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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

DS is intact. I am an intactivist and will not circ any future sons. No complications here.


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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

ds1 in circumcised. Not because we wanted it, but because we felt like we had no choices. A little before 6 weeks we had a regular check up with him. He was intact and the nurse retracted him, causing problems. At that time we also learned he had two urethra openings. The Pediatrician said circumcision was the only treatment. So we did at 6 weeks. A year later I found out that there is actually a cream (I think with hormones in it) that would have made his foresking slightly looser to relieve pressure off one of the urthera openings. What I wish I would have known back then what I know now.... We no longer see that Pediatric clinic.

ds2 is intact. Just like ds1 we felt that circumcision wasn't needed. Luckily we see a Pediatrician who was trained in Europe where being intact is common and the norm. So he knew not to touch ds2's foreskin.

We haven't had any problems with either. Any future boys will of course be intact.
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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

It never came up with my boys. It is not the Done thing here in NZ very very few doctors do it and if you want it done it costs alot of money. Its one of those things where if you chose to do it you keep it to yourself. Thats what its like here anyway

I do have 2 brother that were done at 2 and 4yrs for medical resons. Both have had children and never had there boys (total of 6 boys between them) done.
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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

I was all set to do it because that what "everyone else does." My doula very gently talked to me about it several times and just really got me to thinking about it. I started asking other parents of young boys if they circ'd and why they did and no one really had a valid or strong reason for doing so. Asked DH his opinion about it and he said he wanted to do it. When I asked why his only reason was because it's cleaner and he'll look like me.

Started researching and the reasons for and against were conflicting. But, what stood out to me against doing it were: 1) we wouldn't in a heart beat think about doing it to our DD. 2) It is not necessarily a painless procedure. 3) You can't undo it if you change your mind.

So I went back and forth, but ultimately I didn't see what right I had to alter God's perfect creation. I know circ'ing is in the Bible, and I am a believer, but since I don't fully understand the religious reasons for doing it, I didn't feel right going through with it.

One more thing that sealed the deal for me was a comment a mama made on an intactivist thread. She said something to the effect that she'd rather her son be temporarily mad at her for not doing it and then make the decision to do it himself later than for him to be mad at her because she did do it. That made total sense to me and I knew I could live with myself for not doing it.

DS is happily intact and at 2 we've never had a problem. As I stumble upon videos or other articles about circ'ing, I am sooooo glad we didn't do it. If this one is a boy it won't even be up for discussion.
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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

We don't see any reason to circ our little one.
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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

my 1st 2 are circ'd- 18 yrs ago the research was incorrect and I didn't choose to think for myself- or for my little ones. Actually I had no clue about it with my 1st and with my 2nd, my EX insisted bc the 1st was and so was he . With our 3rd, I was more informed and a stronger person and I put my foot down. The only problems my kids have ever had is the 1st (one of the 2 who is circd). So, 2 regretfully circ'd, 3 joyfully intact.
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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

My first son was against my wishes. I begged and begged and begged for his father not to okay it. I just wasn't winning the argument. I really tried too. But if my baby i'm pregnant with now, is a boy, he will not be. This child's has a different father, and i have more control over this pregnancy and parenting. I think it should be up to the boy when he decides to make that decision.
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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

My nearly 2 week old one and only son is happily intact. He throws such a fit over diaper changes as it is, I can just imagine how much more they would piss him off if he had been circed! Honestly it didn't once enter our minds to have it done. I'm grateful that it was a non-issue for my (circumcised) husband and me. I remember signing the ok to circumcise for my first when we got checked in at the hospital. I was completely uninformed and ignorant about it at the time (nearly 12 years ago) so I'm glad she was a girl so I don't have that regret to live with.
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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

DS 1 circed, DS 2 intact. I really didn't know any better and I just did what everyone else did. I wish I had not had it done, but I don't beat myself up about it. He had some adhesions here and there, nothing major and it doesn't seem to be bothering him now. I rarely even think about DS2 being intact. Its much less hassle. DS1 has not noticed any difference yet.
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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

i would have circ'd ds, just cause everyone i know does. my whole family is circ'd. i don't judge anyone who did it, it's just so normal here in north america, most people, myself included, were raised thinking it was best and the only way. and, of course, no matter our decision, we're all just trying to do what we think is best for our kids.

but dh is from a country where circ isn't done, and once i explained what it was, he freaked out and said i couldn't do it. i had all the usual reasons, cleanliness, etc. but dh was just like "um, you have to clean it. so.....? just give him baths....." and the whole "look like his dad" thing went the other directions for me, so i started researching it, and decided, i didn't WANT to do it anyways. i'm so so glad to have the dh i have. i would never have thought to look into it otherwise. no other son we have will be circ'd. it's no longer even a consideration, even if i still wanted it, dh would pretty much die to stop it from happening, he's pretty laid back about most things, but this was something he stood firm on. the pediatricians we've seen have been pretty up-to-date and don't mess with trying to retract his foreskin. dh of course just thinks it's normal to not mess with it, and knows it won't retract yet, and is a whole lot more knowledgable about it than me, although he just calls it common sense but it's not very common for me....the only person i have to keep from trying to retract it is my mom, she's a post partum nurse and insists i have to. she won't believe my so-called "research", so i finally just told her not to touch my son's penis or she wouldn't be babysitting anymore, so she stopped. but i know she still worries that he'll get infected. whatever. we haven't had any issues. and i figure, dh has never had any issues, and he has 2 brothers, 7 nephews, and a multitude of cousins, etc, who i presume are all intact, and he had never even HEARD of circ'ing, so presumable not a single one of them has ever had to have it done for medical reasons even. that's good enough for me
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