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Re: What time does SO get home?

Dh used to work 9-5. Two blocks down the road, so he walked through the door at the very latest 5:05pm He was also home from 12-1pm for lunch

He just got a new job where he works 10pm-10am. He leaves around 8:30pm and is home around 11am. He usually sleeps til 4-5pm. He works Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Wednesday he usually just sleeps all day then gets up with enough time to go to work again. He's been there two months and I'm still trying to adjust


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DH just made a job change, actually technically took a demotion out of a management position to have a better schedule (and not really any $ change). He was leaving the house around 2:30am and getting home around 5, sometimes later; he commutes an hour. Now he leaves around 3:30/4am and is home around 4 but only works mon-thurs!
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Re: What time does SO get home?

He leaves about 7 and doesn't get home until 6:30 (8:30 on thursdays), 6 days a week. And we are self employed which makes it more frustrating because I'm like grrr you should be able to work less hours, but it doesn't work that way.
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Re: What time does SO get home?

when dh is in town(Like pp poster he is gone for weeks and months at a time also) he leaves at 5am and comes home around 7:30pm, eats dinner, takes a shower, and falls asleep watching a show on tv after 15 min, lol. On Tuesdays he goes straight to fire training and does not get home until 10:30 or 11pm.
its sad, I actually get to talk to him more when he is out of town,lol.
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Re: What time does SO get home?

If DH is in town he is home and doesn't go anywhere. He's only working if he's traveling. He is usually gone about 10 months out of the year, so far this year he has been home a total of 6 days since the 2nd week in January.
He's usually home for the months of July and August though and is home 24 hours a day during those 2 months. I really, really look forward to that!
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Re: What time does SO get home?

Dh is out of town the vast majority of the time for month on end with a random day home here and there . If he is lucky enough to be stationed here (as he is now) He leaves to work at 4:30am and normally gets home around 6:30ish . They are working 7/10's right now and it stinks! It takes him an hour to get to the site and then another hour to get in the parking lot and ride the tram to he location on the plant. So he has to leave the house by 4:30 to be able to clock in by 6:30 . He gets off at 4:30 but does not leave the parking lot til 5:30 and then he has and hour drive home. This job will be over in July and he may get station outside of the United States this time.
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Re: What time does SO get home?

DH works a couple miles away. Usually he leaves between 7:30-8, but other days he goes in later. He's not on the clock at all. He's usually home around 6:30, unless our kids have sports, then he comes home at whatever time they need for that, usually 5-5:30. He travels, too, but it's usually 3-5 days at a time for conferences. It seems about every 6 months he gets in this insane mode where he's working 18 hrs a day, staying up late, going in early....we hardly see him and it lasts for about 3 weeks.

I basically got to the point of making dinner and having it ready by 6pm. The kids get hungry and cranky and I'm hungry, too, so we eat, I clean it up, and save him a plate. He keeps talking about going in super early (like 6am) so he can go to the gym after work and be home by 5:30 so I can go for a run or workout, but that's yet to happen. It seems like we are always having to do some important stuff after the kids go to bed (around 8-8:30) and we end up staying up late (~11-12) and he's too tired to wake up at 4:30-5!

Oh, and who said their DH goes out to lunch all the time? Mine, too!! I NEVER get to go out or anything like that, so I like to try and go out to lunch with a couple friends after church on Sunday and he never wants to go out to lunch. So not fair!
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Re: What time does SO get home?

Dh's commute is about 5 minutes, literally. He leaves around 6am and comes home around 6pm.
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He leaves by 7:30, and is home anywhere between 6:30-8:00. He works late a lot, and his commute is about 45 minutes with no traffic. I work too, and leave at 8:15, and am home by 5:20.
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Re: What time does SO get home?

DH works 9-6. He leaves at 8am and gets home between 6:30-7pm.
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