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Re: Out of curiosity...

Originally Posted by Ms.Kaun View Post
Does anyone know what determines how big a baby will be at birth? Now I know there are other factors like if the mother has gest. diabetes and nutrition but I am curious, do mothers typically birth the same weight range of babies? My dh keeps claiming I'm going to be carrying some huge 10lb baby because that is what he was born at. My other children from a previous relationship were 6lb 3oz, 6lb 12oz, and 5lb 12oz. I don't remember if I had ever found out how much my previous partner weighed at birth and I couldn't ask him anyway (deceased). Soo... does anyone know if a baby is born around a certain poundage based on mother and father's genetics or is baby born typically what the mother's body can carry? Or maybe a combination of both?
Okay, with cattle you look at the weight of the bull to determine the average weight of the calf... you don't want a super big bull because that means you'll probably have to pull a lot of the calves as they'll be too big to fit through the mama.

I was talking about this with my OB/GYN and he said it wasn't true for people, but I'm not convinced! My husband was 10lbs.4oz. at birth. Our first child was 9lbs.8oz, second was 10lbs.3oz, third was 12lbs.2oz, and our fourth (a girl which they say are smaller usually) was a tiny 8lbs.8oz. The first 3 kids were boys. I didn't have GD with any of them and didn't gain tons of weight.

Most of my friends were around 8lbs at birth and have gone onto have high-9lbs. babies... I was 8lbs.10oz. at birth yet had a 12lber...

SO I guess I believe the father's weight has something to do with the babies yet as well as that the baby will take what it wants to from you...


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Re: Out of curiosity...

Ours were pretty varried. I was born 8lb1oz to a 16yo smoking mother that weighed barely 100lbs. DH was 9lb 8oz to a healthy 26yo mother.

Our first daughter was 8lb 1oz, 9months later I became pregnant(first af egg) with DS. The ENTIRE time DH kept telling me that this one was a boy and that he would weigh 11lbs to which I promptly responded "people do not have 11lb babies". I was quite wrong because DS was born 11lb 1/2oz Beware the daddy predictions. Then we went back to normal size with DD2 at 8lb 6oz. DD3 was on the bigger size at 9lb 10oz.
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I was 10lb3 at birth and my Dh was 7lb somewthing. My kidlets were from 8lb13 to 7lb10. We were all full term and no Gd.
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Re: Out of curiosity...

I was born at 7 lbs 2 oz. my mom's babies ranged from there to my 10lb brother, another brother being 9 and the other being7 same as me. My dh was 9lbs 15 oz. his grandmother had several 11lb babies. My ds was 11lbs 7 oz. and he was not late nor did I have GD, perfectly healthy pregnancy just a BIG baby at the end. My dr. told me it was a combo of parent genetics that determined size in addition to all the other factors. What I left out is that my dad was 13lbs, so I have some serious big genes coming from him even though I was a small baby.
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Re: Out of curiosity...

thank you for replying ladies hmmm I am kind of afraid I might have a big baby this time (haha I mean for the birthing part :P ) but I guess we will see! It seems like though overall babies either stay around the same sizes or get a little bit bigger each time. My 5 pounder was born at 36 weeks so if she had continued to grow she would have been the largest baby. She was my last one.
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Re: Out of curiosity...

I was 6lbs 3oz at birth and dh was around 7lbs. Well dd1 was born at 8lbs 2oz. So a little bit bigger than both of us. But I also had gestational diabetes with her. I just found out that I don't have it with dd2 so I'm hoping she will be smaller!
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Re: Out of curiosity...

I think that it varies and is probably a combo of things.
I was my Mom's largest baby at a whopping 6 lbs. My husband was 10 lbs at birth.
Both of my kids were just shy of 8lbs ( a perfect average).
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Is isn't true for us at all.
Husband was just a 6lb little thing 6 days early.
I was 7lbs 5.5oz, 6 days early as well.

So, small to average, right? My older two were both 10lbs 7oz. No GD, no high sugar, no cause for their size other than genetics, luck, happenstance?
Imagine my surprise when my baby was born 8lbs 12oz in one push! Like, where'd that come from?
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DH was 6-14 and I was 6-7, both full term.

DD1 was induced at 39wk and born 7-5.
DD2 was born 40-2 and 7-14.
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Re: Out of curiosity...

I was 8.2 born at 43.3 weeks. DH was around 6lbs, don't know what gestation he was born at. My first was 7.10, born at 37.5, my 2nd was 7.12 born at 38.1, and my 3rd was 9.5 born at 42 weeks. I suspect I bake em all about the same, and had he been born around 38 weeks like his brothers he would've weighed similar or had his brothers been born later they would've weighed similar to #3. Considering they gain about 1/2 a lb a week, and he cooked for an additional 4 weeks . Hth!
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