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Probably middle school.


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Re: Cell Phone

Originally Posted by MyPerfectLife View Post
My 10 y/o keeps asking me this VERY question ... when can she get her own cell phone. She's too young, IMO. First of all, she can't keep her room clean, keep track of her Nintendo DS, or even remember she has to brush her teeth twice a day on her own. Also, she's not allowed to cross any big roads on her own or go anywhere by herself where she would not have another person to rely on for help (i.e. another kid's parents). She goes to sleepovers, has an afterschool activity, and so on ... however, I always know where she is, and have a number to reach her. I pick her up from her activity when it is over. She has no need to call me. Cell phones are expensive and I just don't think she's ready for one. A smart-phone definitely not (which is what she wants) ... good Lord I won't even let her have Facebook why does she need a Smartphone??? She has email, but I get to monitor it too.
While I'm writing this I realize I sound like a Nazi, but I'm not ...
in fact she saved up her own money and bought herself an iPodTouch just yesterday; I figure that's kind of a test round for a real cell phone. I think Middle School is when that will happen ... you know, when her wanting to use the phone to call friends interferes with my using the phone
For the first bolded statement:
My 13 year old is still like that. He is on his 5th DS (grandma keeps buying him a new one) b/c he keeps breaking them, and is on his 3rd ipod b/c he lost the first two, and we have to remind him EVERY day, BOTH times, to brush his teeth. NOT responsible enough for a cell phone, sorry.

For the second bolded statement:
If you are, then I am too. My DS just turned 13 and he got a FB acct that day, per FB rules. He is VERY restricted with it, though. I approve/disapprove his friends, and I have the password and I do log in and check his activity. If he disobeys the rules we have set forth, he loses the privilege for a while. Just a couple weeks ago he played one of the games after I specifically told him no games, so he lost the privilege for a week.
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Re: Cell Phone

My DD is getting ready to turn 9 and I don't see a reason for her to have one. Although I was just filling out the softball emergency contact info and realized that its pretty unlikely she would even be at practice by herself so maybe its partly the way our lives are. Its rare for one of the kids to be somewhere w/o DH or I.
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My oldest dd got one last fall for her 11th birthday. She is in middle school, plays sports (dh or I am usually there but not always), and is home for 1-2 hours after school when I work. The rules are tight and she is quite aware of them, dh and I have full access and periodically go through it to make sure nothing inappropriate is there. She does chores in exchange for us paying for it (it's a smartphone), and can be a powerful punishment to loose it!
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Re: Cell Phone

people saying "when they can buy it with their own money" there are options that are $10 and pay as you go, not exactly a lot of money.

6 isn't too young to walk home alone?!?
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We have eight grade graduations here do we told the kids that is the time. Non negotiable.
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Re: Cell Phone

Originally Posted by Kimmyann View Post
When my son is 6 he is getting one. He will be taking it to school in his backpack. Truthfully, I don't care what the school rules are...he will have it in his backpack. It will be off during school hours but he will be walking home from school alone each day and I want him to have it. Kids around my neighborhood get phones early. My son already goes on playdates to his daycare friends homes without me at 5. I look at it as another layer of safety.
Out of curiosity...what is a phone going to do if someone grabs him? Or is following him? Is he really going to stop walking, get out his phone, and have time to call anyone that is going to be able to help him? Its not like he would have time to do anything anyway.

Its kind of like calling 911 to report someone robbing your house. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. By the time whoever he calls gets there, the situation is either over or he is long gone.

If the school sees it in his backpack, they will confiscate it and won't give it back to the child. In our district, parents have to come and get it the first time. The second time we take it away, we won't give it back til the end of the year. I am supposed to take them if I even see the outline of a phone in a child's pocket.
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Re: Cell Phone

When they have jobs and can pay for them themselves. I sold cell phones for a living, and I refuse to get one for a young child. DD is either with me or with another adult I trust, she has no need for a cell phone at any point in the forseeable future. I can't tell you how many times I had to help parents out of astronomical cell bills or have to explain that little johnny's cell phone warranty does not cover being dropped in a pool. Most little kids are not responsible enough for a cell phone IMO.

I might entertain the idea of one at middle school age, if she's super involved in extra curriculars like I was. My brother in law surprisingly did something that I agree with. When his daughter started bugging him for a cell phone, he bought her an ipod touch, and made her a deal - if she can keep the ipod touch, not break it, get it stolen, lose it or otherwise abuse it for a year, then she could have a cell phone. But I managed to get into my 30s without one, so I really don't see the need for my children to have one in early childhood. They're a luxury, not a necessity.
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Re: Cell Phone

As it stands right now- when they are old enough to buy & pay for them on their own. If they have a situation where we would feel more comfortable that they have a phone- going to the mall alone or somewhere out with friends then we will let them use one of ours for that particular outing.
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Re: Cell Phone

My oldest (now 14 years old) was...I think 11 when she got one. My 2nd child is 9 years old and we having been thinking for the past few months that she needs her own now. We don't have a home phone and she has been left alone at home for up to 20 minutes. She has an iPod Touch and can text me but it is not conducive in an emergency. (FTR, when I leave her alone, our very good friend and neighbor is home and knows about it so my daughter can run over there if necessary. It's never been necessary.) If anything, we will buy an extra cell phone just to keep at the house, as I don't think it's necessary for her to carry around at all times.

My young kids go to friends' houses without me, but they are always with an adult who I presumably trust (why else would I let them go?) who has a phone so I just don't see a need for a kid as young as 5 to have a phone.
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