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If you could quit, would you?

The title says it all. If your DP came home tomorrow with a huge fat raise that basically made up for you staying home, would you do it? And if you would not, may I ask your occupation.


Sarai, RN, non-profit volunteer, cloth diaper ministry, Married for 20 years, mama to 2 kids on Earth, and 2 little girls in Heaven, G., T., K. and J.
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Re: If you could quit, would you?

heck yes i would. that would be a dream come true. it wouldn't even have to be that much of a raise, just enough to cover our living expenses and actually survive off of if we lived frugally. i don't actually hate my job (not anymore anyways) but i don't get the satisfaction from it that i used to, and that i think many wohm's get from their jobs (i sort of envy that actually). i'd really rather just be home with my son.
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Re: If you could quit, would you?

Oh yes! I have been a stay at home mom for 6 years. Had to go back part time this summer to help pay medical bills. The kids and the house are much more stressed having to work around a work schedule. It was alot less stressful for my husband and I knowing that I would have time to take of the household stuff. It gave us way more time to spend as a family and not on house chores!
WAHM to two beautiful girls, Emilia (5) and Morgan (2) and Baby Boy, Due Aug, 2012!
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Nope I wouldn't. If we won the lottery I'd still work. I love my job as an L&D RN. Maybe I'd work a few less hours, but I would still work!
Melissa, L&D nurse and wife to my soulmate Shawn.

Mama to 3! Brooke (4), Katie (3) and our newest addition, Ryan born 3/5/2011!
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Re: If you could quit, would you?

Absolutely yes! I've been hanging on by a thread for quite a while and desparately just want to be a SAHM!
And, it would give me the opportunity to try to do a few small WAHM things (ie: sewing, etc).
MN wife to DH since May 2001, Mom to DS March 2009, DD January 2011, DD August 2012, and DS May 2014.

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Re: If you could quit, would you?

I'm half and half. With a newborn, I would want to be home. But with toddlers and older, I would atleast work part time. With my DS, I started work when he was only just barely 4 weeks old because we needed the income badly. We REALLY struggled emotionally in so many ways because it was so hard. DS cried 24/7, I couldn't figure out why he was always spitting up, and his sleep schedule was crazy. After I was fired from being late too often or missing work because of his fussiness (6 months later), I found out so much. His daycare was putting him in a swing all day, letting him just cry it out. They weren't sticking to a feeding or sleeping schedule, just didn't want to deal with him crying. He ended up being allergic to milk, something I would have caught if I knew how often he threw up during the day. It was just an awful, awful experience. And I missed SO much bonding time. We made up for it after I started staying home, though.

Now that I'm home with DD, I can actually nurse (such a rewarding experience). I was also able to watch her cues to figure out she is also allergic to milk, and had trouble burping, so it's something extra I work hard at to keep her happy and not fussy.

Once my children are toddlers and older, and ready to explore the world and meet new people, I REALLY want to go to work. Being a SAHM is nice, but I miss adult interaction. I feel like I'm missing out so much on adult relationships and friendships, conversations and interactions. I feel lonely sometimes and wish I had other adults to converse with. Our area doesn't have a lot of playgroups or activities for kids and parents, where as other cities might.

So I'm half and half.
Happy Wife to Handsome, Hard Working DH.
Mom to Buddy (8), Booga (5),
The Twin Beans (3) and Baby (18 Mos)
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Re: If you could quit, would you?

No! I work for a school district, teaching teachers how to teach math better. However, I might be more willing to take some entrepreneurial risks and move into consulting if I knew the mortgage/bills would be paid if I had a bad month.
Mama to K, June '07, and T, born Dec '10.
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Daniella Jean
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Re: If you could quit, would you?

If I won the lottery or my husband got a large raise, I would keep working, but go back to 4 days a week and hopefully would also change my hours to drop off and pick up my daughter from school when she starts. I really enjoy my job as a legal assistant.

Just today, the office decided to buy lottery tickets and since most of the office is older, most of them say they would retire (including the partners of the firm). If that happened I would probably apply to the school board (it's all on-call work only for a couple years until you can find a regular posting), and I once I had enough seniority to find a permanent posting I would probably go for part time hours.

ETA - I also might focus more on a couple hobbies that have the opportunity to earn me money, though I would still likely have a part time job.

Mommy to 3 princesses, K born November 2007 and L & C born May 2013

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Re: If you could quit, would you?

H to the no. Not that that would ever happen since I am the sole earner in our house but there is no power on this earth that could make me give up what I do. If I lost my right hand I would learn to work lefty, Wheel chair? No problem! I'll just rig it up special so I can keep at it. Seriously I've thought way to much about this and nothing short of the end of the world would be able to get me to quit, and even then I would probably be figuring out how the ancient egyptians worked with glass so I could keep going. Yeah I know, I have problems.
Kris, Glass Artist supreme and mother to Sophia
"Without art the 'earth' is just 'Eh'"
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Re: If you could quit, would you?

I would love to stay home with my kids, I also love my job (victim advocate). If financially we could swing it, I'd stay home with the kids and volunteer in this field. I am very passionate about it.
Lisa, Wife to Kenny, Mommy to Miah and Z.
Handcrafted Toys and Nursing Necklaces.
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