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naomi's mama
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Cost of Kindergarten?

Does anyone pay for their child to attend Kindergarten? If so, can you share how much?

Here's the story. First, since DH and I work, we aren't considering home schooling (plus, I admit, I don't think we have the patience, energy, and knowledge). Second, the Kindergarten at our local public school is only part time - one week it's M, W and another week it's T, Th and then you have school every other Friday (yes, crazy).

Since DD (who is 5) already reads really well and knows her letters, numbers, and basic math, we think she'd be bored and maybe disruptive if she isn't challenged.

So, we started looking for alternatives for a full-time Kindergarten nearby - montessori, religious based, Kindergarten attached to a local University, private language immersion programs, or a public language schools that we'd have to supplement tuition for her to attend "full-time" (our first choice, but it's by lottery -- send good vibes we get in!). Plus, I have to commute to take her.

Well, the cost of some of these schools are as much as the cost of my college tuition 15 years ago! We'd be paying anywhere from $3,000/yr (the supplemental tuition at public elementary school) to $12,500/yr (and that's not even full-time K, 9 months/yr!). (I know some of my friends in NYC, LA are paying even more!).

So, it got me thinking, are we crazy? How many of you pay for Kindergarten/elementary school? How much?

Hopefully, she'll get into the public school language immersion program (PRAYING!). Otherwise, we will just pay for the Kindergarten year and then enroll her back in the local public school for full-time 1st grade at our local PS, which is decent. It's just the PT Kindergarten on that weird schedule that isn't an option.


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Re: Cost of Kindergarten?

We're aways from kindergarten, but I did check my Montessori school's fee schedule for their kindergarten costs. It is $5600 for 8am-3pm. They do offer 7:30-8 and 3:00-5 those are $500 and $2000 additional.
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Re: Cost of Kindergarten?

Private catholic school here is around $4200 a year.

We only have one Montessori school that is close by and that one is $12,500 + books

There's another elite private school here that is around $16,000 (and goes higher ever year).

The cheapest private school I found was $3000
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We are choosing to pay because the public one is not to our standard. Our children attend Catholic schools which are generally less expensive than other options. It will be $5000 plus fees and uniforms and fundraising stuff. This is really a bargain in Chicago where a private education can be $10k or more a year.
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Re: Cost of Kindergarten?

check to see if you have any public charter schools. Our district does and they are free. Ours has had full time kindergarten for years while the rest of our district will be going from half day to full day kindergarten next year. At one time they did the few days a week think too- the regular public school. I went to the public school kindergarten info session and they will be filling their extra time with ???? haven't figured it out yet. They said they will be able to take a slower approach to things and I think they are adding an extra something but it was really of no interest to me. Our district also has a Reggio School that is part of the district and its free as well. None of that info came up when I did internet searches. We got a flyer in the mail for the Charter School and they told us about the Reggio school during our kindergarten info session. Call your district office and see if they have any alternative options. Neither of our alternatives are advertised and both are part of the public school district and completely free (we will pay more for supplies at the charter school because they are heavy in Arts so we'll need dance gear and some different supplies then a normal kindergarten). If I remember correctly I believe our Montessori school cost $3000 a term so around 12,000 a year. I might be wrong on that though we found the Charter School and threw out all other school info- we're very excited about the charter school.
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Re: Cost of Kindergarten?

We are trying out the public program here next year. It is free. It is 9-11:30, but there is no bus service at the mid-day. You have to pick your child up. DD is already reading, and has almost finished the level 1 HOP program. She's been in preschool since 18 months, and has mastered almost all of the kindy state standards. DH doesn't see a need to pay for private school when she has already mastered the standards for K unless we have issues at the public school.

The private Christian school I really loved was $7800 a year.
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Re: Cost of Kindergarten?

The schools around here are just starting to change from half day K to full day. Many of the daycare centers offer full day K programs, and that runs about the same as daycare - so around $200 per week.
I know a couple of people who send their kids to a private school, it is VERY nice, but also costs $17,000 per year. I don't know how they afford that.
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Re: Cost of Kindergarten?

Yes, we pay for my DS to go to school, and will be paying for DD to go to the same school (but the girls' division) next year for pre-K. Granted, I should clarify that my dad pays their tuition.

Tuition is a lot. The school is in a city in the northeast U.S. The tuition for Kindergarten is $19K.
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Re: Cost of Kindergarten?

kindergarden in most states is not mandatory. since she can already read and do basic math i would be tempted to just keep her home and then send her to school when she hits first grade.
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Re: Cost of Kindergarten?

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
We are trying out the public program here next year. It is free. It is 9-11:30, but there is no bus service at the mid-day. You have to pick your child up.

The private Christian school I really loved (that DH would not agree to pay for without trying the public school first) was $7800 a year.
Our 3 yo preschool class is $1200 a year for 3 half days per week.

Our 4K is half day five days a week and free, even at the catholic school where we are.

Our 5K is full day, five days a week, free only at the public school.

Our entire district only has a bus for those who live on farms more than 3 miles out from school, so we make trips to the school 2 times a day right now and next year will be 3 when our youngest is in preschool 3 days a week... wait, we're already doing 3 times a day three days a week bec of speech therapy at the school for our youngest.

We actually had to base our preschool decision as to where to go based on drop off times because the public school has no bus system. We can't drop both kids off at the same time at different schools, so our youngest will attend the more expensive catholic preschool because they have a half hour drop off window. Dumb.
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