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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

For our family yes. I bought used and spent around $150 (I could have gone cheaper) on a NB stash that fit him until about 3 months when he moved to OS. He didn't have a disposable touch his butt until he was 10 weeks old and you can't tell me can get 10 weeks worth of 7th gen or huggies p&n for 150. PLUS, baby number 3 is on the way and will be the 2nd baby to use this stash BUT I have added a dozen bg AIO to the mix for about $75. I think as long as you are planning to put more then one baby through it is MORE then cost effective!


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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

I don't know that it saved enough to pay for itself. (prefolds & covers) However when I switched to pockets, it was so easy compared to the prefolds that I don't even think that extra load of laundry is inconvenient! I never had leak issues with cloth like I did with sposies.
I use the prefolds as changing mats. I also use them for her to sit on if I give her diaper free time.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

I suspect we might end up about even with our newbie since the local university stores sell Huggies NB's for $1.74/pack, and I got all of my NB stash gently used. If she comes out smaller than family traditions seem to indicate we may be further ahead in CD's. I expect to either use my NB stash again or sell it, or possibly both. It was important to me to get myself and DH into the CD'ing routine while baby is small and easier to diaper, and if she has anywhere near the skin sensitivities that I do she may not tolerate sposies anyway (I couldn't as a baby). Not to mention the prospect of fewer blowouts in CD's is very appealing, I'd rather wash diapers than the whole outfit plus the whole baby!

I was lucky enough to find a daycare provider who CD'd her 3 children in prefolds/covers so I'm looking at this as an opportunity to try a bit of EVERYTHING before settling on an OS (or sized) stash since I know I will be able to send her in whatever ends up working for us. I do wonder whether used AIO's or fitteds/covers will end up being more cost effective based on their resale value, the AIO's were definitely more discounted compared to their regular retail prices, and Kissa's 0's show their age far more than any of the NB AIO's do (except maybe Lil Joeys).

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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

Definitely! We are using the same diapers for the 3rd child, so for us, the savings haas been significant. However, I think even just using them for one baby is better than Sposies.

3 dozen newborn prefolds-$72
6 Sunbaby pockets-$30 (I use them as covers, because my kids didn't do well with flece against their skin. I like using pockets because there is no exposed PUL, plus, I *could* stuff them for dh or my mom if needed)
Washcloths for wipes-$1 for 4, get 40, so $10. I find the washcloths at my $1 store.
I use a trashcan as my pail, I made a fleece liner for it. Basically take a rectangle of fleece and sew it in half on three sides. I added elastic at the top, but you don't have to. It cost me about $3 to make, and I've had it for four years. Or, you could buy one, I'm guessing they are $15? Although, I shouldn't count that because its something that will be used all throughout the diapering years, but Ill add it in anyway.

Total spent is $122-$137

You could probably sell it and get back 30-50%, depending on condition. So say you get back $50. That brings you total output back down to about $75. And I'm thinking you would use this stash for 3 months.

Alternately, you could buy 3-4 dozen flats, and use them for your child's entire diapering time. So even though you spend $54-$72, it's not just for the first 3 months. Flats are super durable, easy to care for, and get a great fit on every body type. We've used flats and prefolds exclusively after trying fitteds and pockets. I've never had an issue, and we havent had to buy new diapers in a long time. They are indestructible lol.

Now, buying disposable diapers, wipes, diaper genie refills, ect. would cost between $3-$4 per day, depending on brand. Let's go with $3.50 per day, times 90 days. That's $315. And you have nothing but stinky diaper genie chains to show for it lol.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

Yes, especially if you use them on multiple children, then sell them when you're done.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

For ds2 I bought a ton of things that only lasted 3 weeks. I sold majority of them and funding new diapers but it was a bit of a pain.

For dd and child #3 I had kept 4 xs and sm thirsties covers, 2 bsww covers and purchased a girly thirsties duo size. Had orange edge pfs and yellow edge prefolds and bought a dozen flats she is still wearing.

If you go this route it is totally worth it! I did get 3 used fitteds 2 sbish and one misc fitted. I really did not use them that much but they fitted until 2 months. I also had got an amazing deal on brandnew swaddlebees nb pockets (the organic ones) I got 5 for like $20 the company was going out of business and I had 1 swaddlebee from ds2 left.

It was worth it for me. I basically cded her for under $75 for the first 7 months. The flats I plan on using until she is pl'ed
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

I think it is worth it but I plan to use infant prefolds and Thirsties Duo Size 1 covers, which last longer than regular newborn sizes. My pregnant sister will be using our newborn stash first and then passing it to me. The cost for 24 prefolds and 6 covers will cost far less than disposables for 2 newborns. Even with the additional cost of the 12 NB Fleece Pockets i'll be making us it's still less than disposables.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

i think its worth it just not to waste money on sposies that u throw away and fill our landfills.. i like to buy used but i tend to buy too much (just cause i have a little fluff addiction) so have i( with ds 1 &2) and will i (with ds3) i think maybe not but i always sell when im done so at least i make some money back, but alas the money goes right back to more cd's i dont need! lol
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We didn't CD DS#1 from birth because he was 8 lbs and didn't fit into size small until he was maybe 4 weeks old or so and I didn't buy nb diapers. He went through so many sposies I have no idea what we spent in those 4 weeks. We used ones from the hospital and the baby shower and still had to buy plenty to get by. We used pampers swaddlers with the pee indicator and as soon as he would pee in a sposie he would want to be changed. He probably went through at least 20 diaper changes per day. It was ridiculous! After we switched to cloth he lasted longer between diaper changes, so we were able to change him every 1-2 hours while awake. With DS#2 due in 6 days I did buy nb diapers. Even though this is our last baby the resale value will be great and we won't have to go through dealing with the smell and blowouts and crazy frequent diaper changes with sposies like last time.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

Well, I'm sure hoping that after selling my newbie stash when she outgrows it (I'm not having any more babies) that it comes out at least even or a little more expensive than sposies would be. It depends on the diapers you choose to use, I'm sure. I have invested a lot of money in my newbie stash and I'm working on making the larger sizes myself to save money so that when it's all said and done...I hope that it's cost effective.
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