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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

Interesting question!

Through 3 months old we change 20-26 diapers a day and did laundry daily. Mostly prefolds, but a few AIOs pockets and fitteds in there. And most of them were dirt cheap on craigslist. So considering how many sposies we didn't buy and how we can resell them for around the same price paid we definitely came out ahead.

If we have more I would be quite tempted to build up a cute little NB stash just for the fun of fluffy mail and cute itty bitty diapers, but I'd be bothered by the price of something you use for such a short time (our 9 pounder outgrew them fast).


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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

It really worked out for us. We bought a lot of 20 ME fitteds + 3 covers used on the local craigslist for $120 and they were only used on one baby and in super shape. The price was great and she had lots of interest. We've used them on DD and are keeping them for future kiddos too. Once we are done with them they will likely still be in very good shape since you use them for such a short time, and I suspect we can sell them for the same or close to the same price depending on how they are holding up. Voila - free NB diapering!

Also, DD had trouble gaining at first and it was really awesome to have diapers that fit even when she was super skinny. Plus keep in mind that when they go through those 5 diapers at once and you are in sposies, well, out they go, whereas with cloth you can just do a wash sooner.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

from most recent experience (dd is 4 mnths old).

some one purchased for us a $50 box of pampers nb and we went through it in a week and a half! so yeah in our case our nb stash def. was worth it. but I also purchased used nb pfs, and size one thirsties I could use once she out grew the nb stage. and I was able to resell them so I hardly paid for DD's nb stash.
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Definitely. We more than recouped our cost for our DS. And any future babies will be diapered for virtually free :-)
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

I think for most it's worth it because the resale value is so high. I prefer to get a better fit from the start rather than try to use a one size.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

We started with 18 premie prefolds, 36 infant prefolds and 10 covers.

I sold 12 infant prefolds and 7 covers. 2 covers (Bummi Whisper Wrap) still fit my 12.5 lb 4 month old.

The 18 premie's are being used as doublers in my pockets. The infant prefolds are being used still and he is not close to outgrowing them.

I have paid a total of $250 on my stash, including my newborn and 23 pockets. I have looked for seconds and sales and bought used from craigslist.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

I honestly didn't think so before I had my last baby so I decided to skip doing an actual newborn stash. I had a few prefolds and cheap covers (a VERY small stash of them) and our OS stuff and honestly I wish I'd had invested in the newborn AIO stash I really wanted. We ended up struggling to use the prefolds because of being sleep deprived and the OS were awkward, so we ended up using mostly disposables. Disposables ended up costing way more than I anticipated and he was always rashy in them. I could have bought a newborn stash and not even bothered selling it and come out even compared to what sposies ended up costing us. Not to mention 6 weeks of fighting rashes.

We are all done with having babies, but if we were ever to have a "surprise" or adopt, I would totally go with a nice newborn stash. They have GREAT resale. I'd probably do 24 AIOs like Grovia NB or Simplex NB and keep it easy and fun.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

Ok I'm convinced, it sounds like it can be cost-effective to cloth diaper a newborn, especially if you go the prefolds/covers route and resell when finished. I had forgotten just how many diapers I went through in the newborn stage...most of that stage is a fog lol.
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Re: Is CDing a NB cost effective?

Definitely. We purchased 12 small GMD flats and 18 GMD newborn prefolds. The flats are nice because they will last past the newborn stage anyway. And obviously the GMD prefolds will sell very easily when we are done with them. I ordered 4 newborn sized covers of various types and I already had a bunch of Thirsties duo size 1's so I feel we are totally prepared.

Now if one went and bought this many AIO's it may not be as cost effective. But I think this route it will be perfect. And I prefer having the cotton against a newborn skin rather than AIO stay dry type materials anyway.
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