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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

I never make separate meals.

I do try to cook things that I know everyone likes. My youngest is VERY picky but she knows she has to still take her bites. She makes "yuck" faces but eats at least the required two bites.

I do slip my youngest lots of food during the day. She is very tiny so I'm trying to be sure she is getting all she can possibly eat


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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

meat is a texture thing for a lot of kids and he may just not be crazy about it. I would say at that age it's a little early for him to have defined dislikes as their tastes change so much. I think if he's gotten the choice in the past and he knows he can drink milk till he feels full he'll just pout and hold out for whatever his favorite and "safe" foods are to avoid trying anything new. Were it me, I'd withhold the bottle till after his meal. At that age you want them filling up on meals and the milk should come after he's full. Water only at the dinner table. From what you describe, it sounds like he's just afraid to try new foods and he had plenty of choices of foods at that meal. I can honestly say there are only a couple things that I know my oldest won't eat and I let him have a pb sandwich on those nights. He's almost 10 though. Breakfast and lunch aren't structured around here so if he had requested a bagel instead of cereal I would have just let him have it. Choices are good for toddlers, it helps them feel a little more in control. Stick to your guns with dinner though, or it will just get worse. My sil lets her ds eat reeses for breakfast because "if I don't he won't eat anything"...
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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

Originally Posted by jacksmommy1 View Post
They are small potatoes. Kinda the size of a small redskin/creamer potato. You boil them in salted water and serve with butter. It is a local thing I think
Yep, they're a local thing...that, Utica greens, and chicken riggies, yum
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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

most day it is just me and the kids - so no other adult to cook I generally cook something I know everyone will eat. I never purposely make something that is odd and make them eat it.

I will also usually ask what they are hungry for tonight - rice or noodles? sandwich, tortilla, etc..

If they are really being bratty about not eating (like not eating but asking for a cookie) I will keep the plate out and if they ask later I give them the plate back to finish.

I have also found that if they eat a big lunch then dinner will be substantially smaller - so I try to keep that in mind.

And if at bedtime they are still hungry I will generally off a granola bar or some yogurt to get to sleep.

I will not normally make them something - they refuse - and then go back and make something totally different - I think that just fuels the fire
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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

My ds1 is a picky eater, but it is a disorder. He has ADHD and SPD and with both of those can come selective/picky eating. If ds1 decides he doesn't want to eat what is made for dinner (which actually isn't that often) then he gets the default dinner which is peanutbutter sandwhich on whole wheat bread, yogurt and an apple.
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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

We never make seperate meals for dinner. What I make is what is available to eat. I do let them choose what they want for breakfast and lunch. They need to learn to try different things. We've had our fair share of pickiness with dinner and still do. There are no treats/desserts if they don't eat and they eat what is provided or they wait until breakfast. We happen to let them know what is available for dessert when I know we are having something they don't like. They don't get dessert every night.
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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

Originally Posted by november View Post
I don't make a separate meal, no. I do make sure I always offer her everything we are having and I also make sure there is one (or more) things I KNOW she will eat so that there is familiarity there. If she gobbles those up and wants more, I tell her she must take a bite of ____ before she gets more of her favorite foods. This works well for us and so far, she complies. She tries everything at most meals - sometimes she doesn't like what she tries, sometimes she does.

This is exactly what we do with DD.
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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

After having the pickiest kid on the planet then having her brother following suit... in the last 7 years I've learned to give up that fight. Why create such a power struggle over dinner? it's just food.

I ALWAYS make something that I know that they have eaten and liked in the past (even if they claim they aren't fans now, but previously had no issues with) and that's it. Even if it's just a side dish. Miranda went atleast 5 years without eating any kind of meat besides hotdogs or chicken nuggets.. now she won't eat either of those. she's moved on to very few meat choices (hamburger and Ham mostly).. Lots of people don't eat meat.. It's never killed anyone.

Miranda is Also INSANELY noodle picky. She'll only eat spaghetti noodles at this point. Nothing else.. so that really limits the pasta choices. She'll have nothing to do with any of the foods that they claim the "picky eaters" will eat. She wants nothing to do with the normal Kid foods.. She brings a lunchable and chocolate milk to school EVERYDAY where she eats the meat out of and drinks the milk and she's done.

My biggest bit of advice is to never start making a seperate meal. I did that for miranda when she was little (the only child) and I regret it now because now she just doesn't understand why she can't have spaghetti (her favorite) while everyone else is having something completely different. Every once in awhile, we'll have tacos, she'll have nachos, or we'll have one kind of pasta, and I'll throw in the kind she likes, but I don't make completely seperate things anymore. She's always welcome to get her own Cereal or something if she doesn't want to eat what we're having, but I'm not making her anything different.. I won't even get the cereal. lol I try to make it as difficult as possible so she just eats what we're having.. like I said, we never have something she doesn't like completely, there's always something on the plate that she's had in the past and has liked..

It's rough to have a kid like this. Try having 2. lol Jake isn't as bad though, not yet.
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Re: Dinner question....picky eaters

Obviously my LO is not old enough to eat real food yet, but I do not plan on making special meals just for her. That being said...I do plan on offering her some (limited)choices.

For example, breakfast foods are pretty easy to fix. It is no sweat off my back to ask her if she would rather have oatmeal or scrambled eggs. Maybe at dinner give your LO some choice in the side dishes. Would you like to have carrots or green beans with dinner? A little bit of ownership can go a long way with toddlers.
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First, it's very common for toddlers not to eat dinner. Or eat 2 bites and be done. And that is perfectly okay.

Read the book 'How to get your kid to eat, but not too much'.

I am against forcing my kid to eat. She's almost 18months and if she chooses not to eat at a mealtime - its fine. I don't make special meals and I don't argue with her to eat what's on her plate.

She usually doesn't get her milk until she's had a bite or two, but if she's flat out refusing and screaming for the milk, then fine - she gets the milk.

I just make sure that her daily options are healthy and I relax because she will not starve herself and I refuse to make food into a control issue.

Dinner will commonly be the smallest one they eat. They're tired, they don't need the energy - breakfasts are commonly larger - they're hungry and they need the energy to play.

Now, if you created a bad habit with bagels, I suggest giving whatever you made. If he refuses to eat it, let him down. If he wants something 10minutes later, offer the same meal he just had. He will soon understand that you're not a short order cook.

If he continues to refuse until the next meal, offer the new meal then.
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