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Coming from the teacher perspective, I don't think you are "that" parent by any means. You are your daughter's advocate. In an ideal world, a teacher would remind parents, but we're human and sometimes forget those pieces . I completely understand your frustrations, but don't let it stop you from standing up for your daughters needs.


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Peanut allergies are some of the most common and severe food allergies. It's not something to take lightly. My family is not allergic, for which I am grateful. Does it annoy me I have to check labels when it's my turn to buy snack? Of course. But my mild annoyance is not worth the life of another persons child. There is a child at DDs school who is DEATHLY allergic to peanuts, so I deal with it like an adult, and try my best to keep the food she takes peanut free.
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Re: Grr, just venting

I would be a thorn in that teacher's side. I was a teacher and spent most summers working at camps and at least one kid in each class or session has an allergy. It's not that uncommon of a thing, "slipping up" and giving a kid something they're sensitive to and not supposed to have is inexcusable.

You are definitely not "that" parent! If it were my child who had a sensitivity and the teacher "forgot" about it, there would have been DAILY reminders. I was a teacher who was usually irritated by harping parents, but allergies can be life-or-death, they NEED to be harped on if someone is not taking them seriously.

I really hope that your DD gets into the charter school but regardless of her admission, I would be sending the principal of the school a letter and having a big ol' sit-down about their food allergy policy. It is not unusual for schools to be nut free (I've even worked in one that was scent free! Do you know how hard it is to find "unscented" shampoo, lotion, deoderant, etc? If the principal smelled it on you, you were sent home--including staff, because it caused breathing issues for a student).

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Re: Grr, just venting

I am commenting generally but after an incident where my DD's life was put at risk for over an hour on two different occasions back to back, I no longer believe in "That" mom. It also happened again for 30 min but not as bad of a situation.
After talking to the secretary of the superintendent of schools (Yup I went there) I will never worry about being "That" mom again. She flat out told me not to worry about calling there, call her anytime, that we are out children's best advocate. If something is happening that isn't good for the child then you have to stand up for it.
Just think only a couple more months and you hopefully will never see the teacher again. Just a warning though. My DD had the same teacher for preschool and kindergarten and we had huge issues with her in preschool. Kindergarten was a breeze with her! She learned from her mistakes!
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