional im like a diaper. lol becuase some babies get stain and need to be changed so very often/day. Sometiems at every diaper change. So I'd put oe on the baby... like if I was running out of a diaper, I'd put some kind of diaper on the baby regardless of how silly it might look. lol haha.

But for older children, I think it says some more. The child does not need to be changes so much like a baby, so it's bit less fuctional and more fashionable thing, something that should be more "appropreate."
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