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Simple activities for teaching alphabet?

My dd is 19 months old, and without me realizing it she has learned to recognize three letters of the alphabet. I am a little ashamed to admit...I think she learned the first 2 from Nick Jr.. Now that I know she can learn them- and is proud of herself when she does...I'm trying to continue teaching them to her. Of course, I'm not forcing anything or making it a big deal, but I'm just trying to think of simple fun games we can play that incorporate letters of the alphabet. For now she is learning to recognize them with her bathtub letters and alphabet blocks (I'll just ask her to find me the letter "S" or whatever). Are there any other fun activities I can do with her that will help her recognize letters?


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Re: Simple activities for teaching alphabet?

If she likes to read, I suggest getting a copy of Dr. Seuss's ABC. My DS is about the same age your DD, and after several weeks of reading it with him and having him repeat the letters after us, he started identifying all the letters out of the blue! We weren't even really trying to teach him the alphabet; we just like to be really interactive in our reading, and evidently DS was paying attention! It's pretty incredible what little minds pick up.

So now I'm on the hunt for good number learning books, too.
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I like making letters out of playdough or writing them in fingerpaint (or pudding).

Think about big movements when forming letters bc fine motor skills are not developed yet.

Playing with alphabet magnets can be fun too. Fridge or cookie sheet and big enough not to be a choking hazard (or with supervision).
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Re: Simple activities for teaching alphabet?

DD is 24 mos. She doesn't know her whole alphabet yet, but she does know a good portion of it. We read w/ her a lot, she has a baby laptop that does alphanumeric stuff, a wooden block abacus for letters & numbers, the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics (friends had it & DD LOVED it), & we sing the alphabet pretty frequently (she sings all.the.time. frequently just the "Q, R, S, T, U, V....Q, R, S, T, U, V..." loop over.and over.and over.). She'll go for days, or even a couple of weeks w/o being interested, but then that's all she'll want for 3 days.
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Re: Simple activities for teaching alphabet?

Reader Rabbit and Leap Frog Letter Factory

Leap Frog Letter Factory is a great movie and super common lots of people use it to help learn letters.

Reader Rabbit is AMAZING - they have computer games from preschool on up. The games are easy to play and FUN!

ETA- I totally just noticed you are looking for more NON-media related things. I think I should mention that we use these programs hand in hand with reading books, having foam letters, singing the alphabet, colouring letter pictures etc. BUT if you are ok with using media and/or are pushed for time the two programs I suggested really are GREAT.

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Re: Simple activities for teaching alphabet?

My mom taught my brother the alphabet by writing the letters on paper plates and then throwing them like frisbies all over the yard. Then she would tell him, "go find 'P'", and he would run off and bring her "P". He was a bit older than your Dd but it doesn't use any fine motor skills. Hth!
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Re: Simple activities for teaching alphabet?

get a big bottle of colored gel from the dollar store and put it in a big baggy and you can draw letters on the bag with you finger (does that make sense we love it here)

print off the letters and laminate them.. then you can use all kinds of things to make the letters- playdough, string, line cars up in the letter shape, etc on the letter card mat. they can also trace on them with a draw earse markers etc...

print or cut out letters and glue things from magazines or other things on each letter and hang them up (we glued acorn tops on a letter A, feathers on the letter 5, car stickers on the letter C, etc)

you can make a letter book and add to it of things that each letter starts with...
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Re: Simple activities for teaching alphabet?

Check out a variety of alphabet books from the library

Find letters on road signs

use icing in a baggie with the tip cut to pipe letters on cookies or graham crackers for a special dessert
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Re: Simple activities for teaching alphabet?

We have a poster of the alphabet, very kid friendly and ds1 likes to sing the song while pointing to each letter. I also made ABC flashcards (super simple letters, no pictures) and I will put 4 in a row (not in order) and give ds1 a fly swatter and have him swat the correct letter that I say. Reading and just going over the alphabet all the time works too.
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Re: Simple activities for teaching alphabet?

We point out the letters wherever we go.

I started with

A for Abby (or child's name)
M for Mommy
D for Daddy

Then we added
E for Emily (her best friend)
G for Grandma
P for Papa
B for Baby
L for (DFS's name)

and then branched from there so each one added was significant for something.

To teach writing them, we practiced lots of ways...drawing in the sand, with sidewalk chalk, with water and a paint brush on construction paper (dries so you can reuse it lots of times) or the chalk board, and lots of workbooks.
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