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my DOG doesn't even STTN!!

of all the unsolicited advice and comments from family/friends, the MOST ANNOYING and irritating for me is "Is your child sleeping through the night yet?? i mean seriously. is that the only way to tell if a child is happy and healthy, is if they're STTN? my dog doesn't even STTN!! she has to be let out at least once in the night, and she's going on 4. and honestly, i do not mind that my 6 month old wakes up to eat twice or three times during the night. it's precious cuddle-time for us because we cosleep. i just get annoyed when, upon meeting my child for the first time, "is he sleeping though the night yet?" please. oh, so your 8 month old is sleeping 12 straight hours a night and has been since 2 months? lah-dee-frickin-da. i can brag, too. i should just retort: "well my almost 3-year old is finally sleeping though the night, does that count?!"

all right, i feel better now. and i really, really don't mind my kid doesn't (even though this thread seems like i do) i LOVE nighttime cuddling!


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I think that question might also be from a parent looking for a common topic to chat about, because honestly, sleep is a big topic in the first year. Maybe I'm being too generous or naive, but I hope people would ask that out of genuine curiosity/concern and not as a way to talk about how brilliant their child is.

I know that my own child did not sttn for a year, so I often chatted to other new parents to either make conversation or to get tips. BUT, I didn't really like waking up that much at night, so my perspective is obviously different.
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Re: my DOG doesn't even STTN!!

I guess my perspective is different too. I do NOT like waking up in the middle of the night, and if my adult dog wasn't even STTN, I'd have serious issues with that!!! Lol. My dog did wake me up this morning before my alarm whining to be let out, and I was NOT happy with her!

I have the same general feelings about people that expect NEWBORNS to STTN and sleep training... DH does too, even. But when we get together with others that have babies, he's actually quite good at starting convos (I'm not.. I'll just sit there with blank stare not knowing what to talk about) and that is often one of the questions he asks, just to get a convo started. It's a popular topic. MOST people enjoy sleep.
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Re: my DOG doesn't even STTN!!

I don't STTN! Even though DS started to at 18 mo (and not always), I don't. I wake a lot. Always have. But my mom said we all STTN from very very young age. Big deal since now is when I wish I did, lol.
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No one in my house sttn. Not me, not my hubs, not the dog, not my 3.5 year old.

I hate all the sleep talk, like when someone says "I'm sorry" when they find our Arron doesn't sttn. Why feel sorry for me? He is night trained because of it. I rather get up a few times to pee, get drinks, cuddle than do more freaking laundry. Plus I like tv at 3 am when everything is quite outside and it is just us on the lazy boy watching crap. Or when there happens to be a car accident outside or an ambulance or a fight (I live on a busy street in the city). Makes for good entertainment for my nosey self.

Screw sleep.
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Re: my DOG doesn't even STTN!!

We haven't slept thru the night in over 4 years. Why start now? I mean, who wouldn't love to, but when I hear about people who have kids who consistently sleep thru the night I wonder what the heck they are drugging them with. LOL
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Re: my DOG doesn't even STTN!!

That really bugs me too! People asked me that really early on with DD--like when she was a newborn. Then they stopped asking when she got older because they assumed she must be STTN. I let them live in ignorance.
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Re: my DOG doesn't even STTN!!

I too hate that question. Usually I say something like, "no, but we dont mind" or " they are getting there." Just so they dont use the "sorry" comment because that bothers me.

We dont STTN here at all, 2.5 yr old, 15 month old, they both wake up at least once, if not 2-3 times.

I think people want conversation and are nosey.
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Re: my DOG doesn't even STTN!!

I think the person is just concerned about *your* well being. They are asking because MOST of us do like sleeping for 8 consecutive hours! I know I feel significantly better when I am not having my sleep interrupted.

I've actually even moved to sleep on the couch after reading many studies about the effects of snoring (DH is terrible, I can hear him in the next room) partners. I am so much more functional now even though I didn't realize he was interrupting my sleep.

It's not a measure of your ability as a parent, it's just a question.
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Re: my DOG doesn't even STTN!!

Heh I totally understand. After DS was born I just wanted to punch everyone in the face who asked me about sleep. I'm sure it will be the same when DS2 comes. DS started sttn around 1yo but it was totally manageable except for a period of time around 4mo when I was pretty much a zombie for about 6wks.

ETA - I did find that a lot of other parents were just looking to comiserate about their experience rather than rub it in that their kids sttn right after coming home. It was like they were scared to admit that it took a long time for their kiddos until they found out mine was the same way.
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