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Michael Edward is here!!!

Hi everyone! My baby boy has finally arrived! He was due March 10th so almost 42 weeks along when he made his entrance!

Michael Edward
March 22, 2012 at 2:29pm
11lbs 3oz
22 inches long
Head - 15 1/4in.
Chest - 15 3/4in.

Birth Story
My plan had been to give birth completely naturally (no induction, no pain meds, etc.) but unfortunately, that didn't quite work out but we got as close as we could under the circumstances. This past Monday, I had a friend helping me clean the house and then that afternoon I sat down and put my feet up and noticed that they were REALLY swollen! I was shocked since I haven't had any swelling with this pregnancy. SO I drank a bunch of water and rested, keeping my feet up, for a couple hours until time for my ODD's dance class. When the swelling wouldn't go down, we took ODD to dance and my dad came and kept the girls while DH took me to CVS to get my BP checked. It was 150/96 if I remember correctly. So I called my CNM and she had me come up to be checked out at the hospital. BP stayed up in the borderline to high range (bottom # between 88-98) so they were concerned about it. They ran bloodwork and all and it came back normal so I was allowed to go home with a follow-up for Wednesday. I called and spoke with my CNM Tuesday to see what was happening and get an appointment. I found out that basically I would probably be sent over to the hospital afterwards to be kept overnight for an induction on Thursday regardless so we decided to just schedule the induction and skip the follow-up appointment. So bright and early Thursday morning (5AM -_-) we get to the hospital. They started the Pitocin and GBS+ antibiotics and got all the monitors going. I had a great set of nurses that allowed me to move around in and out of bed to deal with the contractions. I got to use my birth ball a couple times but we had a hard time keeping the monitors tracing the baby so I ended up back in bed but able to sit up more or less. They were great about letting us get a decent monitoring strip and then letting us sit off the monitors for a while until my BP kept going up. Apparently I ended up with a form of pre-ecclampsia that doesn't show up in the bloodwork or urine (no protein). The only sign they had of it was my high BP. When my BP kept going up (I remember one being 180/116 or something like that) they ended up having to give me BP meds and magnesium sulfate (to prevent seizures from high BP) which meant that I was completely confined to the bed since the mag is a smooth muscle relaxer. Because of this we also had to keep a CONSTANT monitor on the baby to make sure he wasn't in distress. I ended up only being able to lay on my left side to keep my BP down and keep baby on the monitor. I wasn't getting any kind of pain meds so it was definitely getting painful. I managed to work through the pain with the help of my Doula. I remember being really upset with all the wires at one point. They had EKG wires on my chest, an IV with 2 ports hooked in, a finger monitor thing, and the BP cuff....needless to say they got in the way! At 2:20pm, the nurse checked me and said I was at 5-6cm. She told me later that she left the room at 2:23 and was called back into the room around 2:26pm when I sent my doula to get them because he was crowning. I vaguely remember hearing a bunch of noise and people running into the room as I was pushing his head out. Thankfully, one of the on-call OB-GYNs was at the nurse's station when we called for help and he was able to get there just in time to catch LOL So in 10 minutes time I went from 5-6 cm to baby being born. Needless to say I shocked the Dr. and nurses who were all convinced I would need a C-section because of his estimated size to avoid shoulder displaysia. Of course they were all wrong LOL Amazingly, he was still covered in vernix (usually disappears around 38-39 weeks) and the placenta was still in great shape! My MW thinks I'm probably just wired to have babies between 42-43 weeks naturally but with my history of pre-ecclampsia I probably won't ever get the opportunity to go without an induction Although honestly, with my history of larger size babies, I'm not sure I'd want to risk another baby this size or larger even LOL I had two small tears that required one stitch each. They let me hold him for a few minutes right after while they dried him off some and then took him to finish wiping him off and check his apgar and such while we waited for the placenta to evacuate. The Dr. put in the 2 stitches and then we waited for the pitocin to kick in some cramps so I could push out the placenta. They got it into a bucket for my doula to take and encapsulate for me. After a couple more minutes they brought him back and was able to BF off both sides. He was a champ! After about an hour with him, they had to take him to the nursery for the weigh-in, normal checks, and blood sugar testing (since he was over 9lbs). He passed all his tests with flying colors and has been doing great! While it certainly wasn't my idea birth, I'm very happy with how well it all went and with finally having baby Michael here with us. He's been BF'ing and sleeping well. Thankfully he has not been spraying us with pee LOL They had to get Size 1 Pampers from the children's unit since the NB diapers didn't fit LOL I'm hoping his going home outfit and the NB diapers I brought will fit for a couple weeks at least LOL I know my Mutts and Nanipoos fit my YDD until 12-14lbs so hopefully I can use most of what I have until his cord falls off at least and of course I have a couple dozen infant PFs that will fit for a while. I'm thinking his NB clothes won't fit either so it'll be fun for sure when we get home! I have 3 NB fitteds here with me for going home tomorrow so we'll see how they fit then. I'll post more pics later...especially when I get him in his coming home outfit ^_^


~Amy Eddie: Heather (1/7/2007), Mikayla (11/4/2009), Michael (3/22/2012), and Harmony (1/24/2014)

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Re: Michael Edward is here!!!


And that is a HUGE head! I thought my babies 12-13" head was big. They never fit in the NB caps.
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Re: Michael Edward is here!!!

WoW! You are an amazing mama for surviving induction and an 11lb baby with no pain meds. Congratulations!
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Congrats mama! Love the chunky cheeks.

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Re: Michael Edward is here!!!

Congrats mama, what a great birth story!! Your son is so cute!!
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Re: Michael Edward is here!!!

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Re: Michael Edward is here!!!

OMGoodness, what a chunk of love!! Congrats Mama!
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Re: Michael Edward is here!!!

You are a champ! He looks beautiful.

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Re: Michael Edward is here!!!

Congrats mama! Sounds like you did amazingly well in spite of everything going on. Way to go!!!
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Re: Michael Edward is here!!!

Wow that is awesome! Congrats on your BIG boy!
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