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No, when finding a new church after we moved, a big priority was finding one with a good children's program. I don't expect my 2 y/o to sit still for an hour and a half. I guarantee she gets more out of her time in the nursery where they do age-appropriate lessons than she would sitting in a service geared toward adults.

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My children are sit quietly and listen and be respectful to the people.around them. They.go to the nursery when they are young and sunday school as they get older. The most they are required to sit is fifteen min. If i choose to not have the baby in the nursery we use the cry room.
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Re: S/o Kids and church

My church has a nursery for kids 0-3 and Sunday school for the older kids. My kids have a choice...they can go hang out with their friends or they can sit with mommy and daddy. If they choose to sit with us, then yes, I do expect them to be quiet and try to listen. This doesn't happen very often though because they only get one or two chances to follow through with that and if they don't, they lose the choice and head for the nursery.
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Re: S/o Kids and church

No, we don't force them to, at least not at their current ages (6, 3.5, and 6 months). We attend a small church that has an infant room (for kids up to 18 months-2years age) and a toddler room (kids that are too big/old/rough for infant room up to about 4), both have lots of play, a short bible lesson, and an art & crafts activity related to the bible lesson during the sermon. Children over four sit through about 15-20 minutes of the beginning of church, mostly music, then they go to children's church generally follows the same subject of the sermon upstairs, but put into a message that the kids can understand from their point of view. Children's church ends at 7 or 8, then the kids stay upstairs with parents and are expected to behave accordingly. Most of the parents try to keep their younger children upstairs as long as possible, nobody minds fussy babies, but we usually end up going downstairs with littles about halfway through so they don't disturb anyone else. We have the sermon taped and playing live downstairs in the infant & toddler rooms so parents can watch & listen to it while down there.
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Re: S/o Kids and church

I expect them to cooperate in stages. Babies we keep happy by baby wearing, nursing etc. If they get too loud we just stand at the back of the church. When they get louder still we might walk them in the foyer. There so many babies and small children at our Mass that everyone is used to the noise.

As they get older the expectations change. The 2.5 year old starts in the pew but ends up sitting at the back of the church in Dad's arms. He is free to move in our pew (our pews sits about 5) but not into the aisle. At this stage he knows we expect him to use a quiet voice. I think he just likes to cuddle up with Dad for the hour.

A few years from now I'll expect him to start following along.

I get asked how I get my kids to behave in church, my answer is "practice."
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Re: S/o Kids and church

There is no alternative at our church for kids. No cry room, no nursery, no sunday school. Our 3 kids sit with us during the service. They behave (usually), without threatening them, lol!

ETA: I attend a catholic church
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Re: S/o Kids and church

I put mine in Sunday school. But, when she did have to go to the service, she was absolutely expected to be quiet. She had things to keep herself busy, but she was not going to run around and make noise.

Usually, if she had to go into the service, it was a special service where there was mostly music anyway, so she was standing on the chair listening and watching. I don't think I would have expected her to sit through a long sermon.
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Re: S/o Kids and church

Originally Posted by syfitz View Post
If they come with me into the adult service they are expected to sit quietly. They have the option of attending the "children's church" service where they sing, dance, and play games. Sometimes they like to sit with me though, and they are quiet. They would be punished if they were disruptive.
Yup! If ds1 decides to stay with me instead of go to children's church I expect him to behave and be quiet. That doesn't mean he sits in the pew with his hands folded looking like an angel though. He has books and coloring books to keep him busy.

Originally Posted by wordmama View Post
Our 5yo and 2.5yo sit through the first 15-20 minutes of singing and announcements before going to Sunday School. We bring snacks and small coloring books to help them stay quiet. They're mostly very good and I think it's a great chance to practice being quiet and still for short periods of time.
YES to the bolded! My sister's little boy will not sit still for longer than 30 seconds. I make sure my boys have ample time to get some energy out before church starts...and the expectations from the beginning has never changed.

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Re: S/o Kids and church

My 4 year old just started going to Children's Church during service, my 3 year old is in the after Sunday School nursery (not really nursery but not structured like Sunday School, just crafts & playing), and the 2 month old sits with me. He's not expected to be quiet In fact, on Easter Sunday he yelled out and cried just as the preacher started speaking. There were only about 1000 people there. There's nursery for "bed babies," but we're coming out of flu season, plus, he's BF'd.
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I really only expect my 4 year old to be completly quiet during prayers. He does go to childrens church after singing. If he gets too disruptive we mention to him that if he can't be quiet that we will take him to the car and one of us will sit with him until service is over, and he will miss childrens church also. We have yet to actually do this though.
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