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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

A lot of great ideas, thanks I'll run these by DH


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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

Glad you posted this, I have been stressing about this too!! Especially since we have an hour+ drive to the birth center. I love the idea of assigning people days to be on call. I might just do that!
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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

I was stressed about this too, I was so worried about my DS that all through my pregnancy I had told my DH that he will watch him and I will deliver by myself. It ended up that my MIL offered, Im sure yours will be happy to. My delivery was short during the day, and my DS got to come right after I delivered ans spent the rest of my time at hospital hanging out with me and DH. It was perfect! Good luck!
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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

We asked friends (or actually, they offered) to watch ours. They kept them at their house and they had a blast. We were able to completely focus on the labor and delivery.
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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

I am thinking my neighbor/landlord will get dd when she starts to bug me - she has offered and I would like dd close, she lives about 3 doors down and dd ADORES her baby...she had the same midwife in January and is letting me use some of her things so I can have a birth tub =)

Mil is leaving to head here and can take over if we have a long birth, she is planning on leaving pretty immediately so she should be here within 9-10 hrs MAX so I'm not sticking her with the neighbor for days on end. I do have a backup in case she is sick or cannot do it - a friend that lives a few blocks away - a sahm who doesn't care if it is day or night.

Thankfully dd is almost 4 and super easy going - she would go home happily with anyone for any length of time.
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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

i bet, if you asked your friends, they would LOVE to help out. no matter how busy they are, most people are pretty willing to drop everything and help when it comes to a new baby. i would do like you mentioned, ask all 4 that you trust. explain the situation, tell them you are really understanding about their busy schedule, and that you have several people willing, so that if you call and they can't do it, they shouldn't feel pressure, because someone will, but you just want to know that they would be a possiblity. i bet they'll be fine with it.

somewhat different situation, but when i was getting ready to have ds, i didn't have any other kids. but, dh was out of the country and was not going to make it to the birth, and both his family and my family lived a 2.5 hr plane flight away. my mom and sister were planning on coming down a week before my due date, but could only stay for a week after, so there was a lot of concern that if i didn't deliver RIGHT ON TIME that i would be all by myself, with no help, no one to drive me to the birth center, etc. all of my friends were single, childless, and worked full time, and frankly we had grown apart some as i stopped going out drinking and partying since i was pregnant, and just not that into it anymore anyways. but, i talked to several of them, explained that i didn't know who else to asked, and they all agreed to be on call for an emergency drive to the birth center if necessary, even though they weren't going to actually stay for the birth. they jumped at the chance really, they were thrilled to have been asked. i even had coworkers who knew the situation offering to be on call. i had a whole list of people, many of them either volunteers, or clearly flattered to have been asked, ready to jump out of bed in the middle of the night and come if i needed them. it was pretty amazing. but most people are always willing to help when it comes to stuff like this, no matter how busy their life might be

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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

With our second, we actually had a girl (adult) living with us, and so when we were heading to the hospital (believing they would just check me and send me home) we just asked her to watch DD1 for us until we got home. DD was still sleeping, it was early morning, so no big deal. Yeeeeahhh, we got to the hospital and they prepped me for delivery and DS was born 10 minutes later. So by the time DH went home, DD1 was up and having breakfast with the girl, so he just picked her up and brought her back to meet her brother.
With the third, again it was early morning but we had asked MIL to come be with the kids. They live close and neither of our moms have ever been in the room so it wasn't stepping on toes. Plus MIL is in LOVE with her role as grandmother and was honoured that we asked her to watch the kids. And the third was a very quick birth, so it wasn't like she was out of the loop for ages. This time, we'll probably ask either MIL again, or SIL, since they both live really close on neighbouring acreages. I'm really blessed to have family close by.
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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

With DS2 we had a neighbor that offered to come at a moments notice even if it was the middle of the night. My grandma and aunt (who live the closest) were both happy to be on call if/when we needed them to watch DS1. My mom (who lives an hour away) would be available also.

The only person in the delivery room for DS 1 was DH. My mom was at the hospital but when things got intense she left the room per my request.

As it turned out we didnt' need anyone to watch DS1 since I was at work and went to the hospital with mild contractions and had him 15 min later. DH and DS1 (who were at home) got there 30 min after DS2 was born. (we live 30 min from hospital).

This time I will probably have the same arrangement set up and when the day comes we will deal with it. Both my grandma and aunt said they would entertain the boys at the hospital if needed. My secret hope is that it will occur during the day while DS1 is at school and DS2 at daycare.
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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

The birth center here has a separate room that kids can be in, and the midwife requires that someone other than anyone on the birth team be there to watch any smal children. A friend of ours volunteered to be on call for our homebirth, but ironically she had to go turn in a paper during the 10h minutes that I was pushing. Lol. Even the best plans can go awry..
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Re: What to do with other kids during the birth?

We've done different things with different kids BUT the general plan is usually...
My mom who is a doula moves in with us around 36 weeks (I deliver earlier then most)
--I would ask your mil especially if you get along well with her to just come--

When labour starts if there is another adult around (once my MIL was there, once my Dad was) then Dh, Mom and I go to the hospital.

IF there is not another adult around - Dh is left with the kids and Mom and I go alone.

Dh then waits for help to arrive in the form of another adult, so he can pass the kids off and come.

--My family all lives an hour away in different directions and my dad still works also an hour away, so we will just call everyone and see who can drive the fastest. We will also keep a schedule of other people we know and who is available at what time.--

If my labour is going REALLY fast and it doesn't look like DH will be able to get the kids passed off on time then he is going to bring them to the hospital. There is a lobby area near the delivery rooms - my mom and him can take turns watching the kids until we can get someone there.

I *want* my Dh and Mom to be there the entire time BUT in the end all that matters is me getting there - eveyone else is just gravy
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