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Re: weekly chat 4/16-4/22

DS started with a paci in the nicu. The green round ones. He ditched it around 6mo, started only chewing on it. I'm not planning on using one with this kid, but we will see. I just really don't want to have to deal with it a couple years down the road. No offense to those who do, heck I had my paci until I was 3.

I have a dr. appt at 330. No big deal, I'm just really tired of going. This will be the first one in a long time that dh will be able to go to, so I'm excited about that. I'm having a lot of pelvic pressure today and it really sucks, but I'm hoping it's helping me progress. I'm also working on getting all my paperwork in for my maternity leave. Fun.

DS might have his first overnight at grandma's tonight. I'm not sure yet, waiting on her to get back with me. She wants to watch him all day tomorrow bc she's off work but doesn't want to get up early enough to do that so she suggested having him spend the night. I'm not crazy about it but I know he will be well taken care of, I'm just worried he won't sleep there. They are only 25 min away and it might not be such a bad thing since it might have to happen while I'm in the hospital.


Maria, WOHM to Nate (9/23/2010) and Alex (5/5/2012) and wife to SAHD and high school sweetheart Aaron.
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Yep we use pacis here too.. My first was a preemie and the Nicu used them with him when he was still tub fed to help with the tummy full/suckin relationship. He had latch issues being a preemie anyways and like the feel of it in his mouth and eventually in his hands. But never really sucked on it. Dd loved hers since like a week or two old. And had hers till like 2. YDS never took to it. But likes his middle 2 fingers. Until he started cutting his front teeth then he wanted nothing in his mouth. And that was over.

I dropped the kids off at school and I'm sitting outside of Hobby Lobby waiting for it to open in about 10 min. It wasn't worth going home to drive back out here so I'll just wait a few minutes.

Should be a calm day for me. But I was up last night most of the night. Got up to pee like 5 times. And then just layed there in bed thinking about things to do most of the night. Decorating ideas for thr house and getting a Scentsy summer open house organized for sometime late May and what I need to order or do or ideas I have for that. My mind just kept going. But I don't feel tired or groggy this morning so that's good although I'm sure it will hit me later on...
Kristin - SAHM (former teacher) to I- (9), K- (7)and A- (5)and a E- (2)
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Re: weekly chat 4/16-4/22

Neither one of my other kids either liked paci's. I have a couple just in case of the Soothies ones.

I actually got some sleep last night! I went to bed at like 9:30 and slept till 6 this morning. After Saturday night though and all the storms, I soooo needed it!! Glad we didn't get hit at our house, but some friends of ours it did damage. It ripped off the roof of their one shed, tore down the barn at his parents and took out a bunch of trees. Nothing happened to their house though, so that was a blessing.
Jodi, Busy working wife and mom of 5!!
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I bought several pacis, but that was befor I read about nipple confusion, so I don't know if I'll use them or not.

DH's youngest daughter insisted on a paci until age 3, and I was not a fan of that.
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Re: weekly chat 4/16-4/22

DD got a paci around 3 weeks old or so until around 2 years old. I always used the nuk orthodontic rubber ones and that's the type of bottle nipple she used, too. The last several months she only got it at naps and bedtime, but it was really nice to have her self soothe to sleep.

Last night was not much sleep for me. It felt like I was having one continuous BH contraction, every time I woke up my belly was hard. I was so scared my water was going to break since yesterday afternoon I peed enough while coughing (at a restaurant!) and thought at first it was my water. Fun times!
Amy, wife to J since 2001, mom to S since 7/09 and E 5/12.
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Re: weekly chat 4/16-4/22

DS1 used a paci for about 2 months.. like around 6-8 months of age. He ditched it on his own. We used soothies and the other brand similar to them. Totally blanking on the name.
Wife to DH (4-14-07) Mommy to DS T (10-22-09) and DS G (5-9-12) :ISO: (Everything boy or GN colors), AIO OS aplix diapers, wetbags. I love prints!!!
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Re: weekly chat 4/16-4/22

None of my kids would ever take a paci. I tried with all 3, and they would get very mad when they realized there was no milk attached They all 3 suck a finger or thumb though. Which on the one hand is nice, because I never have to wake up to find a lost paci, but on the other hand is harder to break. My oldest dd gave it up on her own with just a little prompting from us. My middle dd however... she's 4.5 and still walks around with her finger in her mouth. We are constantly reminding her to take it out, but she is still very attached. My youngest is a casual thumb sucker. I think he'll be totally fine on his own.
Nicole Christ following, Wife to my high school Sweetheart who's ayouth pastor and sahm to Kyla 7, Makenna 4, and Levi 2, and new baby Judah 5-6-12
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Re: weekly chat 4/16-4/22

DH told me today.."You can have the baby today if you want" which I replied "Yeah, but you are going to that baseball game tonight"...and he was like "I don't mind leaving.."...Wishing little man was listening! Its supposed to be stormy tonight/ maybe the barometric pressure will do it. haha..Wishful thinking.
Kayla-Wife to Luke, SAHM to: Olivia(1-6-05), Noah(2-28-07) , Kate(5-28-09), and Micah(5-3-12)
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Re: weekly chat 4/16-4/22

My DD had a paci that I introduced around 8-9 months old I was trying to get her to fall asleep in her crib by herself after months and months of practically no sleep for either of us. Ends up the paci helped!

DD wanted nothing to do with pacis. I tried every kind, but nope, he just wanted mommy!

I'm thinking of trying a paci with this one. My babies gain weight super fast in the beginning and I have a huge oversupply in the first few months. Maybe the paci will help with some of that?

I got a car seat yesterday!!!! I finally have something big purchased for the baby! We were looking at a few stores and trying out different ones to see what would fit. I just happened to walk past the clearance section at Buy Buy Baby and saw a red infant carseat sitting there. (We really wanted a red one) It was marked down to $99. Said it was part of a travel system, but the stroller was defective. We tried it out and it fit! It is a Teutonia Tario 35 (so pretty much the luxury model made by Graco) It is so nice and cushy! We were even able to use a 20% off coupon, so we got it for $79.99! Don't think we could have found a cheaper seat - especially in the exact color we wanted!!!

I also just placed an order for the mini crib we want. We don't have room for a regular sized crib, so we will have to make due with a mini for now.

I'm actually starting to get stuff! Woo Hoo! When I realized that I'm only down to about 34 DAYS, it finally hit me that I need to get stuff ready!

Started getting all the diaper washed yesterday too! Can't believe we are all so close to holding our little bundles!
SAHM to DD ('07) DS ('09) and DD2 ('12)
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Re: weekly chat 4/16-4/22

I think the only problem with pacis is in the beginning when baby is first learning latch if breastfeeding. If they are latching great from the beginning I am all for them. Some babies just want to suck all the time.
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