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Cell Phone

At what age would you get your child(ren) a cell phone?
My Dh and I were chatting recently and one of us mentioned that our 5 yr old DD is almost ready for her own phone.
When she is old enough to be somewhere without mama, daddy or a grandma she needs to have her own phone to be able to contact us whenever she needs to or when we need to contact her. I am thinking of when she would be out with a friend and their mom or anything that one of us is not present.
I don't really see this happening anytime soon, because I cannot imagine dropping her off anywhere. or her going anywhere without one of us.
I want to get her a phone when she starts kindergarten but I cannot not see the school allowing her to keep it on her person.

Yes I know I am crazy.

P.s. I got my first cell phone when I was 14 but I did share one with my brother from the time I was 11. And I had my own phone line at home at that time too. I am now 26 so I have had a cell phone for almost half my life.


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Re: Cell Phone

I *might* consider it when DS is in middle school and stays after school for sports and games- and only then if he can be trusted to use it responsibly. Since everyone has cell phones these days, pay phones are becoming extinct and in situations like at away games, he will need to contact us to let us know when to come get him, etc. However, I do not see giving him one before then. He is currently just shy of 7 years old and in the 1st grade and there is no reason for him to have one.

Same rules will apply to DD.
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Re: Cell Phone

My 2 older boys (12 & 9) have tracfones- if they are dropped off for sports I want them to have a way to contact us if they need to. My oldest takes his phone to school (he does after school activities) but my 9 year old does not.
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IMO junior high is the appropriate time. Before that, they will always be with an adult, and are not responsible enough not to lose it. I teach 7/8th grade, and even my students aren't that good at keeping track of them yet.
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Middle school, I cannot imagine my kids having phones really before then.
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Re: Cell Phone

ds1 was 11 when he got one. he doesnt get to see his dad very often so i feel he needs a way to contact him as he would like. also hes gone for hours on end in the neighborhood and i would like to get a hold of him as well as we dont have a home phone and if he's home alone he needs a way to contact us
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My oldest is 7 and I dont see one anytime soon for her. The only ppl she'd be with either have landlines or cells themselves. We have talked and talked that if something happens and she ends up alone what kind of ppl she should talk to or find a phone. She knows both dh's and I cell number (along with when to call 911) if for some reason she ever got seperated from her adult.
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Re: Cell Phone

16 when they have a drivers license. I got mine at 15 because I had a job and paid for it myself. I homeschool so my kids won't be walking long distances to school or anything, so I see no reason for a phone prior to a job or drivers license. However, it will only be basic and boring, if they want a fancy one then they can work for one.
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Heres my deal. We got our DD1 her cell at age 7. It stayed at home at first. I was working away from home, and my DH was Navy and gone a lot. I worked almost an hour away from the house and DD rode the bus.

We got her the cell incase she beat me home so she could just push a button and call me.

With that said we lived no where near any of our families so I had no help. This was our saftey net. Now I have a very mature DD so that helps.

At first it was at home, then it was in her backpack when she was at school... then it travled with her to grams. Now that she is 11 she has the smart phone.
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Re: Cell Phone

We just got two "family" phones. It has reached the time where the kids (9,9 and 6) are being dropped off at sports practices while I run other kids to other practices. I wanted them to be able to call me if practice ends early or so I can call them if I am running 5 minutes late. These phones are basic and locked so that they can only call to and recieve calls from the people in the contact lists (love AT&T).

The phone live on the entryway table and are picked up by the kid who is going to be dropped off without a parent. When I was their age, I was dropped off with a quarter to call home...but there are no payphones anywhere. My peace of mind is worth the $14 a month.
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