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I had my twins! Birth story *pic heavy!!*

I had an appointment on Monday, March 12th. The doctor was going out of town on Thursday for four days and I was freaking out about going into labor and needing a c-section. No other doctor in the area would deliver the twins vaginally. With my history of quick labors and dilating early, the doc said if I did dilate early he would be inducing me. We figured the babies would be here fast and didn't want to have them in the car! At my appointment that afternoon I was 4-5 cm, so he made the call to induce me the following morning!

Tuesday, March 13th we got to the hospital at 7am. We were admitted and they took blood, hooked me up to the monitors, and all that jazz. At 8am the doc came in to check me again and break my water. Remember, I was NOT in labor yet. I had been having infrequent, mostly painless contractions for a few weeks though. When he checked me, I was 7cm! He broke my water, and now we just had to wait.

I laid in bed (other than to get up to pee) until around 10:30. I didn't get much sleep the night before, so Brandon and I napped on and off. I knew that if I stood up it would make Maxwell come down more, the contractions come harder and faster, and there would be pain. I didn't have an epidural, so I was terrified of the pain! The contractions while in bed were not painful at all, so I finally got up to avoid the pitocin that had been threatened. Well I was right, and the pressure and pain came. I used Brandon to rock back and forth on during the contractions and he rubbed my back. I had CMT on the TV, and used the music videos to get through the contractions as well. Singing through contractions isn't pretty! I couldn't feel them in my stomach, they were all very low and felt like very bad menstrual cramps. The pressure from Maxwell was the worst part of it all.

At 11:00 the doc came in, I was an 8, but he wanted to give me a "taste" of pitocin to get the babies delivered. I sent a text at 11:04 saying the pitocin had been given. Around 11:10 we walked back to the OR (just in case there was an emergency and I needed a c-section). I got up on the bed/table and had the urge to start pushing. Did I mention there were high school seniors (accepted into pre-med programs) in the room? And I had no pain meds? And I'm apparently a very vocal woman in labor. I'm sure I was excellent birth control!

It only took two pushes to get little Maxwell out, and he was born at 11:27am weighing 5lb 11oz. Charlotte turned breech instead of going head down, so the doctor had to reach up inside of me to get her out. She was born at 11:30am in one push weighing 5lb 14oz, with help of the doctor.

Charlotte was taken back to the nursery right away because her breathing wasn't what they wanted to see. Maxwell got to hang out with us, and I got a few snuggles before they took him away. We were back in the post partum room by 11:45.

The nurses were awful and we had to go find them for updates on the babies. We were left in that room, with no one checking on us for 45 minutes. Literally were just dumped off after delivery. They moved us to the room I'd be staying in, and finally let us go see the babies around 1. They both were having breathing issues and we were told needed to be brought to a NICU- the closest one being in Syracuse. They had already called the team over to come assess and more than likely take them back to Syr with them.

I got to hold Charlotte for the first time around 3 as they were getting ready to take her away. Then I got to hold Maxwell. It was so hard giving them back

I spent the night in the hospital and was discharged the next morning. I was home before the babies were 24 hours old.

The last 10 days has been a roller coaster of emotions. Nights are the hardest because I feel like I should have my arms full after the big kids are in bed. Charlotte is pretty much ready to come home, but we are waiting to see if Max can catch up so we can take them home together. He's still not taking all of his feedings through the bottle/breast, so it's just a waiting game.

Maxwell Thomas

Charlotte Mae

Maxwell before they were transported

Charlotte- You can see how bruised her poor little legs are due to being pulled out breech


Monkey Max- check out his hairy back! His brother was the same way

First time holding them together- after tandem nursing <3



How I spend my days now

Max always has his hand up covering his face!



Alli: loving wife to my geeky Air Force Computer Engineer , Brandon
Mommy to: Audrey (2.10.07), William (2.16.09), and Eloise (8.10.10)
Maxwell & Charlotte (3.13.2012)

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Re: I had my twins! Birth story *pic heavy!!*

Oooh, they're so squishable! Congrats mama! We're just bustin out in babies today. Here's hoping Max figures things out soon so you can have him home!

*looks down her her belly* Don't you get any ideas missy - give me at least one more week!
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Ddc. Congratulations mama! Hope they come home soon!
My name is Amanda, happily married to Ernesto I'm a former HS teacher turned SAHM to Jake 6.7.10 and Norah 7.23.12

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Re: I had my twins! Birth story *pic heavy!!*


Ah, can't see pics - but CONGRATS! That's a wonderful birth story!
K&K My little firecracker Lennon 10.09, crying before he fully emerged and My little sweetheart Indi 6.12, born smiling
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Re: I had my twins! Birth story *pic heavy!!*

Congratulations!!! They are both beautiful babies! They look like they'll keep getting stronger and stronger. i hope they come home soon!
Kim~ Mom to Braeden 17, Kyle 15, Rachel, 7 and Emmaleeah 5 years but still my and baby Jason born 3/2012, now a 1 year old!
We are a Jesus lovin', co-sleepin', baby wearin', breastfeedin', cdin', homeschoolin' family!
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Re: I had my twins! Birth story *pic heavy!!*

DDC. Congratulations, mama. They're both beautiful. Hoping they can join you at home very soon.
Mama to boy 1 (04/06) and boy 2 (10/08)
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Re: I had my twins! Birth story *pic heavy!!*

Congrats mama! You look so happy in all the pics, I can't wait for the update that you are home with your babies *hugs*
Mama to Brooklyn Marie 7/10/08 , Team green turned PINK Rebecca Rose 4/19/2012 & Katie Renee 3/13/2012
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Re: I had my twins! Birth story *pic heavy!!*

Congrats!!! They are beautiful

Married Momma of 4 DS (2-00), DD1 (12-05),DS(8-08)and DD2 (3-12)
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Re: I had my twins! Birth story *pic heavy!!*

DDC... Congratulations! They are gorgeous. What a fast labor, too. Good luck to you over the coming months...
Melissa, mama to N 2/07, I 11/09, and my sweet baby boy G 6/12
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Re: I had my twins! Birth story *pic heavy!!*

Congrats, Mama!! Hope they're home soon!
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