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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts


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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts

awful! I called the police a month or so ago on a car driving beside me...a little one (MAYBE 2, probably younger) technically in a car seat, but not actually buckled. The other (MAYBE 5, also probably younger) in no seat, and no seatbelt
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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts

I think the problem is that we have all these laws but then so many police officers don't really know all the laws or they don't care that much. After our car accident one officer offered to take us home (20 minute drive); however he said, "but I don't have carseats. You'll have to just buckle up." I stared at him and said, "um, that's illegal and not smart." Then I told him it was fine and we had a ride home. I had to use the carseats from the wreck to get home and then I had some extras to use before we got ours replaced. There is so much ignorance out there.
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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts

I wish all police officers were required to become cpst's. Maybe then they'd actually do something about kids like this. I can't believe that woman knows her kids would die in a wreck and just flat out doesn't care. Mother of the year right there. My nearly 4 year old is still rear facing, and my 5 year old is still harnessed. My 5 year old nephew rides regularly in just a seat belt but I did finally knock some sense into my BIL about keeping my 1 year old niece rear-facing, and my SIL just bought an OnBoard to keep my 11 month old nephew rear-facing until he's 40lbs
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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts

And I have to deal with this stuff all of the time! My 4.5 yr old is still harnessed, ff, and my twins are only 1.5 but are ff (safer rear facing, I know but being pregnant and having to lug two 30# kids to a third row seat rf is hard)... Anyways, my sisters and sil all have young kids and none of them follow the laws on carseats....well, they follow the "law" but not the recommendations...for instance, my older sister has a 5yo and an almost 4yo (who is around 25#) who both ride in a low back booster seat. Or just on the regular seat...with a seat belt tucked behind them because it rubs their neck....

My little sister has an almost 2yo and an almost 1yo....they are both ff in harnesses. Under 1 and ff!!!

My sil lives with my Grandparents because my brother is in jail (another story) but she has a 1.5 yo and a 2.5 yo...they usually drive around with my grandparents and don't even use car seats half the, they have those $50ish carseats that's just a basic seat...from Walmart..anyways, they took off the cover to wash because they were so dirty and now it's just a hard plastic shell, not even any straps!! They put that in the seat, then put the kid in and wrap a seat belt around it..... I have told them and told them and told them all about the risks associated with ant stuff, but it falls on deaf ears...
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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts

I know quite a few people like that. It's not so much that they don't care that their kids are in danger but they are too ignorant to think that it could ever happen to them.
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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts

They should ride with me sometime. My 2 year old screams too tight almost the whole time in the car, but I love her enough to do it right.
When we had to call 911 a few months ago, I told them that I would not let my 2 year old ride in the ambulance without me, and I also had to bring along my nursing infant. They agreed but when the fireman buckled him in to the jump seat he had him almost in a straight up and down position!!! They all should be trained. Next time I will have a friend bring him to me in their own car. And unfortunately there will be a next time. Also the ambulance did not have a proper kid harness on the gurney. So glad that the transport team to the children's hospital is much more qualified, knowledgable, and overall wonderful!!
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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts

I hope you see her again and they get her this time! Maybe she has never seen a video of what happens in a car during an accident? Thats what made it real for me!
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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts

An SUV went by our house the other day with a toddler sitting on the lap of an unbelted 4-5 year old.
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Re: Rant about a mom with her little ones in no carseats/seatbelts

Good for you for keeping an eye on that family.

This reminds me of something I remember when I was probably 6 years old. My mom recently reminded me of it when I was buckling my baby into a car seat.

There was a girl in my kindergarten class, and (as my mom tells me now) her mother was always pestering the other mothers for playdates. My mom let her take me swimming with them one day. She dropped me off at the pool and I played with the other girl and her little sister (who was maybe 4).

The other girls mother was going to drive me home. We all 3 got in the back seat and I started to put my seatbelt on. The other girl stopped me and said "if you are over 6 you don't need a seatbelt." I think I replied that my mom said I needed one. Then, HER MOM said, no you don't need a seatbelt after 6. The little sister tried to take hers off, and her mom made her put it back on and she cried. I tried to put mine also and the friend stopped me and wouldn't let me.

When I got home, I told my mom EVERYTHING. All I can remember now is that I was never allowed to play with that girl again. Her mother even offered to pay for taking me to disney world, and my mom said no way.

And...maybe a month later, or sometime when we were still in kindergarten, this little girl whom I was no longer allowed to play with showed up at school 2 hours late. She was missing 2 of her front teeth, because she had been sitting in the front seat, no belt, and her mother had to slam on the breaks. She flew forward and smacked her face on the dashboard and had lost her front teeth.

At recess, I think, I went up to her and smugly said "that is what happens if you don't wear a seatbelt." She told me "no a seatbelt would have been worse because it would have broken, or something silly, I really can't remember. I went home and told my mom again that this girl lost her teeth because of no seatbelt, and my mom said something about her mother being crazy...

My mom reminded me about this and said when we were little (mid-80s) so few parents she knew took carseats seriously.
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