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Preschoolers and sports

I'm just trying to get some neutral feedback here. If your preachooler plays sports can you please tell me about their practices? How many how long what type of structure etc. thanks!


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Re: Preschoolers and sports

When DS played soccer, they had one optional practice on Wednesday evenings for about 30 minutes. They ran drills and scrimmaged. Most teams didn't have practice, just ran drills for 15 minutes before game time. We stopped soccer b/c I didn't feel that DS was getting enough instruction on how to play the game.
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Re: Preschoolers and sports

DD1 plays "Wee Ball" which is 3-4yr old version of T-Ball. They had one practice, the very first one to meet everybody. Then after that we only went to games, there was no weekly practice.

But they played 2-3 days a week
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Re: Preschoolers and sports

It depends on the sport and the place you sign up here. If you sign up through the rec center or YMCA, there is generally no practice or 1 for 45 min/week. If you go to the more dedicated travel teams/dance school/ect it varies incredibly. 4 y/o DD is into ballet and has dance 3x/week for 1 hour at a time. 5 y/o DD is into karate and goes 2x/week for 1.5 hours. However those are at pretty prestigious academies in our area.
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Re: Preschoolers and sports

My kids aren't preschool age anymore but they attend (and dh teaches at) a Taekwondo academy that accepts kids as young as 4 (the rules used to be 5 but they lowered the age). If the kids sign up through the YMCA class then practice is available only on Wednesday and Friday for 1hour (well I guess they could stay for both classes but I can't imagine that with a preschooler). If you sign up at the actual school classes are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for 3 hours each day (usually you only take 1 hour classes except Thursday which is sparring and 1.5 hours long). You can choose to attend as many or as few classes as you would like. Dh and the boys usually attend 5 classes a week.
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Re: Preschoolers and sports

For soccer practice was once a week for 30-40 minutes. I coached and I'm not saying I'm a genius but the kids had fun. Our basic practice for my 6-8 kids

jumping jacks
1 sort of "drill" to work on a particular skill. Like throw ins, kicking to a person, kicking in the goal, dribbling, kicking the ball when it is by someone else's feet, and practicing the kick at the begining.

If that drill went quick then we would do 2. About half the time we only made it through one drill. I would try to make it fun. Not just standing and throwing. Kind of like a mini-obstacle course.

then we had games. Their favorite was to try to kick the ball at me, we did sharks and fishes a lot too.

I was given no suggestions on how to run a practice so I'm sure they all varied quite a bit.
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Re: Preschoolers and sports

When we tried to do dance with DD when she turned 3, the class was 45 minutes once a week in the late afternoon.
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Re: Preschoolers and sports

My 4 yo does gymnastics once a week for 45 minutes. 10-15 min are spent doing fun warm ups - running/skipping/hopping, playing with balls and stretching, and the remainder is spent moving through different gym stations. 4-5 minutes per station (ie balance beam, vault, tumbling, trampolining, rope, etc).
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Re: Preschoolers and sports

Soccer and t ball are an hour. Mostly little games to work on individual skills, with a scrimmage at the end. Emphasis is on fun. Lots of water breaks.
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Re: Preschoolers and sports

My 3yo is in soccer right now, it's almost over and then wee ball starts. They have 2 30min practices during the week and then a game on Sat. Practices usually start with a couple little warm up things, jumping jacks, a lap around the field, that kind of thing. Then they'll do a drill, but cause of their ages its not super structured. Taking turns kicking the ball in the goal, dribbling it around some cones, passing to eachother, simple and fun. Then they finish up just running around and having fun with the ball for a bit. We don't keep score at the games and it's all lots of fun with lots of water and cookie breaks.

I know the wee ball schedule will be the same, but I don't know how practices will be run. Last year my dd played t-ball, but she was in the 5-6 age group so I don't how it goes with the 3-4yo group.

I do want to add, both my 7 and 3yo love it. The 3-4yo games are adorable. All they really understand rule wise at this point is no hands and get the ball in the goal. The coaches are the officials and the parents line up on both sides of the field to help keep the ball and kids where they belong. 5 min quarters, 2 min half. The kids that want to play, play. The others just play in the dirt or run around the field, but they all have fun.

My dd's age group is much more structured and the games are more like actual soccer games. There is a ref, the teams sit together on one side of the field with the parents on the other side. 10 min quarters, 5 min half. But still, no score is kept and the emphasis is on fun and learning the game. If you have the opportunity to put your kids in anything, do it. If they don't like it you can always take them out.
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